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Parade venting

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by WellingtonR, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. sammielynn

    sammielynn New Member

    As I get older I understand the need to stand during a parade.
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  3. codimouse

    codimouse Over 45 Trips to Disney from San Antonio, Tx!

    I went through the opposite last Wednesday during the Electric Parade. We were seated 35 minutes early in the handicap section. I sat in my chair, my 6 ft hubby behind me and my 21 year old niece behind my DD17 on my right side.
    My DD9 was on my left side next to the rope
    Only 2 other families were in this section so plenty of room.
    When the parade started the cast member opened the section to anyone.
    This family of adults ran into the space which had plenty of viewing space and stood in front of my DD9.
    I asked them politely to move. They said no.
    I made my child sit in my lap
    A woman from that same party tried to get in from of us. I kicked her. Sorry but I did.
    She moved but she thought my chair was hers to lean on. RUDE!

    Sandi; sent from my iPhone using DISBoards
  4. Michigan

    Michigan Mom of the Rolling Crew

    At MNSSHP a grandma with a scooter and 7 of her family members came into the handicap viewing area where the grandma got out of her scooter and stood for the entire parade. But the worst part of it was when the area was filling up and a CM told one of the family members she needed to back up so a kid in a wheelchair could get in the wheelchair viewing area. The woman in I would say was in her late 50's early 60's started crying because she had to stand behind a wheelchair when she was there first. She complained to the CM's manager and got taken to the VIP section to watch the parade.
  5. KellyNY

    KellyNY New Member

    :thumbsup2 Third time, ;) now it is really time to stock up on caned tuna, are you ready for zombies attack?:grouphug:
  6. mesaboy2

    mesaboy2 Using a certain word brings out a special kind of

    The Mayan Apocalypse is just around the corner.
  7. fla4fun

    fla4fun New Member

    I prefer to sit to watch the parades, if there is a curb like along Main Street. If not, then I prefer to stand. It's a comfort thing. But if I'm planning to sit, I get to Main Street very early and get my spot. If I'm planning to stand, I'll grab a spot closer to parade time back in Frontierland or Liberty Square. I don't watch the parades all that often, but when I do, I sometimes wait more than an hour in my chosen seated spot. In fact, once when I planned to video the parade, I sat in my perfect chosen spot for three hours before it started (and I did get a great video out of it).

    While I don't think standing in general is ruder than sitting, I do think it's kind of rude to sit waiting for the parade only to stand once the parade starts. Anyone who comes up behind you while you're seated thinks they have a chance at seeing the parade, and they may not have time to locate another spot once they realize you're standing up to watch. They picked their spot based on one set of information that's changed at the last minute. It's the same with the parents who put their kids on their shoulders when the show starts. If you are going to do that, do it from the time you arrive at the venue so others know in advance to not stand behind you. It's not so much what people are doing, but how and when they are doing it, that crosses the line between considerate and inconsiderate.
  8. KellyNY

    KellyNY New Member

    I know, I am afraid we are not helping.;)
  9. Wendimn

    Wendimn New Member

    You kicked someone??? Wow...:eek:
  10. KellyNY

    KellyNY New Member

    Maybe people who join behind should ask if party plans to sit instead of assuming. :confused3
  11. codimouse

    codimouse Over 45 Trips to Disney from San Antonio, Tx!

    Not hard. Kind of like a swat with my food still placed on the pedestals of my chair.

    Sandi; sent from my iPhone using DISBoards
  12. kaulds

    kaulds New Member

    First of all to the lady in the scooter, we should have a thread of who and who shouldn't have scooters, during my last trip I was hit by people in scooters because they were everywhere. I had a lady hit me and continue to hit the accelerator, wow thanks for making me run the Half Marathon with a swollen ankle..... About getting to your spot early, we (DD 12, DS12, & DM ) arrived to see wishes 3 hours early on the train station just so we can get a good seat, by the time the fireworks started I had my kids sitting on our lap because some rude adults had pushed them out of the way. Really what was that. How rude, get there earlier.
  13. emma9630

    emma9630 New Member

    We are here for our first time and found this same issue to be rampant last night at MVMCP. There were a lot of kids sitting down at a tree in Liberty Square and adults came up at the last minute and walked right up in front of them, literally standing in front of their face. My husband couldn't stand it any longer and said something loud enough for everyone to hear. As you can expect, nobody moved. But people seem to be so rude when it comes to the parades and it's always the ones that show up in the last few minutes.
  14. kris4360

    kris4360 New Member

    So if they get their spot an hour before the parade they should stand and wait the whole time?
  15. codimouse

    codimouse Over 45 Trips to Disney from San Antonio, Tx!

    OMG!! Reminds me of my scooter experience. A lady in a scooter and her adult daughter arrived behind us at the Tiki Room. I in my wheelchair, DH and DD9. We got there 5 minutes prior. We were waiting just as the cast member told us to do.
    The lady in the scooter inched the scooter on purpose and hit me. I turned around and said "oopsie".
    Her daughter then told us to move the #?*! out of the way. Scooter mom began to push us out of the way. Rather than get hurt we moved.
    They sat beside us inside the Tiki Room. lol
    And after all that they left mid show
    What made it funny was both were wearing DIS buttons. :/

    Sandi; sent from my iPhone using DISBoards
  16. Albion218

    Albion218 New Member

    Have to second this. My mom and I always show up super early to get a good spot for the parades.
  17. tinawv

    tinawv If I had a penny for everytime I wished to be in W

    I have let small children in front of me, and the next thing I knew the parents were squeezing their way in and blocking my family's view. This has happened several times, so I no longer do it. I agree if you want to gurantee a good view of the parade for your family, then you need to find a spot early. As an adult I enjoy the parade as much as my children, and I also enjoy sharing that experience with them.
  18. Peachkins

    Peachkins New Member

    I'll agree with most of the posters here that if someone happens to get a spot in front of me to watch the parade, they should be able to sit or stand as they choose. I'll also agree that one of the most annoying things ever was to get to a spot early, be as close to the curb/rope as I possibly could, and still have people try to shove their way in front of me and my family. It's bad enough to have adults trying to cut in front of me, but then to try and put themselves in front of my four-year-old niece as well? Oh heck no. There were several people on my last trip that got a few choice words along with the evil eye.
  19. Victoria3

    Victoria3 New Member

    I stand the whole time.
  20. livndisney

    livndisney New Member

    This! People will squeeze into the smallest space and next thing you know, you can't see! We just had a family try this at the Studio lights last week. We had a bench and they wanted it. They plopped themselves on our feet and tried everything to squeeze us out.
  21. GusGus77

    GusGus77 New Member

    I don't mind standing if you were standing and always standing and being considerate to those around you. I do mind if you squeeze yourself in and stand in front on the curb and block the view of everyone around you. Or like what happened to us at the Halloween parade: about 45 minutes before we sat behind people who were sitting on the curb. Second row so to speak. It was a good spot, so we didn't feel the need to try to find something better. I had two kids, 2 and 4, with me. Five minutes before the parade starts, all the people in front of me stand up and then REMAIN standing for the entire parade so we really couldn't see. At this point people were about four or five rows thick behind us and moving to a different spot was not an option. We never would have sat behind them if we knew they were going to stand! I think everyone behind and around us were not too pleased either! Yes, they had a right to stand. But if they knew they were going to stand up and knew we were behind them with young kids (which they did) I wish they would have mentioned they might stand so I could go find a different spot. I think that is common courtesy.
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