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Panama Canal Eastbound Sept. 14, 2013--it'll be WONDER-ful

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by youalleverybody, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. youalleverybody

    youalleverybody Rather be Soarin'

    Scroll down this page to post #14 for Roll Call updates.

    Have a Wonderful cruise, everybody! Sorry we had to back out.
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  3. Tinkerbell0614

    Tinkerbell0614 Disney Fanatic!! :)

    Hey all!!! Who is joining us in this sure to be amazing cruise across the panama canal???? It will be me, the DH, and our two DS's who will be 9 and 7 at the time of the cruise! By the way I am open to changing the name of the thread if anyone has a much more clever idea!!! :rotfl:
  4. JanDave

    JanDave Mouseketeer

    We're joining you! It'll be me, DH and cruise buddy, Carla. We also are booked on the 9/6/13 repo from Vancouver to LA!

  5. JanDave

    JanDave Mouseketeer

    Just wondering if either of you has contacted Irish Cowboy so that our thread gets listed on the Wonder 2013 list.

  6. youalleverybody

    youalleverybody Rather be Soarin'

  7. Denine

    Denine I want to go on a cruise! I want to move to sunny

    We are currently booked on this cruise and I truly hope it happens. DH is really unsure about taking 2 weeks off of work, so we will see.

    If we do get to go, it will be our 2nd full transit of the canal on DCL. We did a partial transit on Princess a number of years ago.

    It will be me, Dh and Dd who will turn 11 on the cruise.

    We did the EB in 2005 when DD was 2, almost 3, so she doesn't remember anything. She really wants to go and 14 days on the ship is AWESOME!
  8. youalleverybody

    youalleverybody Rather be Soarin'

  9. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :thumbsup2

    Have a great cruise!
  10. Denine

    Denine I want to go on a cruise! I want to move to sunny

    I am amazed more people haven't booked this cruise. Except for Cartegena, the ports aren't terribly interesting, but Cabo is gorgeous and the day through the canal is fasciniating. We just love all the sea days.
    I remember back in '05, that you had to call as soon as the cruise was open or you weren't getting on. I guess things have changed.

    Looks like 2 birthdays will be celebrated on board. I sure hope we get to go.
  11. JanDave

    JanDave Mouseketeer

    DCL has a special for the December 2012 PC cruise - inside cabin GTY for $985/person. Great deal! This tells me that the ship isn't filling up and this cruise has been available for booking for a while. I'm hoping deals are offered on our cruise. I remember the craziness in 2005 with people posting on the DIS about getting or not getting staterooms. Of course, 2005 was the first PC itinerary, so the excitement was there. Same thing happened with the May 2012 Hawaii cruise. My co-worker was on that cruise, booked the first day she could. Cruise was not full but the staterooms were booked as many were traveling solo or with just 2 adults in a stateroom.

    Denine, I assume you were on the 2005 PC cruise. How crazy was it with the pins? I heard people were line up the night before the pins went on sale and sleeping on the floor.

    Happy 4th to all!

  12. youalleverybody

    youalleverybody Rather be Soarin'

  13. Denine

    Denine I want to go on a cruise! I want to move to sunny

    We were on the 2nd PC cruise. Thankfully they had worked out a different system for the pins by then. It was a nightmare the first PC cruise.

    It is a tough time of year for a 2-week cruise for families. School is just starting again and most people don't want to or can't take their kids out of school for that period of time. We home school, so that is not an issue for us. DH and I were wondering how many kids would be on the cruise. Our last PC cruise was in August, so kids weren't missing school, but then we had a little one, so I don't know how many older kids there were. But with so few families being able to cruise, it really decreases the base of people going on a DCL cruise.
  14. Denine

    Denine I want to go on a cruise! I want to move to sunny

    Would love to do that someday, but the airfare was outrageous!

    We were supposed to go to Cartegena on one of our cruises, but it was canceled because it wasn't safe at the time. It is supposed to be really pretty and I was looking foward to going then. I hope we get to go this time. We missed Cabo on our 1st PC cruise because of a hurricane. We finally got to go last October when we did a MR cruise. It is gorgeous! We didn't see much of PV in October because we did a pirate cruise excursion which lasted for 6 hours! It was fun, but we would do something else next time.
  15. twokats

    twokats Mouseketeer

    Planned Events

    Meet & Greet September 15 @ 12:30 pm tentatively on Secret Deck 7 Aft or an indoor location TBA

    Wine Tasting September 20 @ 4:00 pm tentatively Secret Deck 7 Aft

    ClosedFish Extender Exchange Deadline to join August 1, 2013Closed

    ClosedPostcard/Recipe Exchange deadline to join August 14, 2013

    Roll call!!!!

    1. Tinkerbell0614
    DS 9 and 7

    2. Denine
    DD 11
    DD birthday
    late dining

    3. Twokats
    DD Kati
    DD birthday
    stateroom 6080
    late dining

    4. MPS516
    DD - Jessi 22
    Stateroom - 6570
    Main Dining

    5. MommaluvsDis
    From Louisiana
    Denise 50
    Steve 54
    Stateroom #7512
    platinum members
    Late dining
    Celebrating 30th Anniversary

    6. pahrumpgirl
    From Ohio
    Carol 66
    Doug 70
    Stateroom #7514
    Gold members
    Main Dining

    7. Crusinlattas
    Anna (9)
    AJ (7)
    Stateroom 1037

    8. Paragd911
    DW Joy
    DMIL Ruth
    Stateroom 6654
    Early dining
    Platinum members

    9. Caniac27
    Michelle 43
    Derek 43
    DD Maggie 11
    Allison 11

    10. MissingFigment

    11. Readyplayer
    DH Bill

    12. Catdreams
    DD Brenna (10)
    Stateroom 6638
    late dining

    13. JustUsAndJellybean
    DH - Phil (31)
    DD - Alina (2)

    14. graysonsmom

    15. disneymiracleand2
    DD Savanna (23 mths)

    16. MelSpees

    17. WAMUMOF4
    DS (16)
    DD (14)
    DS (12)

    18. Alirob

    19. Michelle1969
    DS (15)
    DS (17)

    20. knabebug

    21. Dagny
    Celebrating 25th anniversary

    22. Sharan56
    Celebrating Sharan's Birthday the 22nd
    early dining

    23. eblong
    Cabin 6582

    24. goiu
    DD (7)
    DS (4)

    25. grizmom
    DD (12)
    DS (10)

    26. Thekoeppens
    Stateroom 5502

    27. cmesq61

    28. Sparky47

    29. Grumpy57

    30. disfaninca / RanCan
    24th anniversary

    31. jlovesj

    32. iminakilt

    33. iminakilt friends

    34. TheMadCruiser

    35. lbolt123

    36. denamo

    37. GatorMomInNC
    DM Phyllis
    DS Jonas (9)
    DS Carter (6)

    38. dta87

    39. CruzOle
    Stateroom 7110

    40. fltink

    41. ImprovGal

    42. sinado4
    DS Mateo (2)
    DD Maya (2)

    43. gooscar

    44. twinrx

    45. MomtoAlexnWilliam
    DD (11)
    DS (9)
    Celebrating Mom's B/D

    46. DisTurtle
    DD Ahna (10)
    DD Vivian (5)
    Stateroom 2124
    Late Dining

    47. umbriagal

    48. LyndaC

    49. KellyKat
    DD Catherine (11)
    stateroom 7620
    late dining

    50. chdheart


    52. friends of Kimlovescruising

    DS Jack (14)
    DD Lauren (12)
    DS Jesse (9)
    DS Justin (7)
    DD Annabella (4)

    54. parents of HEIDIELIZABETH
    celebrating 50th wedding anniversary

    55. SocalMufasa

    56. AlisonM
    Holly 15
    Jack 11
    Ben 7
    Stateroom 8538

    Just moved to this cruise this morning from a ressie we had made when we left the Fantasy in May!!

    Our original cruise was for Alaska, but the deal and the dates for this PC Repo were just too good to pass up. Plus it is on my bucket list of cruises I wanted to do! Hopefully I will get to do Alaska in 2014 (hope they keep up that itinerary)

    Cruising will be me (Kathy), DH (Le) and DD (Kati) who will be celebrating her birthday while on the cruise.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone. This will be our fourth cruise, our third for the Wonder plus the one we just did on the Fantasy.
  16. youalleverybody

    youalleverybody Rather be Soarin'

    Welcome everyone!!!

    I'm getting excited, even though it's still a looonngg way away. I've read a couple fun trip reports from previous PC cruises.

    Denine, we homeschool too! I imagine there will be a fairly low kid's census onboard, expecially for older kids. That will actually be kind of nice.
  17. JanDave

    JanDave Mouseketeer

    Welcome Kathy and Family!!! :cheer2:

    The PC cruise has been on my bucket list for a while, as well. We're hoping to do an Alaska cruise in 2014, too. It most likely won't be with DCL, though. :sad2: Through much internet searching, I am finding better itineraries and less $$$.

    What kind of deal did you find for this PC cruise?

  18. JanDave

    JanDave Mouseketeer

    Four of my six grandchildren re homeschooled - 2 in Michigan and 2 in West Virginia.

  19. twokats

    twokats Mouseketeer

    We had booked the 9-2 Alaska when we were on board the Fantasy in May and booked a catagory 5b (verandah). When they finished changing everything over I only had to give another $50+ to my deposit, which I was very pleased with. I was amazed with the pricing of this two week over the Alaska one week. It was a no brainer to go ahead and get this one off my list first. I will probably stay with Disney for Alaska no matter the cost, just because we love the Disney ambiance.
  20. JanDave

    JanDave Mouseketeer

    I know that I say we'll probably book an Alaska cruise on another cruise line, but I foresee us booking it while onboard one of our upcoming cruises. We are spoiled by DCL. Just got off the Dream a few weeks ago, and it was definitely a "wow" feeling throughout the cruise.

    Kathy - I see that you are a DVC member. We are, also. Our "homes" are Saratoga and Hilton Head. We bought both contracts on the Disney Magic.

  21. twokats

    twokats Mouseketeer

    I agree with you on the "wow" feeling, we felt that on the Fantasy. I just loved it. It was big, but there was so much to explore and even though I knew there were more people on it than on the smaller sister ships, it really did not seem like it except in the dining rooms and theater which were so much larger.

    After learning about the booking on board, I know I will always try to book a future cruise before leaving a cruise. The discount and the lower deposit are great and getting an OBC is just icing on the cake. My DH did not expect to like cruising. He went on the first cruise just to keep peace in the family, but when we got back he was very quick to say. . . when are we going on another cruise!!!

    We joined DVC in 2004 when SSR was being built. We did several add-ons and then my sweet DH bought me another large add-on on our first Wonder cruise. All those add-ons were also SSR. Then a year ago we bought a resale at VWL. And on our cruise on the Fantasy in May DH surprised me with points at AKL. That gives us homes at Saratoga, Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom. Our absolute favorite is VWL, but we have stayed at AKL Jambo House and the kids and I have stayed at SSR.

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