Our family pre trip report & QUESTIONS!!!..lol.

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    Jun 9, 2010
    :confused3 OK, so I have to say I hope I am posting this the right way on the right board????..lol.
    First I guess I should introduce me & my babies! There is me(Kim) my oldest Damon(12), Darrius(9) & our MAW boy Derek(7). We are so close and I have to say we are an awesome bunch... We have a lot of supporting charcters but we will come to them later... My boys are non-stop! They love sports and video games and well everything! Derek couldnt have gotton two better big brothers to help, support and DEFEND him to the wall... We have had a hard time but we are making it now... slowly rebuilding our lives...and happier every single day!:goodvibes
    The day after Christmas 2008, one week before his 6th Birthday, Derek was diagnosed with Leukemia. It actually took some persistence on my part trying to convince his peditrician he was sicker then just the Flu... (I worked as a tech on an Oncology unit and was in nursing school but still never suspected Cancer). But the Christmas day he wouldnt open his presents!!!! I took him to Patient first for blood work and from there to the Hospital to get more done & xrays.... Within 3 hours, after I had sent the rest of our family home of course, the Drs came in saying an ambulance was on its way from University of MD< a bigger hospital, to take Derek to intensive care. They said his body had started shutting down and he was in critical condition... he was still talking and walking tho!!! I was in a haze... weeks went by after they finally diagnosed him plus he had devolped a rare Pnemomia... Longgggggg story short hes in remission today!!!!! and I can say this has been hard on him & his big brothers. I cant really focus on it becuz i get emotional... but I still have my baby & I cant ask for more...he still has a road ahead of him, us, BUT I KNOW he will be fine!!
    This brings me here! Dereks wish was to go to Disney! We are excited but I have to admit I am overwhelmed and would welcome ANY help with tips. We are going June 30th -July 6th & we are staying at GKTW!!!! SO ubber excited about that place... the kids look at it online almost everyday now! I have been reading these posts for days now...there is so much! I am just so thankful and overcome by how awesome this will be for him & his brothers.... they deserve it,,,, Ok, I hope this is going on correctly... I will repost again! :dance3:
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    SO HAPPY to read about another miracle child and a persistent Mama!
    How exciting that you are all going on your MAW trip...and so soon!:yay::woohoo: I will be eagerly waiting more posts...not sure how to tell you to do it; however, you should post the link to this thread on the Wish Board, that is how I found you, from your post there. Blessings to all of your family!
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    Woo Hoo!

    Do you have plans for which days you plan to be at which park?

    I just got back from Disney for the weekend. You guys are going to have a blast!

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