Orlando Smackdown: Dis vs. Uni. Ch.16 Japan Hates me, Just Hates me 7-13

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by nebo, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. nebo

    nebo <font color=red>sharkbait<br><font color=teal>Uh o

    Jul 5, 2006
    No, Carrie, I doubt very much it will include Vegas, just Disney and Universal I think. Baby steps.

    And then you'll explain it to me?

    now I have to look for it.
    I rememeber back in '75 when my buddy and I drove out there to see my sister in Broomfield, we had TONS of orders from freinds who wanted us to bring back the great beloved Coors Beer you can only get out there. When we got there though, we found that all ateh locals are drinking Olympia that has now made it from the West Coast to Colorado, It wasn't until later on that they all admitted that Ly really sucks.

    AH, thank you for 'splainin'. But I wouldn't have caught on otherwise.

    There's a dragon nnamed Ruth?
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  3. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man DDC 684

    Jul 30, 2009
    Better than Bud and Coors you say? I may have to give it a try then. Although I'm particular to Corona or Sam Adams. Recently tried Sam Adams Winter Lager. Reminds me of the Hogshead Beer at Potter land. :thumbsup2
  4. Angelrose

    Angelrose But I LIKE boring!

    Mar 24, 2000
    First, HAPPY THANKSGIVING Steve and Diane.

    Oh YIPPEE another Nebo trip report. Can't wait to read all about it.
  5. Backstage_Gal

    Backstage_Gal <font color=darkorchid>Let me rephrase the dog ste

    Apr 8, 2005
    Happy Thanksgiving to all Neboites!

    Stay safe and have fun.

    Remember: SafeD begins with me!
  6. smidgy

    smidgy dimples

    Aug 27, 2006
  7. orangecats2

    orangecats2 All I want is Disney, Crocs and Vera Bradley

    May 6, 2008
    gobble, gobble, gobble
  8. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man DDC 684

    Jul 30, 2009
  9. buzz1121

    buzz1121 DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2010
    Nebo! Not mention "Kung Fu Fighting?" Are you kidding me? It was an iconic event at a prior Universal trip.

    You know, I always remind you that we don't need to hear details about rides and such, but this time we do need them. Harry Potter, new Fantasyland, and hopefully soft openings of Test Track. Geesh, this trip report may be pretty comprehensive, what with your other observations thrown in.

    I just really hope you and Smidgy have a great trip, one that is fun and most importantly, SAFE!!

    And as all Disney veterans know.....sleep in late, eat TS meals at food courts and CS locations, eat a quick meal 10 minutes prior to the start of Illuminations, and follow the masses of people......they obviously know what they are doing! ;)
  10. nebo

    nebo <font color=red>sharkbait<br><font color=teal>Uh o

    Jul 5, 2006
    And everybody that will be there during the Christmas Holidays, remember that Illuminations is pushed back until 9:30 during this period, it's also a few minutes longer with what they call the "Holiday tag " ending, but to me it adds a lot to it, and , as the Unoficial Guide says:
    "Not to be missed!"

    Ok, here's a list of some possible head to head match ups
    that we can have between the two Champions in cage matches:

    Prince Charming Carousel vs. Dr Seauss's Carousel

    Now, doesn't that get your heart beating faster?

    The Cat in the Hat vs. Winnie the Pooh

    The Return of the Mummy vs. Rockin' Roller Coaster
    Splash Mountain vs. Yourasshashadit Park River Adventure and Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Adventure
    Buzz Lightyear vs. Men in Black
    Peter Pan vs. E.T.
    Popeye and Bluto 's Bilge Barge Rats vs. Kali River Rapids
    Royal Pacific vs. the Boardwalk Inn.
    Alladin's Magic Carpets vs. One Fish , Two Fish
    Sinbad's Stunt Show vs. InDiana Diana 's Stunt Show
    Shrek 3-D vs. Mickey's Philharmagic, vs. Muppetvision vs. Terminator 3-D vs. Captain Eo and Honey I Shrunk the Audience vs Tough to be a bug and this category may also include Despicable Me. This will be a Tag Team match.
    The Barnsormer vs. Woody's Nuthouse Coaster
    Expedition Everest vs. The Hulk Coaster
    Dr. Doom Fearfall vs. Tower of Terror

    Well, you get the idea,, yes, a lot of those maybe aren't such great comparisons, but it's the bbest I can match them up, so we'll see what happens.
    I also have a stopwatch and I hope to TIME a lot of the rides, that can also come into effect when coming up with ratings.

    Something else we have never seen yet is the new Cinemascope nightime show at the Uni Studios, as a matter of fact, I don't even remember reading any reviews or NUTTIN about it, so we'll see how that works out.
    I just checked the Universal site, and it says that the show starts at 7 P.M. , which should be interesting because the park closes those nights at 6 P.M.

    Should anybody think of any head to head matchups not mentioned so far you'd like to see rated, let me know on that too, 'K?

    I also just found out that the karaoke at Citywalk is a bit fancier than normal;
    instead of the special karaoke cd's, they have a live band to play the music includinjg back up singers, just thinking iof that has me already intimidated. Besides, no way will they know the oldies I like to sing, and about the newest song I've ever sung is Kryptonite,,,, . Ok, a few country songs but nobody really wants to hear Country at Karoake.
    And I can't get up high enough anymore for "Amazed", which at one time I liked to do.

    Another Country song I used to sing that I think might kill me now if I tried to do was John Michael Montgomery's "Sold". Fun song, provided you have an extra oxygen tank.

    And don't you want to kill the duet that always gets up there and sings all 23 verses of American Pie?
    Pariadise by the Dashboard Lights is up there too.
    Oh, probably the most boring song ever, with only about 5 different notes but 12 verses, is "Lyin' Eyes."
    You cant' hide them, you know?

    Well, I'm not sure if this is my last post for a while or not,
    anything I'm neglecting to talk about?
    This will be our first time at Royal Pacific and the Universal Parks as non smokers, I know it's going to be strange whenever wwe pass the smoking areas.

    And for the ET ride, for those that never rode it, you have to give a name in the beginning in the queue, that ET will say goodbye to at the end, and I've tried Nebo a couple of times, onlly to have him remain silent, so then I switched over to using my Dad's name, Adolph, which he had no problem saying. What are the odds the ol ET now knows the name Nebo? Yo know, I don't think Di ever tried using Smidgy. yeah, that ride and Peter Pan are a GREAT match up of rides!

    Hey, nobody had any video ideas?

    You know, o,k, talking in a nostalgic tone right now, I can't believe that when I wrote about the Kung Foo Fighting bit, and the Pat O'brian's fighting bit, that was from a trip back in May, of '07! That blows my mind to think that was 5 and a half years ago! This is something that happens when you get older, you become more and more amazed at the passing of time. I remember I couldn't wait for break time at work, where I'd then run to the computer in my boss's office and check to see if anybody posted on my "Still Feeding Nebo" trip report, afterwards.

    Then on August 31, my company closed for good.

    Oh, you know what else will be different for me this trip?
    This just dawned on me as well.

    This will also be the first time at Uni,,, where I can HEAR everything! Woo Hoo.
    No, that was really never too much an issue before, cuz they always have the volume for most things really cranked up, but still, um, let's see where it might come into play for the first time:

    Ah, The Gory Grusome Makey up Show at the Studios, yeah, lots of talking goin on in there, i'm sure there's jokes I"ve missed.

    Hoop de Doo! Of defintately I know I've missed a lot of the one liners in theis show,,, yeah, more I think about it, the more excited I get to go and see it. j

    Well, crap, that was a short list, oh well, I'll be surprised I guess. Can you tell I'm just killing time reight now?
    Yeah, Smidgy had to work today at the restaurant, so I spent Thanksgiving alone. No, I still haven't eaten a thing all day, there's a chance she may be bringing me home a "Plate" , so I'm saving myself so to speak. I have a feeling she won't be too much longer tonight, it's six now, I'm sure the buffet is over.

    By the way, we are flying American, so if anybody should hear anything bad concerning them again, PLEASE let us know!

    Yes, I know I"m jumping all around right now, like I said, this could be it for a while.

    One thing that Universal has that I can't think of a comparable Disney attraction, is Beetlejuice' Graveyard Revue.
    (somebody please point out to Smidgy that I spelled "Revue" in it's correct tense! You know how tents she gets when you misuse Review when speaking in terms of shows. )

    Well, Faithfull readers, I guess that's it for now. More than likely I'll be on here one more time tomorrow, it all depends on how the packing and everything goes. She was
    originally supposed to clean a house tomorrow, but that's been postponed so now we will both be trying to pack and get organized at the same time, in the same bedrroom.

    This could get ugle!
    I Hate Hate Hate, haveing to pack for airplane trips, trying to figure out which goes in carrion and which goes in buggage to be checked. Even bringing money if much harder to figure out how much you need, The Taxi/cab companies insist on Cash, no credit cards, and we don't have a debit card in case we need money later in the trip.
    I HATE debit cards!

    So, here's hoping there wil be plenty of cool things to write about, that won't include BLOOD, or anything else that comes associated with the Pain word.
    Yes, the cliffhangers are fun to write, not so much fun to live!

    How about a cliffhanger something like this:

    .... that night, the later it got, the worse the situation became, and I seemed powerless to do anything about it.

    I looked over at Smidgy, not sure if I should tell her what's happening to me, I don't want to alarm her needlessly when things had been going so smoothly up until now, but what do I do?
    I was able to make one final trip to the bathroom, and while looking in the mirror, I knew that it was a lost cause, no matter what I decided, it was going to have little affect on the outcome, and I realized it was time to tell her what's happening to me, much as I didn't want to.
    Goodnight all, see you next chapter.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,Ok, picking back up, it was standing in front of the mirror when I knew I had to tell her what was up with me.

    I figured the direct approach would be the best rather than drag it out.

    "Honey, I can't keep my eyes open any longer, love you, see you in the morning!"

    Yeah, now THAT"S my idea of the kind of cliffhanger I want to write about this trip, what do you think? :lmao:

    And oh brother, talk about babbling at it's finest.

    Do you remember in earlier days when I always complained about how old our puter was? The new model was bought in December of '09 so it's alomst 3 years old now. But what's funny is that this keyboard is black, with white letters on it, in contrast to the old keyboard which ended up being 12 years old I think before it got disconnected.

    However, many of the letter have worn off, believe it or not, and it's like they say, which are the most common letters used on our language: you cannot even see the "E" enymore, with the "S" and the "A" not far behind.

    Ok, this time I mean it, I'm done. Love you all, take care, don't do anything Smidgy wouldn't do.:hug:
  11. lurkernj

    lurkernj DIS Veteran

    Jun 4, 2008
    That's kindof sad that your home starving waiting for grub on thanksgiving:(

    I've often wondered what would happen to my family if I didn't come home one day? Would my family starve waiting for me to come make them food?:confused3 I think they might.

    Your comparison had me picking universal over Disney almost every time, which is disturbing since I love Disney more! Guess its just all the other stuff besides the rides that Disney does.

    Hope you have a SAFE yet eventful trip! I'm looking forward to your return so we can enjoy your antics.

    Hope you get some food today:thumbsup2

    Happy thanksgiving!
  12. Mousemom234

    Mousemom234 Mouseketeer

    May 12, 2012
    Slipping out of lurkdom, to tag along on another fun ride.... :wave2:
    This time I found the beginning before the end.
    Wishing you a safe and magic-filled trip.
  13. Backstage_Gal

    Backstage_Gal <font color=darkorchid>Let me rephrase the dog ste

    Apr 8, 2005
    Have a safe trip and i hope you have lots of fun. Looking forward to the next report. i''ll be waiting...

    PS: get a new keyboard, they are pretty cheap
  14. jedijill

    jedijill <font color=red>Chiefs fan living in Bronco countr

    Jan 17, 2005
    Have a safe, blood, and accident free trip!

    Jill in CO
  15. mmeb144

    mmeb144 I do my own theme song.

    Oct 10, 2000
    I'll groan about the cliffhanger, but I hope it's all like that. No getting hurt this time, please and thank you! :thumbsup2
  16. monymony3471

    monymony3471 <font color=CC6633>Finally got a chance to come ba

    May 17, 2005
    I would have mailed you something to eat!

    Happy Thanksgiving you two!
  17. smidgy

    smidgy dimples

    Aug 27, 2006
    I'm sure you would have!!! but he had a fridge full of leftovers, and I brought him home turkey, stuffing, mashed potatos, gravy and choc. cake. (he doesn't like sweet potatos, green beans, or pumpkin pie!!! he siad not to bother with the ham)
  18. Backstage_Gal

    Backstage_Gal <font color=darkorchid>Let me rephrase the dog ste

    Apr 8, 2005
  19. pkondz

    pkondz Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    I'm not going to break down everything but there's a few bits and pieces I wanted to mention.

    Nah... you still would've gone. Perhaps not without trepidation, but still...

    It'll be coherent? Sweet!

    Hi Steve, Hi Diane. :wave2: Welcome to the Dis.

    Really? Thought you'd be used to it by now. Actually, it might be nice to read a TR where the focus isn't on injuries or blood.

    Nah, don't worry about it. The pilot will already have his hands full with congestion, micro-bursts, turbulence and mechanical failures.

    Am I helping?

    You forgot to mention that he's extremely allergic to cats... but still, young people. :confused3

    You got that right!



    So do you feel lucky?

    I had the same thought.

    I can see you more tripping, falling, plunging,...


    Huh, you're right. That's not something that I would've thought of.

    Hardy Boys #78 "Hardy Boys and what the Cattle Heard"

    No you're not.

    Hi Nebo! :wave:

    It doesn't count when you're on vacation. Sounds like a pretty good meal to me!

    As opposed to the fool you make of yourself when you're sober?

    Sure, I guess so.

    I still can't believe that we never went over to see him. :sad2:

    Well you did say that it was Nebo's show this time, so...


    I can't wait for when you decide to walk to Europe. Bring rubber boots.

    I'm actually looking forward to that. I don't know if anyone (outside of UOG writers) has done that.

    Oh, the show runs at 7... you just can't watch it.

    It's been too long, so I can't even come close to helping you out there.

    I say, go anyway. Watch a few people and decide then if it's out of your league. Probably won't be is my guess.

    Well.... considering I've never, ever, been to a karaoke place. I guess the answer would have to be no. But I can see how it might be a tad annoying.

    That's one of the few things that I remember about the park. I remember Ruby and I burst out laughing. We had no idea that was going to happen.


    And now you cringe when you see "last posted" was pkondz.

    Times change.

    You sound like a kid at Christmas. And I'm happy for you. :)

    Oh, a golden opportunity to prey on your fears.

    But I'm not gonna do it again. Just relax and have fun while you're there, okay?

    Smidgy, Nebo spelt revue rite.

    Your walcome.

    Hope so, otherwise I'll have missed wishing you both a very wonderful, fun and hopefully injury free trip!
  20. pkondz

    pkondz Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    I got it! And I didn't have to read your explanation either! Maybe it helps seeing all the personalized licence plates that are out there these days.

    You might want to rethink that. This guy's weird.

    I haven't stayed at POFQ... But I never wanted to either. POR & POFQ may be sister resorts but they are very different. I wasn't thrilled with the themeing of Alligator Bayou so we stayed in mansions. Specifically Magnolia Terrace. If you're in mansions, I highly reccommend it.

    We haven't been in about 20 years... 20 years!! I'm looking forward to the comparisons too, and to see what's new. I mean other than all of IOA.

    You got a thing for blood, or something?

    I was busy! Honest!

    :lmao: Nice!

    I've got 5 aces... all spades. Beat that!

    Dragon? Okay, you have to expound on that a little.

    Quick! Somebody give Kitty the Heimlich manoevre!

    Enough with the colonoscopy jokes!
  21. pkondz

    pkondz Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    And since you'll be gone on the 26th...


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