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Only 3 Pound Weight Gain? A DxDP Review upd 2/9 Yachtsman and Final Thoughts

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by creativeamanda, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. creativeamanda

    creativeamanda <font color=darkorchid>One slithering around on me

    Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen you read that right. My daughter and I did the deluxe dining plan for our recent trip to Disney. And I only gained 3 pounds.

    I still don't know how I did it. On the regular plan last year, I gained 7. I think it has something to do with the running we did all week. Either way, it was a great one!

    On to our introductions:


    Photo courtesy of our server, Harvey, at Narcoossee's.

    There's me, a 30-something special education administrator and Sweetie, a 13-year old full blown teenager.

    I love seafood, vegetables. . .you name it, I will try it.

    Sweetie is a meat and potatoes-type gal.

    We were at Pop Century on May 31 and Coronado Springs from June 1 through June 6.

    We ate at the following places:

    May 31:
    Breakfast: Home
    Lunch: Art of Animation
    Dinner: Contempo Cafe

    June 1:
    Breakfast: Cafe Rix
    Lunch: Cinderella's Royal Table
    Dinner: Narcoossee's

    June 2:
    Breakfast: Sunshine Seasons
    Lunch: Le Cellier
    Dinner: Sunshine Seasons

    June 3:
    Breakfast: Boma
    Lunch: Contempo Cafe
    Dinner: California Grill

    June 4:
    Breakfast: Pizzafari
    Lunch: Boulangerie Patisserie

    Dinner: Cape May Cafe

    June 5:
    Breakfast: Starring Rolls Cafe
    Lunch: Wolfgang Puck Express
    Dinner: Chefs de France

    June 6:
    Breakfast: Crystal Palace
    Lunch: Dinobites
    Dinner: Yachtsman Steakhouse

    Links will be added to the food list. I will rate each place in regards to the following on a 0-5 scale:

    Food Quality
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  3. creativeamanda

    creativeamanda <font color=darkorchid>One slithering around on me

    One thing I knew I wanted before we left was a good meal at home. So, bleary-eyed at 5:00am, my dear sweet husband gets up to cook this for breakfast:

    I bit the ears off first.

    Making chocolate chip pancakes is his specialty and he typically does it on the morning we leave for Disney. He did not have to really get up until it was time for us to leave, but he did get up for us.

    Any how, my first ratings:

    Service: 5 (How could I not give that for him getting up so early?)
    Atmosphere: 3 (It wasn't Disney yet.)
    Food Quality: 5
    Value: 5 (Breakfast food is so cheap)
    Overall: 4.5
  4. creativeamanda

    creativeamanda <font color=darkorchid>One slithering around on me

    Joking aside, we arrived at Pop Century around 1:30 in the afternoon. Our room was ready, and we were informed that the bridge was open to Art of Animation. Even though we had been hungry, we decided to content ourselves in the drive with PopTarts and Diet Coke and wait for Disney food.

    As of now, we are not on the plan, so this is all out of pocket.

    Sweetie had:

    Make your won pasta with Capanelle, Shrimp, and Marinara​

    I had:

    Tokyo Sushi Sampler​

    Sweetie's Make your own pasta was very good. There were not very many shrimp in there, but is was as good as the pasta at Port Orleans-Riverside. My Sushi was typical CS sushi at Disney. I got it because I had been missing it.

    We got a diet coke and coke to drink with dinner and decided to wait until we got to the monorail resorts for a dessert. I paid for dinner with a gift card. It was $28.29.

    I liked the counter service place at AoA. I can see how it may get busy, but of course, it was not busy at all with one section of AoA being open. I liked that they used real plates instead of paper and plastic. It would be nice if this is what Disney goes to at the resorts.

    Service: 4
    Atmosphere: 4
    Food Quality: 3
    Value: 3
    Overall: 3.5
  5. tluvstink

    tluvstink New Member

    Oh that is so sweet of your DH to make your breakfast:cloud9::cloud9:

    Your off to a great start and I'm looking forward to the rest!

  6. amandaw

    amandaw New Member

    Joining in! popcorn::

    That was so sweet of your DH to get up & make y'all breakfast! And such a great picture of you & your DD. :goodvibes

    Enjoyed the review of AoA food court. Can't wait to hear more! :thumbsup2
  7. jacksmom

    jacksmom New Member

    Joining also!popcorn::
  8. Kat in GA

    Kat in GA New Member

    My husband and I are doing deluxe dining in Sept/Oct - and I cannot wait. And I know that my girls would love a one on one trip - with some deluxe dining included. Looking forward to reading more!
  9. MickeyNicki

    MickeyNicki It is pretty darn sad when a valet picks you out a

    Cant wait to read all about it!
  10. creativeamanda

    creativeamanda <font color=darkorchid>One slithering around on me

    He was sweet, wasn't he?!?

    I was excited to get over there to AoA!

    :welcome: Glad to have you here!

    :welcome: Having DxDP when you are going near the food and wine festival is the bomb, let me tell you!

    :welcome: So glad you can join me, Nicki!
  11. DonaldDoleWhip

    DonaldDoleWhip New Member

    Great start to your reviews! Looking forward to reading about all of your dining experiences (especially Yachtsman - I'm hoping that this meal was better than last time). :goodvibes
  12. dawnmichele

    dawnmichele New Member

    Those look like some delicious places! Can't wait to hear (and see) all about them!
  13. deenbrad

    deenbrad New Member

    Wow you guys ate three meals a day! I was starting to think we were the only family who did!
  14. creativeamanda

    creativeamanda <font color=darkorchid>One slithering around on me

    You'll have to see!


    Now, we really didn't do three meals. Lots of times, we used snack credits at breakfast or lunch or we split a cs somewhere.
  15. scanne

    scanne <font color=blue>OK, I must have really small ears

    Great start!
  16. jedijill

    jedijill <font color=red>Chiefs fan living in Bronco countr

    Great start and have to agree with everyone else that your DH was a sweetie to get up that early to cook! Can't wait to hear more!

    Jill in CO
  17. CanadianPaco

    CanadianPaco <font color=red><marquee behavior=alternate>Canadi

    I bit the ears off first.

    I made these this morning!:rotfl: Great start!
  18. iloveeeyore

    iloveeeyore New Member

    Yay (for us), you're back! And you ate at Yachtsman!! Looking forward to reading about that and all of the other delectable experiences!

    What do you mean you only gained 3 pounds on the DxDP?! I have been celebrating some family milestones (anniversary, birthday) over the past 6 days, and I gained 5 pounds...at home! I'm scared what I am going to gain in Disney! Kudos to you on only 3!

    You and Sweetie are adorable and your husband is a really wonderful, thoughtful guy!
  19. Your's is the first review I've read of the Art of Animation's food court. Thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to hearing more...
  20. H20DogsNDisney

    H20DogsNDisney New Member

    Great start canit wait for more :goodvibes
  21. DsnyMama

    DsnyMama New Member

    :thumbsup2 I'm in!

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