1. Didi8

    Didi8 Earning My Ears

    Dec 3, 2012
    Online versus In Person Check In
    First, want to say a big THANK YOU to Work Play for this great thread. Sorry it took me this long to find it since we check in this Thursday! Thanks for help from anyone who can answer this question. QUESTION: I just read that IF I choose online checkin for BLT, I will not have option of requesting specific or "better" room? Post says that desk staff are not able to help if you have booked online. Is this true? We are celebrating grandson's actual day of 6th birthday and really want to make all very special. Am I better off waiting and taking the extra time to check-in that morning? We have booked a lake view one bedroom villa. Thanks to anyone who can help! :confused3:confused3
  2. huhwhat

    huhwhat Mouseketeer

    Oct 19, 2012
    when I made my ressis for the Poly I requested a room/long house , the CS agent put the request on my ressie, he told me when I check in online not to update anything on the ressie or it will take out the request...call CS.

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