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One night - Pop or AoA????

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Disney52303, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Disney52303

    Disney52303 New Member

    We are DVC and are staying at BCV for Memorial Day weekend next year, Thursday through Monday. I booked flights yesterday and we will be flying in Wednesday evening (using miles so it was a big savings over Thursday). Don't want to use points since we won't get there will 9pm or so so we thought we'd try a value just for the night. Both are new to us, been to ASMu, ASMo, and Sports.

    What would you pick, really just for sights at the resort itself? Not concerned with pools, etc.
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  3. happyleesh

    happyleesh New Member

    If you're going for atmosphere alone, I'd go AoA. Everything is shiny, new and themed to the max. :)
  4. rainynight

    rainynight New Member

    Last month we did a split stay between the two and we much prefer Pop Century. If you're staying in a Little Mermaid room they are quite a hike from the main building. Their food court is smaller than Pop and much more hectic.

    It's pretty and new, but we did not at all care for it. I'd much rather stay at Pop and walk over to check Art out.
  5. trekker93

    trekker93 New Member

    I think you will be really happy there. The theming, hourglass lake (sunrises are beautiful!), food, buses, etc. are really nice and easy to use. Also, you will find it is much cheaper than AoA. And they have the same basic layout but POP's theming is much better. We have been to AoA in July And Sept. when we were staying down there to visit it but the lighting, etc. just turned us off. We did not like AoA's main lobby with it's style - too cartoony for us.:coffee:
  6. *~PrincessBelle~*

    *~PrincessBelle~* New Member

    AoA all the way! :thumbsup2 I have stayed at both POP and AoA and I would choose AoA again in a heartbeat...:thumbsup2

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