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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by jenseib, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    Oct 28, 2006
    She is doing good, but she is out of pain medicine now. I need to call and see if they will refill it because tylenol does nothing for her.

    I know she is happy to have me, but I am also pretty boring. Today I took her to her Aunts house for a change of scenery for a few hours. She has a pool and Paige might try that out and see how it feels.

    I just read your update this morning. I am so sorry. I think we just need to skip on to Sept now.

    Most of those I did either on my phone or on my way out the door. There is one update I haven't posted there and am about to post here. You won't even believe it, it's like a 1 in 5 million type of thing...... :sick:
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  3. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    Oct 28, 2006
    You know how they say "When it rains, it pours"....well it is pouring here.
    I just can't even believe how crappy this month has been and the bad luck we have had.

    As I said before, Paige was released on Friday and came home. She has gotten pretty bored and jumpy, but she is resting a lot and has family and friends visiting. We decided that Monday she would have an outing out and we would get her license plates for her new jeep she bought a month ago. (She had to get this jeep because her ex(now) best friend took her car without permission and totaled it.) Basically we don't know all the details of that incident because her friend changed the story about 100 times.

    So we got up early and all got dressed and pretty for the day. Claire was going to be dropped off at a b-day party for a friend. The mother has been great She took Claire one day while Paige was in the hospital as well) and she insisted that Claire stay for most of the day, even after the party and she would bring her home later.

    Paige and I headed to the town (Wauseon) where she could get her plates. We stopped and filled my car with gas. Stopped at my bank and hers, stopped at the pet store to buy rabbit food and crickets for our ghecko (which was Paiges when she was little and is living FOREVER!) and a quick stop at Walmart because Paige wanted me to make her guacomole.
    We got her plates then and stopped at the A&W/ Kentucky Fried Chicken to get some lunch to take home.
    We got about a block down the road from there and I saw the truck in front of us hit the car in front of him. I slammed on the breaks and we were a good distance and we made the stop in time and we both sighed in relief.....and then BAM!
    The truck behind us was watching some guy mow grass along side the road and never saw us stop, so he never slowed down and rear ended us. My car went flying into the middle turning lane and it took me about 2 car lengths before I got us stopped. (Ironically, the police congratulated me on great swerving skills...however I have no clue who we ended up over there and I certainly didn't do it on purpose. LOL)
    Paige was crying and saying I can't believe this just happened. I was so worried she was reinjured and was shaking like a leaf, but I found my phone and called 911 and told them about the accident and told them to get someone out to check Paige out as she was just home from another accident the week before.

    This is a long story, but to shorten it up a bit, I made Paige go in the ambulance to the local hospital to be checked. She didn't want to go, but I said it was important to know that her spleen wasn't reinjured and bleeding. I just got a bump on my head and refused treatment.

    2 of the EMT's told Paige that they were at her other accident too.

    I called Skip who was more worried about why we were out and the car than us. He is so much like my Dad it's scary.

    My car got hit hard in the back and it jarred a lot of stuff and the radiator was leaking. It was undrivable. There were a total of 5 different cars in the accident, but it was considered 2 accidents because I had stopped in time and then I never hit the truck in front of me.

    Eventually the police took me to the hospital to meet up with Paige. I had called my Mom and she met us there too.
    I was informed the guy who hit me was uninsured. What a freaking mess.

    Paige checked out OK and they doubled checked with her other Dr.s and she was released.

    After knowing we were OK, I was just more mad about my car. It's a 2002, an I know it's value isn't much any more and I just figured it would be totaled. But Skip insisted it wouldn't be. you know, because he never has seen it since the accident....so he can make that kind of statement. :rolleyes2

    We got the call yesterday that it was totaled.
    So now I am dealing with insurance, forms, police, rental car (which we should be going to get sometime today..I have been driving Paiges jeep right now), and now we will have to search for a new car.

    I really did love my car, so though it's exciting to get something new, I really want something just like my old car.

    I am ready for all of this to just be done with so I can go back to my boring quiet life.
  4. jedijill

    jedijill <font color=red>Chiefs fan living in Bronco countr

    Jan 17, 2005
    :grouphug: for you both! Sorry the car was totaled but very glad both you guys came out ok and Paige wasn't re injured. thankfully Claire wasn't in the car too.

    Hang in there! Maybe all this bad luck is out of the way and good things will start coming to you.

    Jill in CO
  5. mom2rtk

    mom2rtk DIS Veteran

    Aug 23, 2008
    Sigh. Would you just chase that dark cloud away that's been pouring on you for the last 2 weeks please? I mean, as long as you don't send it my direction of course. ;)

    I am still stunned about what happened, but just oh so thankful everyone was ok.

    And Skip? :confused3 Sigh again.
  6. ktb2002

    ktb2002 DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2012
    Oh my goodness Jen! Well I think your luck HAS to change now! Thankfully you and Paige are both ok, although I'm sure the mess you have been left will stress you beyond anything! Here is some major pixie dust to help change your luck! pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:
  7. mickeystoontown

    mickeystoontown DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2006
    Jen, you poor thing! I'm so sorry to hear that you and Paige were involved in an accident and that your car was totaled. But, thank goodness Paige checked out okay. I know that things are crappy right now but they can only get better. Sending hugs and prayers your way!
  8. francis6306

    francis6306 DIS Veteran

    May 18, 2010
    OMG! That is terrible!!! I cannot believe that you were in an accident. That's it. Emergency trip to Disney World STAT.
  9. JKSWonder

    JKSWonder Twelve plus trips and counting

    Nov 25, 2008
    Jen! Unbelievable!
  10. Woth2982

    Woth2982 DIS Veteran

    Oct 11, 2008
    Hey Jen! I am so sorry to hear about the second accident! The same thing happened to me a month ago. The accident was not bad, my car was fixable, but a 19 year old who was texting in traffic wasn't paying attention and drove right into me. I had a similar panic attack to Paiges, but other than the panic attack and some extreme irritation I was fine. I really hope you are all ok. This stuff just adds so much added stress that is not needed. HOWEVER I do believe that with luck THIS bad, you are going to come upon many good things, as the universe has to balance out somehow! Just keep strong. Remember September is just 9 short days away. New month, new outlook!
  11. redomni

    redomni Mouseketeer

    Mar 18, 2013
    I am so sorry to hear about the second wreck. I am glad that you and your daughter weren't injured in it. I know what a mess it can be with cars, I got hit making a left turn, and it totaled an '89 Beretta. They never ruled anyone at fault so I had to replace my own car. Of course I was to scared to drive for about 6 months after that. I will continue to pray for your daughter to continue to improve to for the insurance mess to be figured out soon.
  12. dolphingirl47

    dolphingirl47 In Search of the Tag Fairy

    Dec 25, 2007
    Jen, I am so sorry. I can't believe that poor Paige had to go through this twice so close to each other. I am glad that she is OK.

  13. Camonkeygirl

    Camonkeygirl DIS Veteran

    Feb 9, 2011
    Jen, I am glad to hear that you and Paige are ok, and no additional injuries occurred. Sorry about your car, hopefully your insurance will take good care of you. I will keep prayers and happy thoughts heading your way.
  14. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    Oct 28, 2006
    Paige and I think we should go buy some lottery tickets. Our luck just has to change.

    I chase it to some remote island that no one lives in.

    I just want this all said and done! We had to go clean my car out today and Claire cried and cried about how much she loved that car.

    I am looking now for something newer! So that is kind of fun, but I wish it would just fall in my lap. I am not even sure how to go about looking anymore these days. What kind of car is Scar again? My rental is a ford edge and we kind of like it. Though Skip will never pay for a new car. He told me he found a 1994 mecury with 140,000 miles today and maybe we should go look at it. Of course he was joking, but I gave him an evil eye.

    I sure wish I could!

    I know. it has to be like a 1 in 5 million chance.
  15. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    Oct 28, 2006
    Thanks goodness, because August had not been fun at all.
    I am having a few anxiety issues at times when driving too. I keep watching my rear view mirror and watching those behind me.

    I read the police report today and though it is sort of right....it's not. They said I was stopped at a light when I got hit. not even a light for a little ways up the road...I was stopped for another accident. And thats what I wrote in my statement too. I don't know who wrote the report, but they seemed to have no clue.

    She is fine, but just bored and sick of being sore. I know she has quite a while before she is healed completely and she wants to put in a rush order on that. LOL

    The insurance is really acting fast so far, but it just annoys me that this guy doesn't have to pay the consequences...or at least as much as he should.
  16. Poolrat

    Poolrat I am alive, sometimes I wonder too.

    Jan 6, 2008
    Oh Jen how horrible.

    Glad everyone checked out okay but so not cool with all the extra work that you have to do now.

    I hope you find something great to drive. Lots of good deals since it is near the end of the vehicle year so who knows you might get a great deal on a 2013- don't rule it out. :goodvibes

    You need some major pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust: Yes go play the lottery, you are due for some good luck.
  17. ronnmel

    ronnmel DIS Veteran

    Apr 5, 2010
    Omg! Seriously? I feel so bad for all the bad luck your family has been having! I really hope it gets better for you, and soon! I'm always so nervous in cars that I'll be rear-ended or whatnot. Stupid distracted drivers.
  18. Wicket's Mom

    Wicket's Mom DIS Veteran

    Sep 21, 2009
    What bad luck, at least no one was hurt except the poor car. I hope the insurance company won't raise your rates.
  19. SigalTchelet

    SigalTchelet Mouseketeer

    Aug 20, 2011
    Jen, as the others said , I am so sorry and glad you and Paige are okay. It really is a big bummer that he was uninsured. I am sure he will suffer the consequences in one way or another. Now it's time to sprinkle you with pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:!!!! Hugs to you both. Being in an accident is no fun-believe me I know! But just have to look at things as the glass is half fool-you are both okay and uninjured-that's the most important thing!
  20. Caretames1

    Caretames1 Mom & Crazed Planner

    Jan 2, 2010
    I've been thinking about you, and hoping the craziness would stop for you guys. I'm so glad Claire wasn't in the car, that was the first thing Kadence asked when I told her.
    I hope Paige is doing better and better. :flower3:

    Skip...again I ask you if you want to borrow my invisible fry pan. :crazy2:

    So now a new car, (used car is still NEW to me!!:thumbsup2) is on the horizon. Finding anything you like yet?
  21. AnnaBeth2012

    AnnaBeth2012 Earning My Ears

    Jan 9, 2012
    Holy moly! What bad luck! I am SO glad that you are both ok.

    Ever hear the saying "Bad things happen in threes"? This was only 2 bad things. PLEASE give yourself a paper cut or shrink some clothes (or something less serious but still bad) quickly before something worse happens! THEN go buy some lottery tickets or rub a magic lamp. :genie:

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