Oh, Just A Few GALLONS of Pixie Dust! - A July/August 2012 TR

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by marDgreen88, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
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  3. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010
    Ahhh. Fantasyland. I was just on Facebook, and I saw 2 links, and all I read was "Mermaid" and "MK Construction" and I flipped! :rotfl2:

    I'm like you and don't want to be spoiled by the ride photos. However, I'm obsessed, I mean, obsessed, with ride vehicles, so I had to cheat and look at the clams.

    Did you see the newly painted MK entrance? It's so different!

    Okay, rambling is over now. :faint:
  4. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    Hahha I know! I honestly wasn't expecting it to 'soft' open so soon, so when I saw it all over twitter I thought I was going insane or something.

    AHH THE CLAMS!!! Yeah, I can't look at too much! I've looked at a million pictures of Eric's castle and obviously I've seen the Beast's castle many, many times. I just don't want to look at too much more or see too much of the detail before I can actually see it in person!

    I did! That took me by surprise, for sure. It's alright, but I'll definitely miss the pink!

    Hahha I promise, I don't mind. You can ramble on this TR any time you want. :goodvibes
  5. beachphotog

    beachphotog Pass me a margarita

    Nov 10, 2009
    Aahhhh, the soft opening! I avoided stuff too in hopes that stuff will be open when I go... NEXT MONTH!!!
  6. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    I've been extremely successful when it comes to avoiding it all, have you? Ugh, you people and your upcoming trips! I can't handle yall. :lmao:
  7. MEK

    MEK DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2005
    Great video. Your dad looks hungry. :rotfl2:

    Woo hoo to the soft openings. I hope there is one while I am there. :cool1:
  8. beachphotog

    beachphotog Pass me a margarita

    Nov 10, 2009
    I haven't :worried: There are pictures littering my instagram feed! Every time I see one, I scroll down really fast to avoid it. But at least I don't have to keep this up for long... how are you going to keep it up until your next trip, which is...??? Make one soon!
  9. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    Thanks! Actually, at that point he was full! :lmao:

    Yeah, I heard that they're basically in 'dress rehearsals' until the official opening, so as far as I know, you'll probably get to see it too! :woohoo:

    Oh no! That stinks. Oh gosh, I don't know. Hopefully I can go in the spring sometime, but if not, I don't think I'll be back until NEXT October. :sad:
  10. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    The One With Extra Magical Reflections of Spaceship Earth

    July 31, 2012

    While we were digesting from what I will pretty much describe as the best meal ever, my dad noticed something a little ‘off’ about our dinner receipt.

    We were on the basic dining plan, so with five nights at Disney, we’d get five of each thing for each person (snacks, quick service, and table service). In total, we had 25 of each. On Tuesday evening, we’d already been to Chef Mickey’s, Le Cellier, and ‘Ohana, which meant that we already would have used 15 of those credits, and that would leave us with 10 for our final two meals. HOWEVER, on our receipt it said that we had 20 table service meal credits left. What’s this? What does it mean, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

    My theory was that our meals had been reset after our key card incident the day before (when our room keys didn’t work after we got back from lunch at Le Cellier and they brought us new ones).

    We didn’t really know what do to about it, so we just decided to leave it for the time being. (REMEMBER THIS!!!!! ;))

    The boys decided to call it a night and stay in the rest of the evening, but the girls were not having that. So we headed back to the monorail and hopped off at the TTC!

    We headed up ramp to go to… EPCOT!

    As soon as we got up there, we noticed that it was ridiculously crowded, and we soon found out that there was some sort of hold up at Epcot.

    After we waited for about 10 minutes or so (and everyone else had been waiting MUCH longer) a monorail finally arrived. Everyone got off, EXCEPT an elderly couple.

    We watched as all these official looking Disney people come and talked to them, and they actually looked through the elderly woman’s backpack.

    So we were all just standing there waiting while the monorail sat empty and these old people were getting a stern talking to from Disney officials. They spoke for a long time before they were escorted down the ramp.

    I mean, WHAT? I have no idea what was happening and it was basically the weirdest thing ever. I think I witnessed a Disney crime, yall.

    Finally all of us law-abiding citizens were able to board the monorail, and we finally got on our way to Epcot!

    I sat with a really cute family who was on their first trip, visiting Epcot for the first time! We passed through the Epcot parking lot and the boy in the family said, "Look at that parking lot!"

    The mom was like, “Yeah, I mean, why even go to Epcot at all? Let's just hang in the parking lot.” It was hilarious. Then, when we passed by Spaceship Earth, they were all in awe. The girl in the family (who I assumed to be like 18 or 19) said, “WOW. I can't believe I'm actually seeing this in person!”

    I actually teared up a little bit at how excited they were, because that was basically me two years earlier. The first time I ever went to Epcot, I went by monorail too. I remember the feeling when I saw Spaceship Earth up close for the first time, and riding through Epcot on the monorail honestly felt like a dream after all those years of wishing I could visit.

    Then the son asked if there was a ride in there, and the mom said that she didn’t think so, and she thought there were just exhibits in there. As soon as I heard that, I made sure to tell them, YES there is a ride in there!

    Anyways, I know I’m going on and on about this family, but they were so precious and excited. I basically want the mom and daughter to become DISers and find this TR so we can be friends. :laughing:

    Once the monorail came to a full and complete stop, we hopped off and headed on inside (after going through bag check and scanning our tickets and fingers, of course)!

    Since it was evening, our first stop was none other than this beauty:


    On our way to that beauty, we saw this beauty:


    After seeing that beauty while on our way to the original beauty, we actually made it to said beauty:


    Beautiful. (See what I did there? I said the word ‘beauty’ thousands of times. It’s funny. It’s not funny.)

    We’re getting closer now.







    Speaking of excitement and people that are excited, I was excited. THIS SURPRISES NO ONE. I hadn’t ridden Spaceship Earth (the ride) since 2010! I always enjoy it, so yeah. Excitement abounds.

    There are some rides that I never take pictures of. Ever. For some reason, Spaceship Earth is one of those rides. So yeah, if you couldn’t tell where this was going, I didn’t take any pictures. So I don’t have any pictures. I do apologize. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures next time I ride that puppy, since I know the quality of this TR has just decreased by 47%. (What, you don’t know about TR math? Look it up. Actually, give me a week or so to actually make it up… then you can look it up.)

    As usual, the ride was enjoyable. We were happily sitting there, journeying through time, thanking the Phoenicians (because I’m hooked on phonics!), smelling Rome, discovering the printing press, and hanging out in a garage in California.



    We stopped.


    Yeah. That happened.

    As it turns out, I learned something about my sister on this trip.

    When rides stop, she tends to panic.

    “Why is the ride stopped? Are we gonna start again soon? Does this happen a lot? Are we gonna start again soon? When are we gonna start moving?”

    Please excuse me while I consult the nearest Imagineer.


    Oh, there doesn’t seem to be an Imagineer handy, so allow me to answer all of your questions.

    “I DON’T KNOW.”

    If it hadn’t been for the many questions, it would have been peaceful in an awkward sort of way.

    Instead, it was just awkward. We were just sitting there… or should I say, we were just lying there on our backs, staring up at the strings of ‘stars.’ (I secretly thought it was funny.)

    At least the music was nice!

    Have you ever noticed that you can see the outline of the triangles on Spaceship Earth when you’re rotating backwards for your return to Earth? You can, and it’s awesome.

    I think after about 10 minutes, we finally made it back to Earth. Phew! That’s certainly the longest that I’ve been in space!

    Once we got outside, I decided that I didn’t want to part ways with SE quite yet, so I took another picture. Surprise of the year.


    It had gotten darker, and it was after 8:30.

    Do you know what that means?


    Somehow we ended up with a spectacular view. I think it’s the best view I’d ever had of the show! We were actually in the same area I’d been in December, just a lot closer up.

    I didn’t even care that we had to wait about 20 minutes, because it meant that I got to do a jig to the Pre-IllumiNations music! (You know you do it too.)


    IllumiNations is perfect. I love the entire show. The music is just so beautiful, and so is the entire message. One of my favorite parts is when you see the horses galloping on the globe. It’s so pretty! And of course, ‘We Go On’ gets me every single time.

    It’s just so beautiful!



    When it was over, we couldn’t help but notice that there was basically a billowing cloud of smoke heading toward us. Ah, the downside of fireworks. :laughing:

    We really wanted to avoid the herds of people, so we just hung back a while and let everybody else fight their way towards the entrance.

    We weren’t leaving yet! PUH-LEASE. Did I mention there were Extra Magic Hours that night? There were Extra Magic Hours that night!

    When we felt like the coast was clear (or at least clearISH), we headed for dry land.

    That’s not right.

    We headed for THE Land… Pavilion!

    The wait for Soarin’ was still a little bit long for our tastes, so we decided on the next best thing: Living with the Land.

    While some might argue that it would NOT be the next best thing, I’m going with it. I really do enjoy it, although some may think it’s boring. I will admit, when the CM asked to see our room keys to verify that we were actually ‘eligible to ride,’ I had to laugh. I feel like if people were sneaking into EMH, they wouldn’t head straight for Living with the Land. Who knows though, maybe they would??

    Anyways, we unfortunately got stuck with loudmouth lime behind us. This lady was literally yelling in Spanish into her cell phone during the ENTIRE RIDE.

    I mean, COME ON. If you don’t speak English, at least stay quiet so the people that DO understand can actually hear the narration. We were pretty annoyed, to say the least, but we tried to make the most of it.

    It was my first time riding it at night, so it had a completely different feel to it!

    Here are some mediocre pictures for your viewing pleasure.

    A waterfall.


    Fake gators.


    One buffalo, two buffali! (Are there any Mary-Kate and Ashley fans out there? Please? Someone needs to understand that reference.)


    And yes, I do realize that there are three buffalos in that picture. BUT THAT’S NOT HOW THE SONG GOES!


    I took at least four pictures of the sunflowers, and that one came out the best.

    I’m sure we would have learned some very amazing facts about living with the land had we been able to HEAR them, but at least we got to see some fruits with awkward names. That’s always exciting.

    When we were finally free from endless streams of Spanish phrases, we went to see if the wait for Soarin’ had gone down at all.

    It had!!! We got in line immediately.

    I know I can’t be the only one that thinks the Soarin’ queue is the coolest thing ever!



    (I’m not sure what I was going for when I decided not to rotate this one. We’ll call it ‘art.’)


    We ended up waiting around 25 minutes or so, which at the time felt like an eternity because I was getting TIRED.

    I was pretty delirious in that line. I’m not even sure what happened. Somehow, we made it to the front of the line, and we ended up getting to sit in the front row, right in the center! I always get really lucky on Soarin’, I’ve always been in the front row except once, and even then I was only in the second row. Basically, Soarin’ loves me back.

    I honestly don’t even understand how I manage to ride Soarin’, considering I sometimes get scared while standing on a stool and I sometimes get motion sickness in parking lots. Even so, I never get scared (or sick) on Soarin’ and that makes me extremely happy. Ahhh, that ride. It just never gets old! We all really enjoyed it!

    Afterwards, we weren’t really sure what to do. The other two wanted to leave, and since Test Track was closed, I agreed. I would have liked to stay a little bit longer, but it’s fine.

    On our way out we got to see the Fountain of Nations show!


    I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE THE FOUNTAIN OF NATIONS! I just think it’s the coolest thing!

    After that we headed on to the monorail station. Dang, that thing is long and steep! It’s like the Magic Kingdom one x 3. When you’re tired, it’s like the Magic Kingdom one x 30. :laughing:

    Thankfully, we all made it up. Hahah.


    We only had to wait a few minutes for our monorail (BLUE!!!) before we were on our way to the TTC.


    Once we got to the TTC and up the Resort Monorail ramp, we didn’t have to wait at all. When we stopped at the Magic Kingdom monorail stop, there were SO MANY PEOPLE. Oh dear Lord, it was a zoo. Luckily our stop was the next one and it takes literally seconds to get from the Magic Kingdom monorail station to the Contemporary, so it was no problem. But seriously, THAT is why I'm not a fan of staying until park closing when the parks have regular hours! It's just too crowded and hectic when everyone is leaving at once. OY!

    When we finally made it back to the Contemporary, I stopped off at the Contempo to fill up my mug. Luckily I randomly decided to bring it with me to Epcot? I’d finished up my water bottle on the monorail and I was thirsty! My mom and Anna decided to use a snack credit to get a drink too, since they didn’t have their mugs and had snack credits to spare. We made it just in time too, we ended up leaving the Contempo around 11:58 and it closes at midnight!

    The boys were asleep when we got back to the villa. I was basically ready to pass out at that point, so I got ready for bed at lightning speed. I went to bed really excited for the next day! (And bark and growl and screech and roar!!!)

    Continued in Next Update
  11. jecskc

    jecskc DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2010
    I secretly loved getting stopped on Spaceship Earth especially in the space part. If they would only stop long enough for me to get a nap ......
  12. kgoodb00

    kgoodb00 Disney Fanatic

    Dec 14, 2010
    Ok. Brace yourself. I am actually writing a comment on your TR. I am sooo sorry that I don't comment enough. I do read your TR at work when you update (it definitely helps me get through the day!) But I never have enough time to actually sit and write a comment. So here it goes:

    Your trip report has really given me the inspiration to plan a trip of my own for my family! So thank you :) I am getting tons of ideas for our upcoming trip (in 245 days I might add!! :) ) Now to backtrack a little:

    -I have to say that I will be eating some yummy cupcakes on my trip! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CUPCAKES! and I love your reviews on them :) I did have one my last trip and it was in Epcot at Karamelle-Kuche and it was a chocolate caramel cupcake and it was devine!!!

    -During my March 2011 trip, me and my friend(who had never been to Disney before) went to the Grand Floridian to eat dinner one night. And I seriously took her all over the resort and showed her every Full House reference I could find. I am obsessed with that episode and so glad that someone else is as crazy as me to literally spend time finding each and every little Full House moment at that resort lol

    -I love muppet vison 3d. I was like thrilled when you referenced the muppet babies scene in the muppets take manhattan. I talk about the movie all the time and seriously none of my friends understand it!

    -One of my favorite things is taking the monorail to Epcot. I love the relaxing ride and the loop around Futer World. My other favorite thing is Spaceship Earth. Everytime I hear the musci from that ride I tear up. I can't wait to take my step-kids on it! I have a feeling I will be tearing up so much that trip! I hope they enjoy it as much as I do :) My last trip I went on living with the land at night. And I have to agree that it is different at night! I got stuck on that ride for like 20 minutes. I think ppl kept trying to get out of the boat in the green house :confused3 but I am not sure. I remember that after the ride I saw some CM's in suits talking with a family that had 2 teenage boys and they were looking in their back pack. So who knows what happened...

    Sorry this was so long but I really wanted to get up to date. As always I love reading your TR! :) I can't wait to go on my trip in June and write my very first TR :cheer2:
  13. therussells08

    therussells08 Roger, Simba One!

    Apr 19, 2010
    Ok, I need you to still love me after this insanely long comment I’m about to write. LOVE MEEE. I need my twin. Especially since, if you choose not to love me, this would make for a very awkward Disney trip next year.

    I’m with you on Thor, girl. Those Hemsworth parents know how to grow ‘em.

    Alright so five seconds into your update I read a reference to Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonnaise. Cue the Bryan Adams… “Have I told you lately, that I love you?” Seriously though, that show was my jam. My mom used to do the most amazing Patty Mayonnaise impression. And remember The Beets? “I NEED MORE ALLOWANCE! WHY? BECAUSE I DO!” *sigh*

    I’ve never seen the Country Bear Jamboree or the Country Bear movie. Every time I hear about it I always imagine the opposum restaurant from A Goofy Movie. Is it close? No? Not at all? Okay.

    Your parade pictures are awesome! Haha I loled at the frumpy dancer that Jacob is pointing at. He called that girl out on her poor posture.

    Can you believe I STILL have never been to Chef Mickey’s? I’m weird, I know. I’m always so awkward at the character buffets, though. I spend so much of my time either darting back and forth from the buffet or inhaling my food and nearly choking because I’m so worried I will miss a character. I feel like I always miss out on food as a result of this issue, because I always grab whatever’s closest to the end of the buffet so I can race back to the table. I’m a loser.

    I LOVE YOUR PILGRIMMAGE TO THE FULL HOUSE HOLY LAND. So many references, so many memories. I just had a thought! What if the trash can you photographed was the one where they all tossed out the itineraries Danny made for them as he lead the pack singing “Zip A Dee Doo Dah”?!?!

    I’m SO sad they’re doing away with MMY. Not cool. Hopefully the show that replaces it will be just as heart warming and sob inducing.

    They seriously need to update the Great Movie Ride. I love it, but if they added some new stuff I’d be way more excited about riding it. If I could get a Dirty Dancing scene with Johnny and Baby doing the lift I’d be a happy camper!

    That’s so weird that you usually get the cowboy. I ALWAYS get the gangster! I like the cowboy better because there’s fire involved.

    Even with a broken gun you were still a TSM beast! :thumbsup2

    What’s that you say about the Boardwalk? Hmm? HMMM?? :rolleyes1

    Ohhh Le Cellier. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Although I usually have to wear my elastic waistband pants when I eat there. It really is so rich!

    That cupcake. Wow. Just wow. I share your sentiments about chocolate and peanut butter. Well, pretty much just peanut butter in general. IT’S SO GOOD.

    Oh my gosh, a bird gave you money at Disney. You’re literally like Snow White! You saw a deer, and now birds are giving you gifts! WHAT?!

    Your Woody and Buzz pictures are making me very excited for a certain Woody and Buzz themed event that is happening next year…*ahem*

    MUPPETS. I just watched that movie last night. It’s so good! Maniacal laugh!

    I love your Mickey drawing! He looks super excited.

    I completely agree with your meat ranking system at Ohana. The chicken is SO GOOD. I tried to make it at home once and failed miserably.

    OMG was the elderly couple stealing wallets like the Shumacker couple at Kellerman’s in Dirty Dancing? Okay, I realize this is my second Dirty Dancing reference in this comment, but I feel like they were both justifiable.

    A goose and a goose make two geese.
    A moose and a moose make two meese?
    A mouse and a mouse make two mice.
    A grouse and a grouse make grice? Greece.


    Yep, I went there. On that note, I’M CAUGHT UP ON YOUR TR!!! YAY MEEEEE!:hyper: :faint:
  14. SoNotAPrincess

    SoNotAPrincess Disney Diva

    Jan 16, 2006
    Sounds like a great night at Epcot! Oh, Illuminations, how I love thee...and Soarin', too...not just a ride, it's a full on experience!

    Nice cliffhanger...way to leave us wondering about the dining credits!
  15. __disneygirl

    __disneygirl well, all that's left now is the happy ending.

    Aug 4, 2005
    Ahhhh 'OHANA!! I'm happy you got to finally go. We are going in ONE WEEK!!!! I ABSOLUTELY POSTIVELY CAN NOT EFFING WAIT FOR THIS!!!!! Wow, I keep bringing up my own trip in everyone else's TRs but I can't help it. I'M TOO EXCITED.

    Omg it is not fair that Tom Cruise gets to stay in the Castle Suite and I do not. Hey, I like Tom as much as the next guy (actually I think he's a really great actor so probably more than the next guy but I digress...also who is the next guy in this situation being that right now I am sitting alone in my room....?) but I WAS DUBBED QUEEN OF THE POLYNESIAN RESORT. God.

    I agree... the chicken is the BEST. At Ohana. Well, everything is amazing. I really can't judge. But whatever they marinated that chicken in is flawless.
    That is such a cute picture of you with the leis (after getting lei'd, you could say!!) even though it's a bit dark. You look soooo happy!

    Oh wow, I just noticed how much you look just like your mom! Looking at the surfboard pic of her and then you I was like WHOA twins.

    Gasp... BOUTIKI. I always spend too much in there. It's one of the best WDW shops for sure.

    I am REALLY curious as to what those old people tried to steal from Disney. That is so odd. Or maybe they stole something from another guest on the monorail?? Ahh we will never know. You should have acted as a Disney Sleuth and gotten to the bottom of this mystery.

    Aww I love the story about the super precious first timers. I love seeing people like that! And it's so funny overhearing them talk about things like Spaceship Earth, not knowing there is a ride inside. I always have to butt in to those convos too, LOL.

    OH MY GOD I TOTALLY GOT YOUR MARY KATE AND ASHLEY REFERENCE. I can't remember what that's from but I totally read it in their little voices. I used to have all of their VHS tapes. I need to watch Double, Double, Toil & Trouble since it's Halloween time. Ahhh I still love them.
  16. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck DIS Veteran

    Sep 20, 2009
    Woah, a dining credit conundrum? Do tell. And yes, I am going to remember that you said you would leave it for the time being.

    Seriously?! A Disney crime with some elderly folk? Strange things happen all the time.

    My aunt and uncle, many years ago took their first trip to WDW. So they talked about "the ball" over and over again. To which my Mom said "Oh, you liked Spaceship Earth? It's a great ride isn't it?" Their response..."there was a ride in there?" :rotfl2:

    That is the best random painting of life, thank you very much.

    So this one time, at band camp.....when my brother and I were on Spaceship Earth, the ride stopped on our descent to earth. And seriously, it was like the gears on the track let go for a minute, and for like a split second we were like falling. It was awesome, because I was like "yayyyyyy!!!! That would be fun if we went down backwards fast!!" But, I could understand your sisters trepidation. :rotfl:

    The one thing that I dislike about Illuminations is the billowing cloud of smoke, because the fireworks go off so close to you.

    You mean like a grouse and a grouse make grice?

    I'm surprised you didn't come off of that ride being fluent in spanish....

    Your bark and a growl and a screech and roar......with a toot and a whistle and a plunk and a boom? :rotfl2:
  17. Stringbean&Wingnut

    Stringbean&Wingnut DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2010
    Sounds like an awesome Epcot evening!!!

    Hahaha hey, I will always vote for a spin on Living with the Land!!! :thumbsup2 We've never been during the evening though, it looks so different!

    YES THE EPCOT MONORAIL RAMP IS FOREVER LONG. Literally I feel like I'm DRAGGING myself up it every time, even if I'm feeling spunky.
  18. PlutosRHM55

    PlutosRHM55 Pluto's Un-Mentioned Manager

    Sep 14, 2010
    Dining Credit mix-up. I like how you make that sound like a bad thing, FOR REAL! But I guess that's why you say "REMEMBER THIS!" ;) The family you were riding with was just so adorable! I can relate so much since my first time to the World was 2010 too! Seeing everything... it's way too surreal. So glad you to hear you let them know about Spaceship Earth, I wonder if they actually ended up riding it. I know that was the number one ride for most rides on my trip. Hopefully these people did discover the DIS so I can ask. :thumbsup2 to riding it by the way, such a cool ride, I would hate though being stopped at that part in the ride... wouldn't ever be fun :/

    Big :thumbsup2 to IllumiNations! You did get a very good viewing spot there! I'm really going to have to scout out your spot now. I've seen it at both the bad and the good and I'm probably not going to have my chance at the good again so I hope at graduation I'll find a nice spot then :hyper:

    YAY THE LAND! Totally agree about Living With The Land though, next best thing to Soarin' completely. But Soarin' is too awesome to ignore of course. So jealous of your luck with the front row though. I've only been on in the back row and the second. I really hope on my next trip I'll get the front because maybe I could appreciate it like everyone else has on here since I'm still all about Test Track, baby! Grrrrrrr to Spanish lady on phone, I would've totally liked to eavesdrop on that since I know the language pretty well if I do say so myself... ok maybe not that well. :thumbsup2 to Fountain of Nations! So pretty and can't get enough of that soundtrack :goodvibes

    Glad to hear you finished off the day to its fullest! I really got to test out late late EMH now after hearing about how truly beneficial it is. Excited to hear about more of those in this TR! :mickeyjum
  19. MEK

    MEK DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2005
    A Disney crime? I wonder what happened? :confused3

    It is wonderful to see newbies to the world get so excited. I love that.

    One of your pictures of Spaceship Earth looks so cool because there is a pink glow to the outside. So pretty,

    What a great evening. Sounds like EMH worked out really well for you.
  20. cheekypoppins

    cheekypoppins DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2012
    awe jacob is so precious!!!!
  21. RachelNinja

    RachelNinja Sometimes I'd rather live in VMK than in real life

    Jul 16, 2007
    Catching up on DIS, and I'm starting with your TR!

    LOVE the Donald Magical Ribbons you had on! Part of me wants some so that I can wear them to the parks, but I know that I always put my sunglasses on top of my head. That's why I also haven't gotten ears yet either. Haha, the choices ...

    I was very entertained how you were just like a big kid at Chef Mickey's more into the characters than the food! I think I'd have trouble letting myself really get into the character interaction. I always wonder what to say! I don't know what's more difficult - character interactions with face characters or non-face characters!

    I am determined to enjoy the nighttime stuff at MK without having to stand and feel all squished. That might be rather difficult around Christmas time, but that feeling always makes me feel like I'm on the verge of panicking!

    That's so funny that you go the cowboy scene again when everyone is hoping to get that side! I don't remember it at all. I'd like to see it! I'm thinking of asking next time. Haha, Howard just saw the picture and said, "WHAT? There's a cowboy scene?!?" Now he wants to make t-shirts that say "Cowboy Scene or Bust!"

    Being the Rebel Spy is so much fun! We kept going on during our Disneymoon, and they picked me twice in a row! So hilarious!

    To answer your Labor Day question (even though it's October, haha), I'd definitely stay at AKL again. We loved it so much there that it'd be my top choice. Also, Boma and Sanaa (well, in Kidani) are there, and it's great to just walk to dinner and walk back to the room! The other deluxe I'd want to stay in is the Poly because it'd be pretty gosh darn cool to stay in a monorail resort. I'm not interested in Grand Floridan because it's just not my style. Contemporary would be okay, but after AKL, I'd like to be in a resort that makes me feel like I'm still on vacation. Plus, there's Kona Cafe and 'Ohana there! Haha, it's all based on food ...

    BTW, I LOVE Lights, Motors, Action! Seriously! I still get excited about the stunts and when the tricks are revealed. Even though I know them well by now, I like hearing the crowd's reaction. Plus, since it's a live show with real stunt drivers, I still have adrenaline running through me as I worry about their safety! Haha, is that weird? I do agree with you that the Lightning part is lame. They should have kept the Herbie part in it instead because at least it was cute when the car split in half. And my hubby is a Cars fan, and even he didn't care for it! We actually mock it quite often because they were driving SO slowly!

    I agree with you that the filet at Le Cellier was really good, but I get overwhelmed by ordering a big hunk of meat on my own! I split it with hubby when we went with my cousins (they ordered their own because they LOVE meat and devoured it so quickly). I wish restaurants could do tastings of all their entrees. I'd be a happy camper!

    Your Fantasmic Mickey is good enough because I say that as long as you can tell who the character is supposed to be, you did a great job! I love that class and think it's a great addition to DHS, but I get myself all nervous about it, haha. It's especially difficult when the hubby is a lot more creative than I am, and I KNOW his drawing will be amazing!

    I love how you pointed out that the stairs at the Poly look like the Brady Bunch stairs! I will always see it that way now, haha. You were so "behaved" in allowing yourself only one piece of each pre-meat dish at 'Ohana! I couldn't help myself there. We all ate a TON of salad! We had to ask for more twice! I also loved the wings and the noodles. I guess the good thing for me was that I didn't care that much for the bread because I'm not a fan of coconut. I LOVED the shrimp and was willing to sit there with my dirty hands peeling it. When the guy came back with the skewers, he was going to give all of them to me and one of my other friends! Haha, we were so in love with it! And the day we went, I actually really liked the pork, which is strange because on a regular day, I HATE pork. I guess it really depends on what skewer you get and what time of day.

    Oh man, I'm so excited to hopefully experience Epcot EMH! We only did the MK nighttime EMH during the honeymoon.

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