Oh, Just A Few GALLONS of Pixie Dust! - A July/August 2012 TR

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by marDgreen88, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Nermel9

    Nermel9 DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2009
    Huh I thought I already commented on this update but I guess not!

    Your MK sunset pictures are beautiful! :cool1:

    Wahhh I'm gonna miss MM&Y too! :( I hope whatever they're replacing it with is just as awesome! And I hope it starts when I'm there in November, because seriously, I'm missing the whole new Fantasyland thing by 2 DAYS! So I should at least get to see this new show! :banana:

    I really need to go on the carouSEL (why did she say it like that? :confused3) one of these days...I always skip it because there are so many other things to do!

    I love the back of the castle! And the front! And the mosaics! Wouldn't it be great to just have your whole house decorated in Cinderella castle mosaics? :lovestruc
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  3. kansasdisneygal

    kansasdisneygal Mouseketeer

    Jul 26, 2011
    I love being in MK at night! It's so gorgeous and the ambiance is even better!

    I got your Full House reference! Woohoo! It's cool that you got a cute picture with the sword in the stone, it's always been crowded when I've been there that I've never gotten a good picture with it. I love the mosaics inside the castle. I think they look like stain glass kinda which makes it appropriate for in a castle?!? Maybe... Lol

    I know where you're going the next day!!!!
  4. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    Hahah, how true! I didn't even think about it that way... but you're totally right!

    Thank you! I figure I can sleep when I get home, ya know? My Disney time is too rare to worry about being tired! Plus, I'm always on a Disney high on my first day (and every day) hahah.

    Thank you! Oh man, I SO wanted to order more during that sale! It was really hard for me not to! Goodness. But I really want more! Hahaha, you're exactly right!

    That's okay girl!!! :goodvibes

    Aww thanks! I love them.

    UGH I KNOW. I'm in denial a little bit... it's a little sad. I just need to go with the flooooow though. I'll try. HAHA. I hope so too! I'm sure it will be AMAZING, but I will always miss that beautiful song!!!

    Oh my gosh... you're missing it by TWO days? That STINKS! AHHH that must be so frustrating! I'm so sorry. I really hope the show will begin just for you!!

    Hahah I have no idea! Have you ever done it before?? I agree, but we figured why not, it was EMH! :laughing:

    Me too! And the sides! And the top! :lmao: IT WOULD BE GREAT. It would be great if my whole house was just covered in classy Disney art. My life would be complete(ish...)!

    I agree! It's lovely.

    YAY! You're awesome. I know, that photo opp is always completely mobbed! It's always so crazy when nobody's around, even during EMH! Yeah, they kinda do!!! It's all just so pretty.

    YAYYY I bet you do!! Hahah.
  5. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    The One Where Anything Goes in Hollywood!

    Day 2: Monday, July 30, 2012

    On the morning of our first full day at Disney, I woke up feeling completely rested! That is a rarity, my friends. If you think about it, it’s pretty stinking weird too. I went to bed at 2:30 and it was now 7:00. Disney sleep is the best sleep, yall!

    I basically just shot out of bed and got ready immediately. I had s’mores pop tarts for breakfast and was completely ready to walk out the door in record time.

    My family, on the other hand, decided they wanted to lounge around for a while, take their time getting ready, and generally drive me crazy.


    I basically started barking orders like a drill sergeant. Okay, that’s a bit of exaggeration. But really, I MEANT BUSINESS. It was a very serious matter.

    You see, we were going to Hollywood Studios. There is a ride there that was the reason for my craziness, my sergeanty ways, if you will.


    Listen, I’m a MAJOR fan of this attraction. It’s been my second favorite in all of Disney since my first trip, back before I even knew about the hype. I don’t care about the hype. I love it because it is SO MUCH FUN. I didn’t get to ride it on my last trip (for reasons I really don’t want to explain ever again) so I was basically exploding with anticipation!


    What am I gonna do though, put their clothes on for them?? I don’t roll that way, so I decided to just let them be and went out to my balcony to wait for them to be ready.

    Good morning, you beauty!!!


    Can’t complain about that!

    When they were finally ready, we went down to the first floor and walked to the bus stop. Thankfully, a DHS bus pulled right up! Unthankfully, we also stopped at the Polynesian. WHY?!?!?! I didn’t understand that at all… I’ve stayed at every All Star resort and never once did they share busses with each other! And this was MORNING! It was just odd to me… you’d think Deluxe resorts would get their own personal busses for park opening! We were wasting precious time! :eek:

    Finally we arrived at DHS! As soon as we walked in the park, a CM approached me, scanned my KTTW and asked me where I was from. After I told him I lived in Virginia, he asked, “Are you a Hokie or a Cavalier?”

    I told him, “OH, Hokie all the way!”

    He said, “I could tell you had good taste!”


    Listen, if any of you are UVA fans, I apologize, but I was basically born a Virginia Tech Hokie. My parents went there and we’ve always been big fans in my family. It’s practically in my blood. (I didn’t go there myself, because I like the small school atmosphere… but that is beside the point.) Then the CM told me he liked my fingernails because they had cute Mickey heads.

    Well, okay! I honestly have no idea what his purpose was or why he scanned my card, but he was really nice so hey, it’s cool!

    Meanwhile, another CM approached Anna and gave her five “surprise” fast passes for Lights! Motors! Action! I know those are basically just used as seat fillers, but we decided we actually wanted to go see it! We hadn’t seen it before and we were looking for new experiences to try out on this trip. So why not? :goodvibes

    We took a photopass picture in front of the hat, which I never even saw. (I have no idea why, but apparently all of our pictures were bad. Okay.)




    Yes, everyone. You got THREE pictures of the hat. YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

    Okay yall, enough funny business. Get your booties moving to Pixar Place, STAT!


    Cool, thanks.

    I was sent to get the fastpasses, and they had a return time of 11:35. PHEW! That was the perfect time. We had to leave the park to go to lunch, so I was worried the return time would be too late! But it wasn't. YAY.

    While I was getting the fastpasses, my family was discussing what we should do next. I figured they’d suggest Anna and I going down Sunset and getting our thrill on, but instead, they decided that we should go to the Great Movie Ride.

    OH… um… okay? Yeah… we want to beat those… crowds…

    Well, whatever! If we didn’t head down Sunset that morning, we’d do it eventually! My main concern was getting those TSM fastpasses, so I was basically happy with anything!


    Honestly, I think the Great Movie Ride CMs were just as surprised as I was. HAHA! Poor Great Movie Ride. I feel like it’s the Radiator Springs of DHS. It was super popular in its heyday, but now everyone is bypassing it in favor of cooler, newer attractions. (If we were at California Adventure that would really be true. Except the cooler, newer attractions would be those that take place in Radiator Springs… how ironic.)

    Well, THAT was a tangent!

    Anyways, I do enjoy the Great Movie Ride, but I think my very favorite part is THIS:


    JULIE ANDREWS’ HORSE FROM MARY POPPINS! Oh my lanta. In case you were curious, Julie Andrews is my HERO. I adore her to the fullest extent. She is basically a perfect human specimen. (And so is **** Van Dyke. That is why they were in that movie together. Yall, I’m in love with **** Van Dyke. Oops, this is another tangent. Where am I and how did I get here? OH RIGHT. I’ve got it, it’s fine.)

    We had a precious tour guide into the movies, who seemed to really like her job. That works for me! We ended up getting the cowboy side. AGAIN! Here is (horrible) photographic evidence:


    Yeah, I’m now two for three on the cowboy scene. I’m ready for the gangster scene again (even though I like cowboys better but whatever).

    I pretty much don’t even attempt to take other pictures on that ride. They never turn out well!

    On the way to our next destination, we had to stop and admire the busts of famous people. That’s a lot less weird than it sounds, I can assure you.

    First we saw Andy Griffith. :angel: RIP!!! :(


    (Bill Cosby and his sweater are chilling in the background there.)

    Then I had to get a picture with my man!!!


    We’re both busts! It’s special.

    Last but not least, I had to get a picture with Desi Arnaz, for obvious reasons.


    I can’t figure out the reason behind his head tilt. He was a man of mystery.

    Our next stop was a galaxy far away. Far, FAR away, if you really wanted to know. STAR TOURS!!! I love love love that ride! Admittedly, I’ll probably never watch the movies again, but the ride is so much fun!


    It was just my parents and I that ended up riding. We pretty much knew Jacob would hate it, and Anna thought she might be claustrophobic. I don’t think she would have been, but better safe than sorry, you know?

    So they waited…


    …(happily, it seems) and we rode!

    We walked through the entire queue and only had to wait outside the ride doors! We got seated in the front row, which gave me a perfect opportunity to chat up the CM running the ride! I was trying to get on her good side… and yes, I had motives. I wanted to be the Rebel Spy!!!

    If you read my first TR, you may remember a certain incident from Star Tours… it involved seatbelts and we’ll leave it at that. I ended up being the Rebel Spy because of said incident, and it was AWESOME. Basically, I wanted to be the Rebel Spy again! There were no seatbelt problems this time, so I was pretty much relying on my wit and charm to get the job done.

    It probably would have worked too! (Maybe.)

    Except for this one lady that LOST HER SUNGLASSES! The CM stood in the front and held them up and said, “Do these belong to anyone?” The lady raised her hand and said she must have dropped them when she put on her 3D glasses or something. (I didn’t buy it. Kidding.)

    Anyways, she ended up being the Rebel Spy. Of course. SIGH! Oh well, we still had a fun ride! I know that we went to the Wookie country and had an encounter with Darth Vader himself. And at one point Chewbacca crashed into our vehicle. Poor guy. The ride as a whole was so different than the one I had in December! I loved it.

    After the ride, we headed off in search of some more Hollywood adventures.



    Where would we go?!?!

    Continued in Next Update
  6. smile4stamps

    smile4stamps DIS Veteran

    Mar 20, 2009
    Love your MK evening! It sounds like you had a great time!

    I am just like you in the morning... Come on... Lets go!!! ESPECIALLY for TSM!! Love that ride!!!
  7. LilAnn

    LilAnn DIS Veteran

    May 18, 2009
    I did it!! I am all caught up! Phew. Took me long enough, right?

    Okay, comments that I can remember.......

    Sweeeeeeeet room and the view is beyond amazing. Love it. I die.

    I want a headband/bow like yours! And for sure my little girl will want to take it away from me, so I might as well order some for her too.

    Nice score with the FP. We actually got a bunch of those ourselves when we went in May and had to get evacuated from Splash. We didn't end up using them so we gifted them to a family next to us at a dinner. I like to pass the magic along if I can, you know?

    Go Hokies! Not that I went there, but I would pick Tech over UVa. Personal preference. Although I probably should have gone to school at UVa and saved a bunch of money paying in state tuition. Bygones.

    Yeah for a decent TSMM return time. :thumbsup2

    One month to go before the return of our fave show. Hook, Mulan and Sleeping Beauty? What?! Can. Not. Wait.
  8. shan23877

    shan23877 I make lists about my lists

    Jul 9, 2011
    Sounds like a great DHS morning Marissa! Why oh why do people not understand how important it is to get those TSMM FP??!! ;)

    I agree with you about the buses. I've only stayed Deluxe once, but everytime we travel to one for a meal I make that same comment. Pay more for rooms should = your very own bus.

    Thought you might like to know that my grandma went to high school with **** Van Dyke! She also went out on a date with his younger brother Jerry, but said he was rude so she didn't go out with him again.

    Love Desi too! We named our puppy Lucy 'cause she's always got 'some 'splaining to do!'
  9. Stringbean&Wingnut

    Stringbean&Wingnut DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2010
    Hahaha you're like the Stitch wake-up call "NO SLEEPING!!!!" :rotfl:. I'm always up super-early in Disney too. Too much to do to waste time sleeping!!

    The Great Movie Ride?? Looks like you guys took a page out of our touring style book! :lmao:

    Sorry to hear that you weren't the Rebel Spy!!
  10. sunnysideup3

    sunnysideup3 DIS Veteran

    Nov 14, 2010
    I would have loved to see you dress your family. . . Favorite child of the year award stuff right there.

    I also like the detailed Cosby sweater on Bill, that is some quality workmanship!

    Great update! :thumbsup2
  11. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010
    I swear, everyone always seems to move a thousand times slower when it's a TSM morning. Some folks just don't understand the necessisty of ensuring a place on that attraction! :rotfl2:

    You probably made the GMR CMs day by showing up! You helped break up the boredom a bit. Man, though, a second time around with the Cowboy scene. I'm jealous, I have never actually experienced that before.

    Glad you had a great time on Star Tours, despite not being the rebel spy. Darn that lady and her sunglassess...:lmao:

    Complete side note... you have excellent taste. s'more pop-tarts are my favorite. You hand me some of those fresh out of the toaster and I'm good to go!:love:
  12. DianeW

    DianeW Worshipping at the shrine of the corporate Mouse

    Jul 23, 2011
    Catching up here....

    The Full House episode stalking was so funny! I literally have not thought of that for years, but when you were describing it, that whole show came back to me in its entirety. Like every single scene as if I were watching it on a TV screen in my head. How weird is that?? I apparently must have hundreds of TV episodes stored somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of my brain. :lmao: It explains a lot, actually. :rolleyes1

    And, *sniff* about MMY. We're not going back to WDW until late April, so I'll probably never see it again. :sad1: And it was a big cry fest for me whenever I did see it...I love it so much. One of those "perfect moments in Disney" times.

    Loved your HS update! I force my family to wake up early and get going, too. And since I'm the mom...they have to listen. :cool1: Luckily they're all on board with it.

    And I have a secret soft spot in my heart for The Great Movie Ride. It's so cheesy and contrived and I just love that!! And yay on your TSMM fastpass return time!! I'm like you....once I've secured my fastpasses for that, I'm open to anything else in the park. One of my personal favorites, "One Man's Dream". I just love that exhibit, the movie, and the whole tribute to THE MAN, Walt Disney. :lovestruc Another place for some crying.

    Oh, and I too take photos with the statues. :lmao: Love Andy Griffith. And I also wondered why Desi's head looks like it's about to tumble off its pedestal. Who thought that looked good? :confused3

    Can't wait to see what you all do next!!

    Diane ::MinnieMo
  13. Anntan

    Anntan Mouseketeer

    Jun 12, 2012
    ALWAYS enter MK from the left!!! ALWAYSSS! Wishes was an emotional rollercoaster for me! Like... the night I watched it was insane. it's so incredible though ! Cinderella's Royal Table is a MUST DO NEXT TIME YOU GO! It's so much fun!
    I recommend either Lunch or Breakfast :) Breakfast there is a great start to a Disney Day!

    And I totally feel you on the DHS ranking. ;) But let's NOT bring that up here.
  14. beachphotog

    beachphotog Pass me a margarita

    Nov 10, 2009



    Can’t complain about that![/QUOTE]


    [/QUOTE]JULIE ANDREWS’ HORSE FROM MARY POPPINS! Oh my lanta. In case you were curious, Julie Andrews is my HERO. I adore her to the fullest extent. She is basically a perfect human specimen. (And so is **** Van Dyke. That is why they were in that movie together. Yall, I’m in love with **** Van Dyke. Oops, this is another tangent. Where am I and how did I get here? OH RIGHT. I’ve got it, it’s fine.)[/QUOTE]
    I love, love, love Julie Andrews... she is perfection. And **** Van Dyke, I've always had a bit of a crush on him...

    Sounds like a fantastic morning so far!
  15. MarieTheCat24

    MarieTheCat24 DIS Veteran

    Jul 23, 2007
    I go all the way and become an all-out drill sergeant on TSM mornings. The Green Army Men have nothin' on me. UP AND OUT, PEOPLE! UP AND OUT! ;)

    My favorite thing about the Great Movie Ride's journey from glory to time-killer is that they put the giant hat RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT. It's like, jeez, Disney, way to kick it while it's down. Poor GMR.

    I never realized how much of Bill Cosby's sweater made it into his bust and now I can't stop laughing. :rotfl:
  16. mermaid764

    mermaid764 DIS Veteran

    Jan 19, 2010
    I laughed when reading your description of trying to get your family moving in the morning, that's the same way I always am when we take family disney vacations, but it seems they never quite understand the need to get ready faster haha lol.

    I'm so envious that you guys get the cowboy scene, in all the times i've been on the ride we have only ever had the gangster and I was actually starting to believe that the cowboy scene might just be a myth lol, but clearly your pictures have proven me wrong.

    Yay for getting the TSM fastpasses...that is always a big accomplishment with the craziness surrounding that ride.

    While we have never stayed deluxe before, every time we've been at one to have dinner i've noticed that the busses seem to take way longer than at the values, and often share between a large number or resorts...it does seem very strange and I definitely agree with you on that one!

    I can't wait to hear more:goodvibes
  17. princess_momma

    princess_momma DIS Veteran

    Feb 13, 2009
    I love DHS soooooo much. Its okay if you don't though. :goodvibes

    Star Tours!! :lovestruc I want to ride the new one so badly. Last time I couldn't go on because it was just me and my son who is too young. Sad. Good thing I know now what to do to become a Rebel Spy! WOO.
  18. Fantasyland Mom

    Fantasyland Mom DIS Veteran

    Feb 8, 2010
    I swear to goodness that I watch something, then you post something about it:scared1:! First, the Full House thing, and now Mary Poppins! I just watched that with the girls this afternoon, mostly because she's practically perfect in every way. LOVE IT! And Julia wants to ride the GMR for the first time this year, so I get to see that horse:banana:! I'm probably too excited about that.
    AND, tonight we're watching Star Wars. It's a before-Disney tradition to cover the whole trilogy (the older ones, of course!) before we leave...yeah, I know, strange Disney tradition:confused3. I think we're also going to try to fit in POTC movies this time, too. TWO WEEKS from today!
  19. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck DIS Veteran

    Sep 20, 2009
    You are absolutely right that TSM waits for no one! I seriously have a meltdown when people slow me down on my way to DHS. And you KNOW how I feel about my TSM! I think you and I would probably be a hot mess running there together.

    You got the cowboy! I have been on the GMR 1,897,409 times, and I have gotten the cowboy......wait for it........once! Seriously.
  20. Caretames1

    Caretames1 Mom & Crazed Planner

    Jan 2, 2010
    OMG< If my family wouldn't have gotten up and ready, I would have told them see ya and ran for the DHS bus!:lmao: That or I really would have dressed them. No clean undies for them, cuz we don't need to see that!:lmao:

    TSM is worth it, totally!

    We've had the Cowboy and the Gangster an even amount of times (2 each) but I prefer the Gangster.

    Still loving your view!
  21. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    We definitely did. Extra magic hours are the best!!

    Hahah really though! Get a move on, people!!! :laughing:

    YAY!!!! Hahah I'm so excited!

    It was just perfect! I died as well, it's fine.

    Isn't it precious? Do you want the link? That would be adorable!

    Oh my goodness, the sad part is that I think she got those from Splash Mountain too! I mean, it could have been anything but I just have a feeling... and then we used them on Splash. :lmao: YES! That really is so nice. If the family you gave them to was excited as we were, then you did a great job! So so nice. :goodvibes

    AW YEAH GO HOKIES! Hahha well... I'm glad you didn't, because then you'd be like, "Boo, go Hoos." And I'd be like, "ew." :rotfl:

    I CAN'T WAIT! This is going to be an incredible season, I can just tell! That little preview with Captain Hook always makes me so excited!

    So glad you got caught up!!

    It was awesome! I have no idea... I really don't. I told them like 73 million times that my main concern was GETTING TOY STORY FASTPASSES. Sigh... where is their sense of urgency? The world will never know.

    Yeah, exactly! It doesn't make sense to me. The only ones that I understand sharing busses are Yacht and Beach Club... just because they're literally right next to each other. Other than that, it's just weird!

    OH MY GOSH. Are you kidding?!?! That is AWESOME. Jerry was on that show Coach, right? I know he was on the movie 'To Grandmother's House We Go' with the Olsen twins, but that's just because I used to be obsessed with the Olsen twins and I remembered his name from the credits due to watching it so many times. Makes me sad that he was rude though! :( Either way, that's just so awesome.

    Aww! That is precious! :lmao: And by the way, I really like your new picture of Lumiere!

    I AM. Hahah it's a Disney thing! Exactly!

    Apparently so! We just love beating those crowds, similar to you and Wingnut. :lmao:

    Haha, it's okay! Next time... next time for sure.

    Oh my goodness, they would have officially thought I was nuts.

    Exactly! I can imagine the sculptor... "MUST. GET. SWEATER. PERFECT!!!"

    Thank you!!

    I KNOW. They really didn't get it! I don't even know how many times I told them, either. Silly family.

    I think we did too! The cowboy scene is really cool! I bet you'll get it someday!

    Haha thank you! I know, right? She totally planned that. (And now I have a good idea for next time... MWAHAHA. Although if it goes wrong, I'll end up with no sunglasses... this Rebel Spy business is tricky, I tell ya!)

    Oh my goodness, the s'mores pop tarts are THE BEST. They're my favorite! You have excellent taste as well! Mmmm.

    Hahah thank you! That's hilarious! That happens to me sometimes too! Someone will mention something from a TV show/movie that I haven't seen or thought of in forever, and the rest just comes flooding back to me! It's crazy.

    Aww. :( I know! I'll never see it again either. It's so sad! I mean, I bet the new show will be amazing. I'll just really miss that song.

    Thank you! Good for you, using your mom powers! Hmm... my future kids won't even see it coming. :laughing:

    I really like it too! Yeah really, I didn't care what we were doing! As long as nothing was getting in our way between 11:35 and 12:35, I was fine. Ugh, I haven't gone into One Man's Dream in so long! I love that exhibit!

    Hahah I have no idea! It really is weird. He just looks awkward! It's quite hilarious.

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