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Official WDW Marathon Weekend 2013 Thread

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by liznboys, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. Dreamer2012

    Dreamer2012 Member

    Hi steph0808
    We have plans to celebrate our PHM victory at the Yaughtsman Steakhouse. We did the same last year and LOVED it!
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  3. ZellyB

    ZellyB Mouseketeer

    Ran in our local 12K race today. We did our regular run/walk intervals and finished in 1:20:51 for an average pace of 10:53/mile. I was really just looking to do better than 11:30 pace so I'm really happy with those results. I emailed runDisney to see about corral placement and maybe this will help get us at least up from the very last corral. It was a great day and great course, so very happy overall!
  4. sunshine girl

    sunshine girl Mouseketeer

    Congrats to all on the races and good luck to you marathon runners tomorrow!

    I did my 15 miler today - can not believe I'm saying that already! Again felt great and right on training pace. A little tired toward the end, legs felt ready to stop, but not dead. Definitely glad I didn't have to go another 11.2 today, though... !

    I am now enjoying some wine and frivolous TV and keeping warm on the couch with the cat... chilly here in Ann Arbor today.

    Hope everyone handled weekend runs

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  5. Bephus

    Bephus Mouseketeer

    Was it the marine corps 1/2? It was sooo hot, that's the one I ran. Miserable:(

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  6. Bephus

    Bephus Mouseketeer

    Good Luck!!!

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  7. lerxst

    lerxst Marathoner

    Yup. I had planned on it, but bailed more worried about rain. Just ran 10 this morning instead. But when I opened door and headed out at 5:45, I was surprised by no threat of rain yet oppressive humidity.

    Mad props for getting that done.

    (Side note, wasn't all thrilled with that medal. I decided to save the effort for Wine & Dine in a few weeks.)
  8. Bephus

    Bephus Mouseketeer

    It was ugly, but I did it. Medal actually looks pretty cool in person, especially for a small race. Wine and Dine will be much fancier;).

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  9. Goofierunner

    Goofierunner Mickey says, "Now get out there and run!"

    I pushed my training and made this a back to back run weekend. Seven mile run on Friday, 15 yesterday. I did the 7 early and it was pretty cold, about 34 degrees. I was able to go a little later in the morning yesterday so it was a little warmer. My legs were tired in the beginning but I stayed slow, stuck to my 2:1 and was able to push through.

    I think this was more about mental training than physical. I mean, the physical was still there obviously but I had to do 3 loops of 5-ish miles so seeing the same thing over and over got to be a bore. Plus as I stopped at my car for water and gels and stuff, I could have got it and said, eh, I've done enough.
    But I had to push through the tired, pain and boredom. I'm a little stiff this morning, mostly ankles. My calves will probably feel it later. I'll just keep popping the Advil liqui-gels.
  10. AB6876

    AB6876 Member

    Great job! The mental aspect is sometimes 90% of the battle lol.... Way to go for keeping with it!!!!
  11. mickeysgal

    mickeysgal <font color=blue>Orange you glad I like Knock Knoc

    I agree - it's a mind game for the most part. Push past that and you'll be surprised what the body is able and willing to do for you.
  12. robynslp

    robynslp Member

    Totally agree with the mental aspect. At mile 5 today, boredom set in. My music mix is getting old to me. I started doing math in my head. Let me just say, I hate math and am horrible at it, but it kept me going and I made it over that mental bump. (I was subtracting numbers from 100 all the way back to 0)

    About mile 7 I saw our cat that had run away and I thought was long passed on. Made me happy to know that she rehomed herself and I thought about that for a good bit of the run. The last mile was brutal. But that was the last mile. I swear my hips quit moving when I see my house!
  13. PRmamiDEdos

    PRmamiDEdos Mouseketeer

    So friggin proud of myself!!! Had my Diva 1/2 today and I PR'd by almost 50 minutes! I am mad at myself for letting my DD's math teacher pass me, but my feet were killing me and she finished almost 3 minutes ahead. Blah, LOL.


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  14. lerxst

    lerxst Marathoner

    Outstanding! 50 minutes time decrease is a huge accomplishment!
  15. Sabeking

    Sabeking Mouseketeer

    Yeah!!! That is awesome!:woohoo:
  16. PRmamiDEdos

    PRmamiDEdos Mouseketeer

    Thanks! I was trying to push so I could see DD's soccer game but I didn't make it because of the traffic getting out.

    Now I have the Rock n Roll 10k on Saturday. How do I build back up for that?

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  17. Sabeking

    Sabeking Mouseketeer

    Shoe question- So I went from the Nike Frees (I think 4mm drop) to the New Balance Minimus (zero drop). I had my first run two days ago in them and went 4 miles. It felt great at the time of running but my left foot and leg is really aching. Is this common when transitioning? Also I usually run on concrete and I ran on something different. Not sure how to describe it; we were vacationing in Williambsburg Va and I ran through the historical part of town. It's like tiny pebbles in concrete maybe? :confused3 I thought maybe that made it worse. Anyhow, the view was gorgeous but horse poop- not so much:faint:
  18. DrMomof3

    DrMomof3 Mouseketeer

    Congrats Shaelee!
    I also PR'd my half this morning. Waiting for Official Time but Garmin time was 2:28:54. My previous PR was 2:36:41 so almost 8 minutes faster. Very pleased!

  19. Terapin

    Terapin Mouseketeer

    That is awesome. Way to go!
  20. Sabeking

    Sabeking Mouseketeer

    Gee...that's a great question. Maybe do a small 2-3 mile mid week?:confused3
    I am impressed with all the races you are doing! Are these in prep for the Disney or do you just enjoy racing? I have not done a race in two years and decided to do a 10k next month just to get in a corral. I didn't realize how nervous I was until I signed up. I used to race all the time and doing the Disney was an after thought but always on my bucket list. I am only doing the half because at 44 I don't think I have a full in me anymore!:rotfl:
  21. PRmamiDEdos

    PRmamiDEdos Mouseketeer

    Awesome! Congrats!!!

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