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Official WDW Marathon Weekend 2013 Thread

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by liznboys, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. liznboys

    liznboys <font color="red">I wish upon stars!<br><font colo

    This is the thread for everyone participating in any of the Marathon Weekend 2013 Events: Kids Races, 5K, Half, Full, Goofy and Dopey! Which one(s) are you doing?

    After completing 7 half marathons (all at WDW) I am going Goofy! And I really need to register before I chicken out! :rotfl:
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  3. liznboys

    liznboys <font color="red">I wish upon stars!<br><font colo

  4. PRmamiDEdos

    PRmamiDEdos New Member

    I'm trying to convince DH (and myself) to register for this one. Gotta keep running!!!
  5. Izzy0210

    Izzy0210 New Member

    I'm definitely doing the marathon, and probably will end up signing up for the goofy. I'm with you - need to register before I chicken out!!!
  6. jimandami

    jimandami New Member

    DH and I will either do Donald or Mickey...haven't decided. We did Chip & Dale this year and really wanted to do that again...was hoping to participate in all them so a little sad we won't get the chance. If we do Mickey it will be our first full, so we will probably go for it!
  7. runner_princess

    runner_princess New Member

    I'm in for full! Already booked my room for the week.
  8. disney_runner

    disney_runner New Member

    Come on April! Registering is half the battle! ;) Funny though, I have a hard time comitting 2 hours to go to the movie theatre, but I'm all about the commitment to Goofy..... :confused3 :) So excited!!!!
  9. RunRookie

    RunRookie New Member

    I ran the 5K and the Half in 2012 so I am going for "Dopey" in 2013! I am going to join all those other WISHers who ran the Goofy in 2012 and do the 5K as a warm-up. W00t!
  10. lisah0711

    lisah0711 <font color=red>♥ <font color=royalblue>her Disney

    Donald and Scream Teamin' the Mickey folks! :cool1:

    Thanks, Liz, for starting this thread! :flower3:
  11. doris1976

    doris1976 New Member

    Thanks for the updates. I have started running again but am not ready for a marathon yet, regardless of how short. Hope to be able to attend one of these.
  12. butiflfeet

    butiflfeet New Member

    DH and I are doing the half! We already have our DVC reservation booked so we're just waiting to register! It will be our 2nd Disney race (we did the Wine and Dine half in October 2011) and our 3rd half marathon. Is it bad that I'm really excited already?
  13. kim3339

    kim3339 New Member

    I'm in for Goofy this year!! I am so excited to get back to WDW and do a race there.

    I couldn't remember from when I booked a couple of years ago, is there a room discount through rundisney for the on-site or is is regular price? I just upgraded my DL AP to a Premier AP too. Do they offer AP discounts for that weekend or no, b/c it's race weekend.
  14. Mickey'sfriend

    Mickey'sfriend New Member

    I've been longing for another Disney race since getting home from the Princess a few weeks ago. Another half is definitely doable, but I'm trying to get the nerve up to go for the full. I wouldn't try it for the first time any other place but Disney.
  15. Ariel484

    Ariel484 New Member

    Going Goofy!! Room's booked and now I'm just waiting for April 10. popcorn::
  16. regul8ter18

    regul8ter18 New Member

    I'm in for the full and 5k, my dad is going Dopey and my mom is doing the 5k. We already booked our room and now we are just waiting for registration to open up:thumbsup2.

  17. VernRDH

    VernRDH Sharing the same birthday with my baby girl and Mi

    I am going Goofy. DH is doing 5k and half. DD is doing 5k. FIL is doing half. My running coach (also DH's BFF) is doing Dopey. His wife will do the half. Another friend is doing the 5k. I *think* that covers everyone in our group. We are renting a house this time, and leaving for a cruise on Freedom of the Seas immediately after the marathon. <--------be glad none of you are riding in the car with us!:lmao:
  18. KippWade

    KippWade New Member

    I'm going for the 5K and Half next year. That combo doesn't appear to have any cute character name associated with it... how about Pluto? :)
  19. DrMomof3

    DrMomof3 New Member

    I'm probably going Dopey in 2013. Insanely enough!
    I want to do the 5k with my kids (the youngest will be in a stroller) and I had already decided on the Goofy.
    Not sure what my DH is planning. Probably 5k or half.

  20. fashionista311

    fashionista311 New Member

    I kind of want to do goofy, but I don't want to commit until I see what kind of shape I'm in after I finish my fall marathon. If I'm not injured, and if the race doesn't sell out, and I can make the trip happen with finances/work...count me :thumbsup2
  21. lifeasiseeit

    lifeasiseeit New Member

    I'm going to go at least Goofy...maybe, just maybe Dopey. Part of me figures it'll be a once in a life time shot and I might as well go all in. The other part of me thinks it might be a little overkill because I kind of want to do Tinkerbell in 2013 as well. But really, at that point, what's an extra 3.1 miles?

    I guess we'll see!
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