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Official WDW Marathon Weekend 2013 Thread-Part 2

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by liznboys, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. FFigawi

    FFigawi Mouseketeer

    It's a fantastic event. Definitely worth doing.
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  3. cewait

    cewait DIS Veteran

    building 22 here. Really too close to Epcot Blvd but all in all a good location. Much better than being on top of the Hospitality House.
  4. mickeysgal

    mickeysgal <font color=blue>Orange you glad I like Knock Knoc

    We are here! Hit the expo for a bit today but planning on returning tomorrow to explore it more thoroughly. We're supposed to have breakfast reservations tomorrow morning at Kona Cafe but I'm already rethinking the time. We're beat....Been up since 3am. Good practice for Saturday I guess. Getting excited. Going to sign up for the Dumbo Double Dare tomorrow.
  5. DOOM1001

    DOOM1001 DIS Veteran

    I got one of those tiny Nathan belt bags,all it holds is my HTC vivid which I have to have to take pictures and contact family.It's very small but I couldn't run with anything bigger and this bag really feels like you have nothing around you,so this will have to do.My gels and GU chomps will luckily fit in a small zippered pouch in my shorts,everything else family will hold so I won't be checking any bags.
  6. PRmamiDEdos

    PRmamiDEdos Mouseketeer

    Think I was in that same building last year for the Princess 1/2! Get your earplugs!

    Landed at midnight and it's 75 degrees!!!

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  7. jimandami

    jimandami Mouseketeer

    We have been in B several times with our kids and have only had a problem once, and that was when we boarded a plane that had just landed and was already almost full from the previous flight. We did eventually get 2 sets of seats together, but not before I resorted to asking the other passengers who wanted to sit with my 3-year-old for a 2 hour flight!
  8. monte

    monte Mouseketeer

    GOOD LUCK W.I.S.H. TEAM!!!!:cool1::banana::dance3::yay:
  9. jmasgat

    jmasgat Mouseketeer

    I'm in 14. This freaked me out at first because it is right at the 4 way intersection--and I NEED quiet, but our unit is towards the interior and so it's a great location--parking is tight (construction on the bldg next door), but no bus noise (just the screaming kid in the lockout next door!

    Pack your sunscreen everyone. Spent 3 hours at AK yesterday and have sunburn on my neck.

  10. steves1019

    steves1019 Member

    Depart Philly At 1:40 today, friend is getting mine and DW bib, looking forward to our first Half. Wish I would have left yesterday though. Owell will have a great time regardless. We stay at Contemporary tonight, theme park view! We'll watch Wishes from our balcony then head to bed.
  11. liznboys

    liznboys <font color="red">I wish upon stars!<br><font colo

    I finished my first Disney 5k and it was a blast! I didn't run a step (saving it for Goofy) and met all the characters. There were five stops: Chip and Dale, Norway Daisy, America Goofy, France Pluto and Canada Donald. No idea what my time was, well over an hour! :)
  12. Sabeking

    Sabeking Mouseketeer

    Did it feel really humid? We are 1 hour away!!!:drive:
  13. liznboys

    liznboys <font color="red">I wish upon stars!<br><font colo

    No not really humid! It was definitely warming up once the sun came up though.
  14. Reep

    Reep Member

    Went for a run at 6:15 this morning. Felt decent. Not too warm or humid. Now time to rest--after Animal Kingdom and riding Everest a couple times.
  15. caitie86

    caitie86 Earning My Ears

    Good luck this weekend all you marathoners! :cheer2: Someday I'll be there with you!
  16. Aimros

    Aimros Zip a dee doo dah!

    Hi everyone,

    I've been lurking along the past few months and now I need your help! DH & I are signed up to run the Half tomorrow, but he's come down with a bad cold or the flu and we both agree he's better off not running. I have no idea how the spectator situation works since we didn't have to plan on it. He would still like to come watch me run.. So where do I start figuring out a plan for us for the morning? Thanks so much!!
  17. DVC_Chris

    DVC_Chris Is there anything I don't know?

    Leaving in a few hours, nervous for the full because I had a stomach bug on Monday/Tuesday, and my strength isn't back to normal yet. I did not run any shorter runs this week because of it, and am trying to decide on whether or not to do one mile tomorrow to knock the kinks out...
  18. rocio

    rocio Mouseketeer

    I'll be heading to the airport in a couple of hours. I'm all packed up and ready to go, so I'm watching "Sprit of the Marathon" one last time. My stupid cat scratched me in the face in the middle of the night so now I look more like a pirate than a princess. pirate:
  19. sunnygal041

    sunnygal041 Mouseketeer

    Hi all. Did the 5K this morning. It was very hot and humid and crowded. 10,400 runners! Stay hydrated, go easy and best of luck to all.

  20. steph0808

    steph0808 Member

    Came down with the flu on flight down yesterday. Not cool. Feeling ok, just weak.

    Hit up the expo this morning, lots of people! I didn't hit all the booths I wanted because of feeling poorly, maybe I will head back tomorrow.

    FYI - they have lots of d&B purses available at gear pick-up and they are cheaper than pre-ordering. $175/$245 I believe.

    No exchanging race shirt for XS though, that was a bummer.
  21. On plane but delayed at gate. A tire needs changed!

    Still debating what to run in. Temps look even higher for Sunday now. Should I stay with my tried and true compression crops or shorts I haven't warn to run in any distance over a 10 k.

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