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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by JanetRose, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Sleepy

    Sleepy <font color=royalblue>I'll have to remember that o

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  3. KatRob

    KatRob New Member

    I know a question came up recently about what you need to get a wristband for EEMH. I just ripped this off the Dis updates:


    SEPTEMBER 7, 2008

    Disney is eliminating the wristbands which have been in use for Disney Resort guests wishing to take advantage of evening Extra Magic Hours. Disney Resort guests will need to use their Resort ID's as proof of eligibility starting September 7.
  4. Sleepy

    Sleepy <font color=royalblue>I'll have to remember that o

    I hope they enforce the rule about showing the resort ID.
  5. seabee

    seabee <marquee><font color=deeppink>Signmaker extraordin

    Ok, I have been searching:surfweb: , and now my eyes hurt. Does anyone know which page had the resort maps on it? Thanks!
  6. Pixiedustspreader

    Pixiedustspreader New Member

    Page 41 - Post 604
  7. Ariel on Land

    Ariel on Land New Member

    Anyone know if SOG will allow a late check out? Do they have a policy? Does it just depend what their day looks like or are they pretty strict with the 11 am check out? We're trying to plan our schedule, and if we could just get an extra hour or two, that'd help out a lot!

  8. Them!

    Them! What Yeti?

    SOG front desk gave us an extra hour last October. The clocks in the room wrongly adjusted to EST from DStime on our check out day and were an hour off! (Talk about confusing...:teacher:) D'OH
    They will hold your bags if you are waiting for a later flight or something.
  9. Disneyfriend

    Disneyfriend New Member

    I asked the front desk about this, and they said you have to call and request a late check out. You should call early in the morning on the day of check-out. Even if they grant the late check out, it is until noon at the latest.
  10. Ariel on Land

    Ariel on Land New Member

    Ok, great, even until noon would really help, and I didn't know that they'd hold your bags after check out. Great news! :thumbsup2 Thank you!
  11. KatRob

    KatRob New Member

    They will hold bags for days! I talked to bellservices recently asking about leaving bags while we are on a cruise and returning to SOG for a second stay afterwards. He said no problem, we could leave them up to 30 days. Not that I would chance that long, but 3 days instead of leaving them in the trunk of the car at Port Canaveral? Yep, that works for me.:goodvibes
  12. princessesrule4

    princessesrule4 <font color=darkorchid>Nope, it's your imagination

    That is good to know. Thanks for sharing that info!:)
  13. rlovew

    rlovew Moderator Moderator

    They will hold your bags as long as you need and you can leave your car parked there all day. You just have to be out of your room for checkout not out of the resort area.
  14. TotalSnowWhite

    TotalSnowWhite New Member

    I know someone posted about getting cheaper tickets at the MWR. Were they a lot cheaper than the SoG tickets (just the base tickets, not S&S)? Our MWR is $.50 cheaper. :laughing: I think we may have to pay an extra fee because Florida tickets are special ordered, so I guess it may be inour best interest to buy at SoG.
  15. Pluto_fan

    Pluto_fan New Member

    Hey, if you need four tickets, that's $2! You could buy...well, not all that much at WDW :rotfl:

    I guess it does vary from MWR to MWR. For a 7-day base ticket, the SoG price is $224 (adult), but at AF Services at the Pentagon you can buy it for $214. They are also special ordered but there's no extra fee. I guess it can pay to shop around, if you have more than one base in your area (or if you go TDY!) :)
  16. TotalSnowWhite

    TotalSnowWhite New Member

    Hey! There are five of us...we can split a Mickey bar! :laughing:
  17. ougrad86

    ougrad86 OU Sooners Football Fan!

    I had to check our old receipt. We requested to stay until about 3 p.m., and they charged us a half day which was OK. Not sure when I requested it, probably when I checked in since we had our return info at that point. Did not when we made our reservation. They were very accomodating, but it was also a quieter time of year - spring break was just starting to ramp up - and the military aren't big spring-breakers:goodvibes !
  18. buzzmom3

    buzzmom3 New Member

    It looks like SOG is completely booked during our week Nov 7th-15th. I have never been there when it's packed! Is it still a quiet resort when it's full?
  19. ntsammy5

    ntsammy5 New Member

    Yup, we've been there quite a few times when it's full and it's still quiet.
  20. Disneyfriend

    Disneyfriend New Member

    Has anybody done laundry at SoG recently? :laundy: Could you please tell me the price of doing a load of wash and a load in the dryer?

    I did laundry quite a bit two years ago, and really loved the large laundry rooms at SoG . . . but I just can't remember the cost. I'm trying to figure out how many rolls of quarters to bring on our next trip. ;)

  21. buzzmom3

    buzzmom3 New Member

    Great! Thanks! I am so excited about going back b/c it is such a special resort. This is my DH 1st time staying at SOG and I want him to love it as much as I do.:lovestruc
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