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Official Poly construction update thread **updated pg 111***

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Jennygt, May 13, 2013.

  1. Jennygt

    Jennygt New Member

    With the impending construction planned for the Poly I wanted to have one place where we can see plans, dates, photos pertaining to the construction. I know there is a Poly thread but I thought this would warrent its own thread.
    So far I have seen that the plan is for

    2 new buildings that will be dvc
    current Tahiti will become dvc
    20 new bungalows out over the water by the tahiti building
    redo of GCH

    rumored to start end of this year 2013 with no estimated completion date yet.

    Has anyone seen more info than this? Is this correct?
    How does everyone feel about booking at the Poly during the next few years during construction?


    Maps of proposed construction/permits.... pg 6 and 21

    Letters/calls to guests about construction noise etc starting Sept 2013 (discussion starts about ).....PG 23

    Photos from Hawaii TPV Aug 2013(pre construction)..... Pg 27 post #339

    Neverland club to close Jan 2014 for rehab

    Permit for GCH rehab...... pg 35 post # 511

    Construction begins 9/16/2013 First Photos..... PG 42 post#618

    Early Oct 2013 Large fences go up around Tahiti

    VIDEO AND PICTURES OF WORK STARING AT SUNSET POINT AREA 10/21/2013..... Pg 65 post# 964 and 965


    VIDEO OF SUSET POINT/CONSTRUCTION.....11/02/2013.. PICS FROM TOKELAU AND BEACH AREA..... (VIDEO)..PG 71 post#1063[/B]..(PICS)..PG 71 post# 1055

    VIDEO OF CAPTAIN COOKS AFTER REFURB....8/14/2014.............PG 111, POST#1660
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  3. Jennygt

    Jennygt New Member

    Well I have nothing to add, anyone else hear anything?:confused3 I am most interested in hearing the time frame for specific construction, ie; the pool will be down for dates ......, that type of info. depending on what is going on during our planned trip we might switch resorts for this next trip.
  4. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member

    I have nothing to contribute, sorry! But, I will happily follow the thread as it is between Poly and CR for next years trip, and the only thing stopping me from Poly is the threat of construction. :worried:
  5. starman314

    starman314 New Member DVC Gold

    That's all I've heard as well. I'd like to know which phases they are doing when. We're planning to go to Disney again in Feb and we love the Polynesian, but will probably avoid it if they are doing construction anywhere around Tahiti.
  6. farrahalex76

    farrahalex76 New Member

    You sound just like me. I really want to stay at the Poly but I'm pretty sure we will end up at CR. I'm just waiting to see when Disney officially announces what they are going to do.
  7. Mrs D

    Mrs D <font color=red>I realize most people don't hear e

    I just booked a client for mid November and was told that there will be construction. CM has no specific info other than to say some buildings will be under refurb.
  8. Jennygt

    Jennygt New Member

    Us too. Right now in between cr and gf as back up.
  9. Mayhem1976

    Mayhem1976 New Member

    I'm in the same boat for November. I'm worried about the pool being closed. I know that some have said not until Jan, but with 2 kids that would be a pain! I'm starting to lean towards BC (stayed there in August) but we'll see!
  10. mum2four

    mum2four New Member

    I'd be interested to hear any updates as well. We're planning a trip for January and right now we're leaning toward WL, but I'm considering Poly as an option as well. I wouldn't mind so much if some longhouses we're going through refurb, but I would be annoyed by full blown construction going on at the resort. Also, we don't plan to use the pool in January, but I don't want to walk by a "construction zone" every time we pass the pool area. Last year, we visited Yellowstone and the lodge we were staying at was undergoing construction on the main building and parking lot. It really took away from the ambience of the resort and we were wishing we had stayed somewhere else. DH and I swore after that trip we'd never stay anywhere that was undergoing construction again! I guess if we don't have more specific information in the near future about what is happening when, then we'll stick with WL.
  11. Jennygt

    Jennygt New Member

    Hmmm, why so vague? It is not fair to customers not to disclose what will be happening.
  12. Tinkl0ver66

    Tinkl0ver66 New Member

    We are planning on staying at the Poly in June 2014. I'm now worried that we will be having construction while we are there :-/ any chance they might be done by then? Or is that wishful thinking on my part?
  13. Jennygt

    Jennygt New Member

    Mrs D I did not mean to imply that you were vague, I meant Disney;)
  14. Jennygt

    Jennygt New Member

    Thats the million dollar question. All that is known now is unofficial. Check out tikimans web page for the full rumor info. I am planning to have a back up resort just in case....:confused3
  15. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

    Following along.
  16. aVASTGrl

    aVASTGrl New Member

    Definitely subscribing to this thread. The construction schedule will determine whether I stay here next Spring. I REALLY wanted to splurge and try Poly CL, but no way will I spend all that money if the Lobby and/or Pool is under construction. I really wish Disney would be more forthcoming as to their construction dates.
  17. CoolDisneyCat

    CoolDisneyCat DVC member - BCV

    The word is it will be finished in 2015.
  18. Tropics

    Tropics New Member

    I'm keeping a close watch on this as well. We're currently booked at the Poly for the first week of December and if there is construction that will impact our stay then we'll definitely be moving. Given the price of the Poly I will not pay those high rates to endure construction. That said, we were there at the and of January this year when they were re-doing Hawaii and that construction did not affect us in any way.
  19. Jennygt

    Jennygt New Member

    tikiman just added a blog on his site, at the bottom he gets into every aspect of the speculation. All I can say is anything can happen, and the time line is not so firm, he quotes dates out as far as 2017? who knows? As soon as Disney is final with there plans I guess we will know, until then I guess we just have to wait and hope for a timely announcement so we can all plan accordingly.:rolleyes1
  20. Jennygt

    Jennygt New Member

    I agree with the price beeing too high to endure construction, but price aside, no matter where you choose to stay on vacation, construction can be a bummer. For us it would depend on what is going on. Rehabs inside a buliding are one thing, jackhammers, saws, etc outside is another. For us at least. I can't say that if there is ANY construction we won't go. It depends on what it is during our trip.
  21. BringingUpDisney

    BringingUpDisney New Member

    My guess is that they aren't going to commit to a start date until they know how the new DVC at GF is selling. I don't have anything to support this other than old patterns, but it seems likely. The refurb will be done in early October so I am sure they are going to wait on any additional construction until they are ready to start the DVC project.

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