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***Official November 2013***

Discussion in 'Countdowns and Live Reports' started by FigmentChick, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. jskleinman

    jskleinman New Member

    11/2 - 11/9
    jskleinman - CR
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  3. WiLd1

    WiLd1 New Member

    So today instead of being productive like I should have been, I sat at my computer and decided where we will be eating while we are there! Our first day we will be in Downtown Disney, so I think we will do Fulton's Crab House that night, then our Epcot day is Akershus for breakfast and Coral Reef for dinner, Animal Kingdom day is Tusker House breakfast, and Jiko for dinner, Our first MK day is Chef Mickey for breakfast ( I know this is a the Contemporary Resort) and Be Our Guest for dinner, and our second MK day we will be eating at Cinderella's Royal Table (breakfast) and Hoop De Doo Revue for dinner (the late seating so we can stay longer at the park that day). Our last day is a toss up because our flight will leave at 3:15 pm. So we might go for an early lunch in Downtown Disney, or just eat the food court at our hotel (POR). So ready to make ADRs!!:hourglass
  4. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    Hi Jeanette!! Exciting to see you over here!
  5. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick New Member

    Hey! That sounds very close to our plans. LOL We always go to DTD the first day, so we're planning on grabbing dinner at T-Rex. And we're doing breakfast at Akershaus (that's a tradition for us) and a dinner at Coral Reef (my daughter wants to do that).

    What are your dates again? Do I have you on the list? Oh, and can I just mention that POR's food court is awe-some??? lol I love the make your own salad, while my daughter is partial to the make your own pasta. And the desserts are fabulous as well!

    It would be so cool to actually meet up. I think I'm going a bit too early compared to everyone else. :(
  6. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    Hey Jen :hug:

    We didn't know about Trenton either. We flew from Allentown in November..cheap easy parking and small airport. But not an economy plane if you know what I mean ...thank goodness for that

    Then I started researching Trenton when I saw Frontier was starting service to MCO and there is FREE parking :love: Mind you we will probably drive...but once they release fares...we may just fly :yay:

    I'll be there!!!!:goodvibes
  7. WiLd1

    WiLd1 New Member

    I don't think I'm on the list yet.. We are going Nov 15-20 or 21st, still undecided exactly on when we are coming back. I'm excited about the food court. The only time I've ever been we stayed at the Poly. I LOVED it and that or AK is where we will stay on our next trip..
  8. rquebral

    rquebral New Member

    I will be calling my ADRs while I am in Disney....that is a first!!!
  9. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick New Member

  10. alayne

    alayne New Member

    We are going to have to meet up! We will be there at the same time pretty much. We have a 5th Wheeler and I have been on eBay and Amazon looking for decorations for our camper. Can't wait too book our ADRs!!!
  11. tinkerbella16

    tinkerbella16 New Member

    November 6-12th staying at POR in a Royal Room!!! I cannot wait to get back home again! Bringing my god-daughter for her very first Disney trip! :cloud9:
  12. Saved by Grace

    Saved by Grace New Member

    I'm starting now to plan for an early November trip!

    I'm thinking either a Royal Room or Art of Animation. Or a split stay with both!


    I'm hoping to drag my mom along with me. :)

    Is there a November 13 Facebook group? If so, can someone send me a link?
  13. chefsparrow

    chefsparrow New Member

    Thought I'd join in on this fun! My husband and I will be making our first (of many, hopefully! :goodvibes) trip to Disney World this November.

    We've talked about changing our original dates, but I think we're going to stick with November 4th - 8th.

    We'll be at Coronado Springs and going with the DxDP. :-) I'm so excited!! :dance3:
  14. jskleinman

    jskleinman New Member

    Don't think I made the list

    jskleinman. 11/2-9. CR
  15. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick New Member

    Yes, we have a FB group!!! Send me a PM with your name and what your FB avatar looks like (or your hometown) and I'll get you set up. :goodvibes

    :welcome: I'll add you to the first post!!!

    I missed you?!? I am so sorry. Gotcha now!!!
  16. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick New Member

    BTW, chefsparrow, you and I will overlap at POR for a couple of days. We'll have to try and say hi to each other.
  17. nkereina

    nkereina Wendy Darling

    Add me to the list! Checking in Thursday 11/14, checking out Friday 11/22. We are staying at CSR and I have been contemplating booking business class. Still reading reports on that before I decide though!
  18. kaylasmom07

    kaylasmom07 New Member

    Hi all! I guess I'm what you would call a long time lurker here on the boards. Decided to post about our first family trip to world nov 14 to the 22nd. So excited to share one of my favorite places in the world with my family.:love:
  19. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick New Member

    Wonderful!!! And I was a lurker for YEARS before I finally joined and posted. lol Happy to have you on board!

    Where are you going to stay?
  20. pokanos

    pokanos New Member

    We'll be staying at CSR during that same time. Maybe we will get a chance to say hello to each other. This will be our first time at this resort, but it looks beautiful, great pool for dd and I have heard transportation is good. I can't wait! We are debating if we want to stay in Cabana 8A/8B or Casitas 4. Welcome to our group!!:cheer2:
  21. pokanos

    pokanos New Member

    We'll miss each other by a day! We check out of CSR on the 13th. That business class sounds tempting, but I don't know how many nights we would be back before 10:00 pm. I want to do more mornings at the park and relaxing in the evenings, but old habits are hard to break!:rolleyes1 If not, we are going to request cabanas 8A or B or Casitas 4. All ook like great locations to bus stops and pool area which are our main considerations.
    Welcome Aboard!!:yay:

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