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***Official November 2013***

Discussion in 'Countdowns and Live Reports' started by FigmentChick, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. mrsap

    mrsap Disney World '86, '04, '05, '06, '10, '12, '13, st

    79 Days here!!! Come on November!!
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  3. stmize

    stmize Dvc member since Nov 2010--WDW mom of ds 17 & dd 1

    We ck in the day before at Okw. So excited.
  4. RejoyceoverDisney

    RejoyceoverDisney Active Member

    :duck: Well I am not all that excited about MB and FP+
    Already told DH if we get the option that would be his responsibility to figure that out. So not into technology other than my laptop internet and basic use of my smart phone.

    Thanks for the :goodvibes fingers crossed. It's Disney I can't see why I wouldn't love it. I think it's more the worry have trying to figure things out instead of just going and doing what I know. Precious time that might feel wasted. I'm sure I'll love it.

    Yes I agree about the "first time" feeling. I guess it's more because I don't have the freedom to go as often as I would like to go. DS21 has Autism so packing up to just go is complicated. So each time I go I'm not sure if it's my last time. I have to just keep reminding myself it's Disney and not home.

    Someone mentioned that to me before and I lost the information. I'm a little more "able" to figure the forums out now, maybe I can figure out the whole podcast thing and check it out. Thanks for the :goodvibes of the impressed. I'm hoping it meets up to those reviews in my eyes. I tend to be a simple person enjoying the less lavish but nice to get a little spoiled. Heck I've loved all my stays so far.

    And to quote mrsap "What do you mean there are other places to vacation besides Disney?!" I love this! Do you know how many times I have heard this comment. dah! They so don't get it!

    Thinking about this more, I told DH that maybe I'll stop going to Disney when I've stayed and experienced all the resorts. :hyper:

    Have a magical day everyone!

    Oh ya, I'm at 69 and I don't feel much different than 70. :rotfl2:
    But I think I'll go practice pack. :banana:
  5. wdwnut61

    wdwnut61 <font color=blue>Wish I could get my countdown tim

    I have been going back and forth about faxing a request. In all our years at Disney we've never faxed just put our request in when we made the reservation. After reading the POR Riverside thread there seems to be lots of people faxing and getting their requests.

    So FigmentChick you have done this in the past?
  6. wdwnut61

    wdwnut61 <font color=blue>Wish I could get my countdown tim

    I couldn't agree more and even though we are gong to miss POFQ, DD and I are really excited about staying in a new resort and the royal rooms :cloud9:

    Hopefully you can visit the Poly while you're there for dinner, shopping or fireworks on the beach.
  7. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick Active Member

    I did online check-in, but not the fax request in 2009. I did online check-in as well as a faxed request in 2011. It worked great....we were in one of the AB buildings (I think 27?) that was close to the main building but not preferred. I do think the fax helped.
  8. rabbruzzetti

    rabbruzzetti Member

    It is funny! And exciting too!! I will miss my Fort Wilderness but if I want to take trips more often I have to go a little more budget friendly. Plus I think my DD6 will get a kick out of it!

    I see you live in Mass....I grew up in RI!!
  9. RejoyceoverDisney

    RejoyceoverDisney Active Member

    I agree on the budget friendly option.

    I live North Central MA so RI boarder is about an hour away.
    Husband has relatives in Tiverton.
  10. rabbruzzetti

    rabbruzzetti Member

    Thanks! I'm so excited to surprise my daughter! I think she will get a kick out of All Stars Music. I was hoping for All Stars Movies but I had to go where free dining went :-) Hoping when I take my DD4 on her mom and me trip that we can stay at AoA!!
  11. rabbruzzetti

    rabbruzzetti Member

    Us too!!! Where are you guys staying?
  12. rabbruzzetti

    rabbruzzetti Member

    I have family in Tiverton too! I miss my New England Fall weather
  13. RejoyceoverDisney

    RejoyceoverDisney Active Member

    Check your PM
  14. OneBadApple

    OneBadApple Active Member

    It looks like there will be a lot of there. I'm there 11/23 - 11/30
  15. no1steelerfn

    no1steelerfn Member

    Thank you!!!!!
  16. no1steelerfn

    no1steelerfn Member

    Art of Animation Little Mermaid Rooms!! :-)
  17. Strawberry's mom&dad

    Strawberry's mom&dad Active Member

    Did on line check in and made return ME ressie.(Going on cruise first so don't need arrival ME.) Just have to figure out how we're getting to the port and back, leaning toward a town car. :car:
  18. jnfr2424

    jnfr2424 I'm Tink I got my Peter Pan and together we love t

    Right behind you with 57!! :cool1:
  19. KNovacovschi

    KNovacovschi Active Member

    Why does 70 days still seem like such a looonnngg time. :(

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  20. Sydney2977

    Sydney2977 Member

    Woohoo! We're down to 55 days!

    When I made adr's in May I kept saying "only two months till our vacation to visit family in Texas..."
    When we got back from Texas I kept saying "only two months till I get to go back for my brother's wedding..."
    Now that I'm back from my brother's wedding this weekend I can say "only two months till we're at WDW!!!"
  21. wdwnut61

    wdwnut61 <font color=blue>Wish I could get my countdown tim

    Good to know :thumbsup2

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