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OFFICIAL December 2009!! Celebrating the Holidays.. ADR list page 41 :)

Discussion in 'Doing the Happy Dance!' started by disneybarbie, Mar 25, 2009.


    GOOFY4DONALD DH finished his plate at 50's Prime Time. They wer

    I thought I would subscribe to this thread as well. We are going Dec 5-Dec 12 and staying at The Polynesian.
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  3. MyMuse

    MyMuse From here...to there!

    ....is Dec 5-12, I think....
  4. congajeff

    congajeff DIS Dad's Club Member

    We are in, Nov. 20th - Dec. 6th. Splitting time between my In-Laws in Clermont, (Grandpa is A CM at the studios, so that's nice) AKL & OKW. We were there for Christmas last year and MVMCP was great.
    See you there!
    :cool1: :santa: :cheer2:

    11/87 Disneyland
    2/95 OKW
    9/97 GF & OKW
    9/98 CS & AS-SPORTS
    5/99 PO-MAGIC-WL
    12/99 PO
    10/00 BWI
    5/01 MAGIC & OKW
    5/02 POLY
    12/02 OKW
    9/04 BWV
    9/05 BCV
    5/06 BWV
    9/07 OKW
    12/08 BCV & WLV
  5. KGH

    KGH New Member


    I JUST changed my Oct. trip to a Dec. trip, thanks to a lovely "free dining" PIN code I recieved. So, I'll be at POFQ from the 12th to the 21st of December.


    CAJUNWDWFAN Do or Do Not, There is No Try!

    Hey super! We are going Dec. 3rd to 8th staying at the Wilderness Lodge! I might see you there!

    CAJUNWDWFAN Do or Do Not, There is No Try!

    Parade taping is usually always the first weekend of December usually the Friday and Saturday which only affects Magic Kingdom.
  8. PrincessSuzanne

    PrincessSuzanne <font color=red>Guess I will be eating crow tonigh

    I just found their calendar for 2009 and those are the dates.


    CAJUNWDWFAN Do or Do Not, There is No Try!

    Since Pop Warner football is Dec. 5th to 12th it will be very busy at Pop Century and the other value resorts. Get ready for screaming kids at all times of the night. Last year they had some fights between the rival teams, some schools were banned I think. If you stay at a moderate or deluxe resort you will not have as much of a problem.
  10. PrincessSuzanne

    PrincessSuzanne <font color=red>Guess I will be eating crow tonigh

    They do NOT stay at Pop Century. They stay at All Stars and overflow I believe is at POR.

  11. eeyoresnr

    eeyoresnr New Member

    according to the CSR thread they are booked there this year
  12. eeyoresnr

    eeyoresnr New Member

    we will be staying at BW Villas...AK Villas...& Bay Lake Towers Dec 11-19:santa:
  13. bjgrazi

    bjgrazi <font color=darkblue>I remember those days fondly<

    They do and they are staying there this year. We have friends that are booked there. We tried to get a room during our stay and couldn't then found out that PW was going to be there and was very glad we booked CBR.
  14. eeyoresnr

    eeyoresnr New Member

    this is from the CRS thread

    2009 Convention List

    June 5-7, Annual Family Cafe Conference
    Jun 15 - 20, Wester CPE CPA Conference

    Jul 3 - 4, 2009 US Open Karate Championship
    Jul 7 - 12, Friends for Life Annual Conference
    Jul 16 - 18, TOPS IRD
    Jul 21-23, D.A.R.E. International Training Conference
    Jul 21-23, NACS Leadership Advancement Program at the Disney Institute

    Aug 24 - 29, Florida Recreation & Park Association

    Sept 30 - Oct 4, Society of American Foresters National Convention

    Oct 20-24, World Waterpark Association 29th Annual Symposium & Trade Show
    Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2009, HACU 23rd Annual Conference

    Nov 30 - Dec 3, 28th Annual Disney World Anesthesia Meeting

    Dec 5 - 12, Pop Warner Football
  15. PrincessSuzanne

    PrincessSuzanne <font color=red>Guess I will be eating crow tonigh

    This is the first year I hav eheard of them staying there. I am so glad we are going the week after, I can't deal with PW.

  16. Princess 'n LA

    Princess 'n LA New Member

    You can make changes after your 45 day mark without penalty if your changes are equal to or more than your original cost. I changed my reservations on day 42 to different dates and packages. To save the $100 change fee I upgraded my tickets to WP&M and park hopper so that my new reservation was $10 more than my old reservation--AND no change fee was added. (So I basically saved $90 and got a whole lot more for my tickets) My parents had the same dates, made the same changes and their reservation was $28 less and they were not charged anything. ?????

    Hope this helps if a "fabulous deal" comes along. Here's wishing you a little "Disney pixie dust" :wizard:
  17. cwcooper810

    cwcooper810 New Member

    pop warner is staying at pop century this year?
  18. bjgrazi

    bjgrazi <font color=darkblue>I remember those days fondly<

    Friends of ours are part of PW (please don't hate me ;) ) They are staying at POP. I will call her later and see what the deal is and let us all know. It's too early now.
  19. disneybarbie

    disneybarbie Disney Princess

    wow that sounds like a super DVC trio!!

    what dates are you at BWV?

    I am there with my sister December 9th - 14th ... can't wait - even tho i'm going in 3 WEEKS time too! ... Dec will be completely different trip, as me & my sis are 100% Disney geeks, hehe!!

    Barbie princess:

    ps anyone else booked their MVMCP tickets yet?? i'll be there Friday Dec 11th! :santa:
  20. Feistygirl916

    Feistygirl916 Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way

    Where are you guys finding this info? I can't seem to find any official place to get this besides here on the DIS (not saying that we aren't "official":lmao:) but I was thinking of using the pin code for December 5 thru December 15 with the free dining but then I have gotten a little worried about PW. I am kinda anti cheerleader :cheer2: = :scared:
  21. PrincessSuzanne

    PrincessSuzanne <font color=red>Guess I will be eating crow tonigh

    I went to their website popwarner.com and found their calendar that showed the dates for the 2009 Superbowl at WDW. I don't "officially" know where they are staying. In the past it was at the All Stars, particularly the Sports (being a sports event) and overflow was at one of the Mods (don't remember which one, but I think it changes).

    Barbie, we aren't going to MVMCP, we went in 2008 and loved it, but we will be there after the parties so we can see all that is included in the party for free, so why pay for it :confused3.


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