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OFFICIAL December 2009!! Celebrating the Holidays.. ADR list page 41 :)

Discussion in 'Doing the Happy Dance!' started by disneybarbie, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Colleen27

    Colleen27 DIS Veteran

    Wow, TWO official Dec threads and both look pretty hoppin'!

    We just changed our dates from Jan to Dec, thanks to the early start to the 4/3 deal. :) We'll be at the Poly, Dec 12 to 20, on the DxDDP.
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  3. Dani C

    Dani C Active Member

    I posted my ADRs on another thread already, but here they are again:

    Dec 21 - T-Rex (7:00 PM)
    Dec 24 - Tutto Italia Candlelight Processional Package (5:05PM/8:15PM Candlelight Processional)
    Dec 25 - Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue (5:00PM)
    Dec 26 - The Wave (5:30PM)
    Dec 27 - 1900 Park Fare Breakfast (11:05AM)
    Dec 28 - Yak & Yeti (5:30PM)
    Dec 29 - Garden View Afternoon Tea (2:10PM)
    Dec 29 - Spirit of Aloha (5:15PM)
    Dec 30 - Kouzzina (4:55PM)
    Dec 31 - Mama Melrose Fantasmic Dinner Package (3:40PM/6:30PM Fantasmic)
    Jan 1 - Nine Dragons (5:00PM)
  4. disneybarbie

    disneybarbie Disney Princess

    Hi! Great ADRs... if you post the times too, I can add them to the list on page 41, if you like :goodvibes

    Added SunniKC & Glasslipper updates :thumbsup2

    My sister came over for lunch on Sunday and we went online & booked our park tickets!! :yay:
    In the UK we can only buy 7,14 or 21 'ultimate' wdw tickets.. which include waterparks & more + hoppers... but as we only need 6 day MYW + park hopping... we went on the USA Disney site & bought those instead, and saved money! ... more for shopping in the World of Disney now!! :woohoo:

    Barbie princess: x x
  5. SunniKC

    SunniKC Member

    I have to add to my list...now have the rest of our trip booked!!
    Dec 25 8:30 Crystal Palace; 1:40 Liberty Tree Tavern
    Dec 26 (no reservations...dining off property)
    Dec 27 12:30 50's Prime Time
    Dec 28 1:20 Rose and Crown
    Dec 29 10:40 Chef Mickeys
  6. PoohsFan1

    PoohsFan1 DIS Veteran

    Hi disneybarbie, I just added one more ADR to our list....we are going to Teppan Edo at 6:10pm on 12/4. Thanks for doing the ADR list, it is great to see where other DISers are going to eat at :goodvibes
  7. raider97

    raider97 Active Member

    I'd love to add my ADRs....

    12/17 Teppan Edo Candlelight Processional Pkg Dinner 5 pm show 8:15 pm
    12/18 1900 Park Fare 11am and CRT 4:30 pm and MVMCP
    12/19 T-Rex 8 pm
    12/20 Akerhouse 10:40 am and Le Cellier 6:35 pm
    12/21 Crystal Palace 8:25 am
    12/22 Sci-Fi Diner 12 pm
    12/23 Grand Floridian Cafe 7:30 pm
    12/24 The Plaza 12:05 pm and LTT 6:55 pm
    12/25 Ohanas 4:55 pm

  8. Dani C

    Dani C Active Member

    Edited my post (#742) to include times. Thanks!
  9. disneybarbie

    disneybarbie Disney Princess

    updated the ADR list (page 41)... it now starts late November and goes through to January 1st 2010!! :goodvibes

    10 weeks to go for us :woohoo:

    Barbie princess: x
  10. TiggerAllie

    TiggerAllie Active Member

    Ok, I woke up at 3am and got my ADRs!
    12/29 California Grill
    12/30 Plaza
    12/31 Chefs de France
    1/1 Citricos

    I'm still hoping for Crystal Palace on 1/2 for breakfast, but I can't find ANYTHING for CP breakfast on 1/1 or 1/2... I wonder if it's not available because rehab starts Jan 3...?
  11. mandy2012

    mandy2012 Member

    This will be me and my boyfriends first time to the most magical place on earth! princess: This is our ADR's:
    Dec 1: Epcot-San Angel Inn 4:45pm
    Dec 2: Animal Kingdom-Rainforest Cafe 5:00pm
    Dec 3: Epcot-Teppon Edo 8:30pm
    Dec 4: Hollywood Studios-50's Prime Time Cafe 11:50am
    Dec 5: Downtown Disney-Planet Hollywood
    Dec 6: Magic Kingdom- Liberty Tree Tavern 12:20pm
    Dec 7: Grand Floridian Cafe 11:30am

    Can't wait for the Holidays! :santa:
  12. Elevationist

    Elevationist Active Member

    You're going the exact same dates that my boyfriend and I are! :cheer2:
  13. Elevationist

    Elevationist Active Member

    Guess I should post the new ADR list for DBF and I, while I'm on this thread! :banana:

    12/1: Chef Mickey's, 9:00pm
    12/2: Maya Grill, 7:45am
    12/3: Crystal Palace, 4:30pm
    12/4: Restaurant Marrakesh, 7:00pm
    12/5: Ohana, 9:45pm
    12/6: Boma, 4:45pm
    12/7: Cape May Cafe, 10:05am
  14. mandy2012

    mandy2012 Member

  15. mandy2012

    mandy2012 Member

    I will also be there Nov. 30-Dec 7! And I am staying at POR. Are you going to the Christmas party? I am going on the 6th. The day before I leave. What a great way to end the vacation! :wizard:
  16. Grandma4ever

    Grandma4ever One day closer and still counting!!!

    Just stopping by to say hello. We paid off the balance and are getting closer to our trip. Can't wait to get away from the stress at home. Disney is what keeps me going day in and day our!!

    Have a Wonderful and Magical day. Lois
  17. bdtwins

    bdtwins Member

    We are going Nov 27th - Dec 5th. It will be me and my twin boys 2nd trip. This is for their 5th birthday. So far, we only have one res - which is a lunch with the Princesses at Epcot (not sure I'm ready for this as they have this new obsession with girls). Can't wait!!:woohoo:
  18. mandy2012

    mandy2012 Member

    We will be there around the same time frame at the same resort! Maybe I'll see you there.
  19. mandy2012

    mandy2012 Member

    We have the exact same dates, and I am also going to the Christmas party on the 6th! What a great way to end the vacation. I have all my ADR's also. I didn't get the park hoppers, so I only chose resteraunts that are in the park that we will be in that day. I feel it would be too much trouble to travel to a resort to eat when I can easily eat in the parks. Here's my schedule:
    Nov.30- Arrive. Not sure what time, as we are driving down. So after we check in, we will just eat at our resort (Port Orleans Riverside).
    Dec.1- Epcot. Dinner at San Angel Inn 4:45pm
    Dec.2- Animal Kingdom. Dinner at Rainforest Cafe 5:00pm
    Dec.3- Epcot. Dinner at Teppon Edo 8:30pm
    Dec.4- Hollywood studios. Lunch at 50's Prime Time Cafe 11:50am
    Dec.5- Downtown Disney. Dinner at Planet Hollywood 4:30pm
    Dec.6- Magic Kingdom. Lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern 12:20pm. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.
    Dec.7- Magic Kingdom for a couple hours, lunch at Grand Floridian Cafe at 11:30am, then we go home :sad1:

    I am so excited for this trip!!!! :yay:
  20. mandy2012

    mandy2012 Member

    UPDATE! I HAVE ADDED A NEW RESSIE FOR 11/30 Sci-Fi Dine-In 7:20PM. THANKS! :flower3:
  21. disneybarbie

    disneybarbie Disney Princess

    mandy2012 added your extra ADR... glad to see you've 'squeezed' in an extra one for the day you arrive! :goodvibes

    If anyone is thinking of pre-ordering the Photopass cd for a discount, here is the link..


    I did this in July and I was soo glad I did :thumbsup2 .. we got nearly 100 pictures taken by photopass photographers!

    I think it is valid for 2 months, so we might want to wait til November to pre-order one :santa:

    Barbie princess: x x

    67 days to go!! :yay:

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