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Official "Castle" thread! Spoilers welcomed!

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Missy1961, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

    Well, according to Terri Edda Miller, co-writter & Mrs. Marlowe, that "Katherine" is "Martha's way". So I may not be that far off in thinking that it's her way of showing Kate she's part of their little family now. I know someone who never shortens any of her children's, in-law's or grandchildren's names, ever. That may have been what made me think that was what Martha was doing.
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  3. NotUrsula

    NotUrsula New Member

    Oh, I didn't mean to imply that your impression wasn't a valid one; I have no idea why Martha did it. I guess the real answer will lie in subsequent episodes. If she keeps doing it, then I'm obviously wrong and it wasn't about the "play", but something deeper.

    Of course, I can also easily see Martha finding out about Kate's middle name as they grow closer, and deciding that someone named after the woman who holds the record for most Oscar wins in the Best Actress category really deserves the dignity of her full name. ;)
  4. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

  5. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

    I had a whole list of neat things from this week's episode but then I left it on my desk at work. (was working on it on my downtime, I swear!)
  6. Pikester

    Pikester New Member

    I have never posted on this thread before (I think) but I just had to say that Monday night's episode was AWESOME! I figured "it" out when Kate went over to confront the man in the apartment and he grabbed her. Then the show went to commercial. I looked at my husband and said "Oh, I get it! I bet...." and I was right. It did take most of the show though. :goodvibes
  7. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

    I figured it out around the time he got Alexis involved. She barely tried to talk him out of it. And I also remembered this year's Valentine Day show when Rick thought the case was his present, so I thought to myself, I bet this is his birthday present.

    That was one of the things on my list. Let's see if I can remember the throwbacks to past episodes:

    1. the helicopter
    2. the shredded credit cards - made me think of the little bitty pieces of the file in the first episode of this year (After The Storm)
    3. Castle playing with the magnifying glass - remember he once asked Kate for hers? (I think that was sometime in the 2nd season)
    4. the "body" in the rug - from "Hell Hath No Fury", an episode from season 1.
    5A. the bolt cutters/storage space - from the 2 part episode in season 3
    5B. the storage space - from "Secret's Safe With Me" from this year
    6. when Castle called Kate to find out when she was coming home - made me think of all the times Jenny calls Ryan. And I really thought about that when she said "shut up" to Espo

    I loved that the "100" stuff in the title sequence. Also loved Rick & Kate's conversation about how they've solved "about 100 murders" and toasting for "100 more"
  8. NotUrsula

    NotUrsula New Member

    You forgot the body in the fridge -- that was from 2x14. The episode was titled "The Third Man" -- which also happens to be the title of a film noir from 1949 that was also something of an homage to Hitchcock's style (it has a lot of his trademark elements, but was directed by someone else, Carol Reed, and Graham Greene wrote the story. It starred Joseph Cotton as an American pulp novelist who is an unwitting party to a vast hoax being perpetrated by an old friend -- and doesn't that sound familiar?)

    The large pearl bracelet that Kate wore on her left wrist for the party scene was also a reference to Rear Window. Grace Kelly wore a very similar bracelet (a somewhat larger one) with the green & white suit costume.

    I figured it out when I saw Kate's dress, which had the 1950's all over it. However, on my second time around I realized there was a bigger clue in the conversation that Kate had with Esposito after Castle told her not to bother to come back to check on him. They were talking about whether they should blow the surprise a day early because he seemed to be getting too upset about it, but it still wasn't completely obvious.

    PS: It was rather funny that when Alexis was "spying" she was more interested in pecs than evidence ... "He's cute!" (If you watch the bonus footage that ABC has made available of the party scene, there is a bit in it where Alexis takes that interest a bit further, and is obviously flirting with the actor who played "Michael the murderer")
  9. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

    Yeah, working from memory and my memory stinks. :blush: Because the body in the fridge is from one of my favorite episodes, The Third Man.

    Also from Rear Window: Kate getting a ride in the wheelchair by sitting on Rick's lap.

    and another I forgot: Gates yelling at them was similar to her yelling at Espo & Kate from "Always". Rick volunteering to "wait in the car" after that was the opposite of almost every time she's told him to wait in the car, LOL.

    When I went back to watch the episode, I caught a few little grins that Kate did when she was hugging Rick from behind. Now they have a new meaning.
  10. NotUrsula

    NotUrsula New Member

    And another one: the apartment where the "murder" happened was Apt. 54, and Rear Window was released in ... 1954.

    FWIW, there are two other number references that may or may not be significant, according to various internet speculators. Both of them (if they were intentional, and no one connected with the show has said that they were, so this is something of a stretch) are thought to reference previous episode numbering. The time on Castle's watch when he gets out of bed is 3:13 (3x13 "Knockdown" includes the infamous first kiss), and the number of the storage unit is 319 (3x19 "Law & Murder" ... in which Castle lies to Beckett about never having seen Forbidden Planet; the ep. where they discover their shared love of classic films.)
  11. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

    another: the picture of Rick on Kate's phone is the same picture they use on "Richard Castle"'s Nikki Heat books.
  12. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

  13. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

  14. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

    After watching that episode at least 5 times, I've finally gathered all my thoughts.

    I had almost no dislikes in this episode. I am willing to put aside any questions of logic, for as Rick once said to Kate "why are you ruining my story with your logic?".

    So here are my favorite lines, broken down by character:

    Martha (to Rick) - It's a spa trip, not a guilt trip.

    (to Kate) Staring at the phone won't make it ring. I learned that in junior high.

    (to Castle) You've gone "Rear Window"

    (to Kate, about Rick) How is Jimmy Stewart?

    (to Castle, after Gates yelled at him & Kate) How hard is it to balance on the crutches when you've had your (butt) chewed off?

    Kate -

    (to Espo & Ryan) Unless the body you're looking at is dead, I suggest you put down those binoculars.

    (to Rick, after suggesting she go across the street) Look at me. He's going to let me in

    (to Espo, after his crazy answer about why men are such babies) Where did you read that? In "You're Making it Up" magazine?

    (to Rick) Your overactive imagination is one of the things I love about you (and my reaction: wait a minute, "one" of the things!!!!!)


    (while watching the couple) Oh to be young & underemployed

    (to Kate) You do it, it's an illegal search. I do it, it's just illegal

    (to Alexis) You get caught, you get a B&E on your record, you can't be President

    (after seeing Kate all dressed up) Happy birthday to me

    Some more observations:

    loved Kate stinking out her tongue at Rick when she's knocking at the door across the street.

    A few movie references I caught:
    while playing with the helicopter, Rick mentions "Zero Dark Thirty". He also mentions "Red Five", which is Luke Skywalker's code name during the battle in Star Wars & Empire Strikes Back.

    Also, caught another old episode connection. Alexis mentions how Rick thought her art teacher was a serial killer because he looked like someone on America's Most Wanted. On "Almost Famous" the victim, a would be actor, appeared on a similar show, and they thought it may have lead to his murder.

    And I agree with the 3 x 13 reference. Not only is that their first kiss, it's about her mom's murder. Not so sure about 3 x 19 stuff. While I agree that it's a nice comment about their similar interests, overall that episode isn't that memorable.
  15. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

    No new episode tonight, but they are repeating "Final Frontier", the very funny sci-fi convention episode.
  16. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

  17. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

  18. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

  19. CourtasanSatine

    CourtasanSatine <font color=blue>I'm partial to the 4th seaters<br

    The banter between Espo and Ryan is too much fun.
  20. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

    Sometimes they seem like an old married couple! :rotfl:
  21. Missy1961

    Missy1961 <font color=purple>Knows who did it and why<br><fo

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