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Official California Grill Open ADR Watch Thread

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by jlsmith376, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. jlsmith376

    jlsmith376 New Member

    The intent of this thread is to let subscribers know when the newly renovated California Grill is allowing ADR's. At present, it is supposed to open 8/31/13 but reservations are not yet being accepted. Please post if you have any new information. I will check with Disney periodically and post as soon as I find out reservations can be made.
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  3. Maiky

    Maiky New Member

    Subscribing....Thank you!!
  4. country-mom-of-4

    country-mom-of-4 New Member

    YAY!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!:worship::banana:
  5. suzymouse724

    suzymouse724 New Member

    Great idea! Thanks so much!
  6. jlsmith376

    jlsmith376 New Member

    Here is the response I got from Disney when asked when we can start booking California Grill. According to this we should be able to book our ADR's now! Has anyone tried it lately?


    Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World® Resort.

    From time to time, we refurbish our offerings in order to continue to
    provide a magical experience for our Guests.

    As a part of that effort, California Grill will undergo a refurbishment
    beginning February 2, 2013 and continuing through late summer 2013. The
    restaurant will be temporarily closed during that time (please note,
    dates are subject to change).

    California Grill should be open by that time frame for you to begin
    booking at the 180 days. Today, April 2, we are booking for September

    We look forward to seeing you Real Soon!


    Bart Maggio
    WDW Online Communications
  7. Eliserose

    Eliserose New Member

    Hopefully soon!
  8. jlsmith376

    jlsmith376 New Member

    Well so much for being able to book now. I just tried booking September 29th online and it shows no times are available so I assume they are still not taking reservations despite the email I previously posted. I will keep checking...
  9. country-mom-of-4

    country-mom-of-4 New Member

    I called and nope - not taking them yet:(
  10. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    They took 8/31/13 off the website, so I can't be sure that will be the opening date any longer.
  11. jlsmith376

    jlsmith376 New Member

    Oh I hope the opening won't be pushed back since they aren't committing to August 31st now. We're really hoping to get in for our anniversary dinner in October. I checked again this morning and reservations are not open yet. I'll keep checking and will post again in a few days or as soon as reservations open up.
  12. minster22

    minster22 DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis

    Thank you for this thread. We are looking for either Oct4th or 5th.....hoping and keeping fingers crossed!!!
  13. peteykirch

    peteykirch New Member

    As long as it's open by the time I go on my trip the last week of October, I'll be happy.
  14. VandyZ

    VandyZ New Member

    Subscribed. Waiting for Sept 20-28. I have all my ADR's except CG and Dessert Party.
  15. blair_ranea

    blair_ranea New Member

    Great thread! Fingers crossed for some pixie dust on September 18th!
  16. TruLovesKiss

    TruLovesKiss New Member

    Subscribing! We're hoping to make ressies for our anniversary dinner Oct 2nd
  17. jlsmith376

    jlsmith376 New Member

    I just checked this morning and reservations are not open :sad2: Maybe tomorrow will be the day...
  18. tink519

    tink519 New Member

  19. Rachey_101

    Rachey_101 New Member

    Not open today either! :sad:
  20. nat8199

    nat8199 New Member

    Thank you! I am subscribing to this thread. I am hoping to make a reservation for Oct 6th.
  21. hillertexas

    hillertexas New Member

    subscribing...thank you!

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