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***Official April 2013 thread*** SEE POST # 4028

Discussion in 'Doing the Happy Dance!' started by pwdebbie, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. rebeccaariel

    rebeccaariel Mouseketeer

    Woke up to the news that my campus is closed, so no school for me either! Time to go back to bed!
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  3. Hulles

    Hulles Martian Mickey

    :moped: 70days to go. time starting to move slow now :faint:
  4. LynneIL

    LynneIL Earning My Ears

    I'm so jealous of the Northeast snow! We're near Chicago and we've had such pathetic snow this year and last. Stay safe and stay warm everyone and make some awesome snowmen!!
  5. buzzrelly

    buzzrelly Mouseketeer

    Eh! You can keep it! But honestly, the reason I'm dreading it so much is because I have to drive in to work tonight. If I could stay home and be cozy with the kids, I probably wouldn't mind so much.
  6. scrappinggirl

    scrappinggirl Member

    I don't like to shovel or drive in the snow but it is sure pretty to look at and play in.
    It is snowing hard out there now. They called off school last night, my DS (11) was so excited to sleep in.
  7. Duzzygirl

    Duzzygirl Member

    Hope you all stay safe and warm! I was hoping for some snow. However, I'm in SW PA and all we're getting is rain, rain, rain. Blah.
  8. TJDisneymama

    TJDisneymama Mouseketeer

    I am so bummed.....i've posted before about DH's lack of Disney Love and how he just tunes out when I (try to) talk about it, but this morning as I was going on about how excited I am that it's just 2 months away, he asked me not to talk about it with him anymore because it ruins his mood and his stomach just plummets when I bring it up because all he thinks about is how he doesn't want to fly. :sad1:
    GMAFB! it's a measly 3 hour flight, not like jumping out of a plane or something! :mad: He spoke to his dr. last time he was there and she said she'd call him in a prescription for Xanax or something the week before he goes but jeez, suck it up already. I'm deathly afraid to fly too but guess what? I put the flight part out of my mind until the time comes, then I'm a wreck for a few days, then I fly and am over it. I don't let it dampen my enthusiasm for the trip months and months before hand. UGH! I'm a big fan of not worrying about things in advance
  9. TJDisneymama

    TJDisneymama Mouseketeer

    ETA: Also known in some parts as "denial", lol. :lmao:
  10. trtl6941

    trtl6941 Member

    You would die going with is. We don't leave our resort usually until around 10-11!
  11. Duzzygirl

    Duzzygirl Member

    I'm not a worrier either. Drives my husband nuts (he's a worrier), as does my talking about the trip with him. lol He doesn't care about the flying. It's the Disney part that he doesn't like.
  12. gtpoohbear

    gtpoohbear Mouseketeer

    A couple of days ago I suddenly had second thoughts about... most everything, lol! :lmao: I've spent WAY too many hours since then rearranging at least half of our ADRs. I think a couple of meals have been changed about a dozen times. The dining website is probably going to lock me out soon :rotfl2: Anyway, it's probably easier to start from scratch than try to explain what all I've changed...

    4/18 - Garden Grill 7:15pm
    4/19 - Fresh MedMarket 7am, Liberty Tree Tavern 11:30am, San Angel 7pm
    4/20 - Captain's Grille 7:45am, Hollywood & Vine 11:20am, CRT 7:15pm
    4/21 - Kouzzina 7:30am, Tutto Italia 12:30pm, Cape May 6:35pm
    4/22 - Tusker House 11:30am, Yachtman 7pm
    4/23 - Chefs de France 12pm, Be Our Guest 6:45pm
    4/24 - Captain's Grille 7:30am, 50's PT 11:30am, Akershus 7pm
    4/25 - Crystal Palace 11:30am, Teppan Edo 7pm
    4/26 - Cape May 7:30am

    Will probably end up adding a lunch somewhere on our last day, but haven't decided which park we'll go to for sure yet.
  13. TJDisneymama

    TJDisneymama Mouseketeer

    well that's a bummer. My DH hates the flying and talking about it beforehand, but he does love it when he's there, thankfully!
  14. TJDisneymama

    TJDisneymama Mouseketeer

    omg, I just realized......in 5 days my ticker will say in "1 month and xxxx weeks....."

  15. rebeccaariel

    rebeccaariel Mouseketeer

    A quick question for my April friends - we got our ME package recently (really early, wowsa) but today I found out our flight home has changed. I know I have to call to change it, which I will tomorrow, but they won't send a new package will they? We can just use the old one even though it has the wrong flight info, right?
  16. Dr Ken

    Dr Ken Don't want to "earn" my ears. I'm retired!

    My DS25 and DS14 and I skied on 2 feet of fresh powder all day today in MA! But, my DW stayed home and indoors.

    She's glad we only have 74 days to go until WDW and warm days.
  17. Mickey_for_President

    Mickey_for_President My job's only purpose is to support our WDW habit.

    Already on the list, but didn't have hotel. Just booked ANIMAL KINGDOM LODGE for our April 19-29 trip!! :cool1:
    So excited!! Thank goodness for the AP discount. Pool view, but heck we will just be happy to get to experience our first deluxe.
  18. GaMomof2Girls

    GaMomof2Girls Earning My Ears

    Count our family in on April. I

    My DH, 2 DD's, my sister, her 2 DS's and my momma.

    We're staying at the SSR Treehouse Villas March 30th-April 6th.

    Our first official day (Sunday) we are going to MK for EMH. We plan to do as much as possible in 1 hour and 50 minutes and then head to the Barber shop for my nephew's first haircut. Then we're probably going to head out and go to another park since we heard Easter at MK is going to be CRAZY....maybe head to AK? Any suggestions?


    See y'all in April :)
  19. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    Yay!!!!! :banana:
  20. TJDisneymama

    TJDisneymama Mouseketeer

    60 days! Or a mere 5,000,000 seconds, or 87,000 minutes. :rotfl:
  21. HappyGal

    HappyGal Mouseketeer

    But who's counting? :lmao::rotfl2::rotfl:
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