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OFFICIAL 2014 WDW Marathon Countdown: WE DID IT! Congrats everyone!

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by WaDiWo, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. WaDiWo

    WaDiWo WDWFan!

    Hi all!

    While we cheer on each other for this year's 2013 Walt Disney World marathon weekend, let's not forget that ONE YEAR from today, January 12, 2014, will be the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon! :cool1:

    Let the countdown start now. We have one year to prepare mentally, spiritually, and physically. We can do this. Who's in?

    Here's who we have so far:

    2014 WDW Marathon Weekend DISers:
    UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response of so many runners, I haven't been able to keep up with this list! great to see a lot of us running!. good luck to all runners and thank you to all supporters!

    WaDiWo, 5intexas and DH, budillon, mathrockskallen and DH, sonnyuq and DH, sirabe76, Sarah_Rose, fashionista311, limabeanmom2003 + DH, StarGirl11, El&Asmom, Mama3Princess, sissy_ib, coco392 + DW, RichieTruxillo + DW, crowland87, kat7878 + DH, robert 31320, helloirishkitty, dburg30, dana211, Nole95, ucfsweetie82, mickeysgal, francine57, carissanboys, eelkmj01, JimB., dburg30, Aw_Phooey, Dagny + DH, John_VN, DOOM1001, edoyle7185, disney4m4ever, spphilbrick, goofeygirl, lerxt, FloridaNative8, MapleGirl, liznboys, nemmie, DLR29, drummerwife, bmer1rick, coco392, mickeyncldkd + DW, Nayrb, megny + DH, MPD, Embroidery Grandma (John VN's DW!), camandjacksmom, Mickeyfan74, cobbler, autoracepr989, Beast2Prince, dumbo_buddy, CRUIZEN MAMMA, buckeycinderella, + DH, beachta1, Ketwinn + DH, dlbwright, sunnygal041, Phdmam06, DisneyParrothead, dakotix, dismagiclover, steves1019, myweegirls, Big Vic, NitroStitch, Fifigawa, helloirishkitty, dancindaisyduck, LSUFan4444, papaof3
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  3. 5intexas

    5intexas Raising 3 princesses to love the mouse!

    My husband and I are IN!! We had to defer our registration from the 2013 to the 2014 due to injury, so we are particularly excited! Our first 1/2 and first race with Disney! Thanks for starting this thread!
  4. buddillon

    buddillon New Member

    I am in!!!:banana:
  5. My DH & I are in - excited to celebrate 40 with a coast to coast!!
  6. sonyuq

    sonyuq Active Member

    My DH and I are in. And soooo excited first trip to Disney without our kids:cool1:, one will be married and the other he thinks he is too old(can you believe it) at 19 to love Disney. When he really grows up he will love it again.
  7. WaDiWo

    WaDiWo WDWFan!

    Great! This is exciting everybody.

    Good luck on healing your injury too, let's get well soon. :thumbsup2

    by the way, I'll try my best to keep a RUNNING LIST on my original post of everyone who's going.
  8. 5intexas

    5intexas Raising 3 princesses to love the mouse!

    Thank you so much! I am going to start running again this week, so we shall see! My next race should hopefully be the Castaway Cay 5k:)
  9. El&Asmom

    El&Asmom Active Member

    Boy I hope so. Totally bummed I'm not running it this year. I'll be at the world for a conference next weekend and couldn't pull off going two weekends in a row.
    Does anyone remember when the full sold out this year? I kept stalling and then it was too late to register.
  10. sirabe76

    sirabe76 Active Member

    COunt me in!!! Doing the half next year!!

    Not a great runner yet but I get better everyday!
  11. WaDiWo

    WaDiWo WDWFan!

    Welcome sirabe76! and good luck! :cool1:
  12. WaDiWo

    WaDiWo WDWFan!

    Don't quote me exactly, but I think October (or even before), because at that time I was trying to transfer down from full to half because of my injury, but I couldn't because I think it was sold out already.
  13. Sarah_Rose

    Sarah_Rose Active Member

    I'm in for 2014! I couldn't swing this year because I had a baby in May and I wanted to do the full or Goofy, and wouldn't have had enough time to train, but I'm definitely in for the Goofy next year!

    Can't wait to get registered! :goodvibes
  14. fashionista311

    fashionista311 Active Member

    I think me...FINALLY! planning a honeymoon to Jamaica in early Jan, so i casually mentioned to the fiancee how great it would be if we did a few days in Disney before heading down there, since there are so many flights to the islands out of Florida. He was like great, idea! And then, I was like oh hey...isnt the marathon weekend early Jan? Would you care if I ran one of the races? and....he agreed! rather easily! As much as I want a mickey/goofy medal, I'll probably just do the half. Since it starts so early, I'll probably be done around 7:30, before he even wakes up, and would have a pretty minimal impact on the overall trip (versus the marathon which takes longer, and the recovery time would make it tougher to do adventure type excursions once we get to Jamaica)
  15. limabeanmom2003

    limabeanmom2003 Active Member

    Woo! Hoo! Love to see this post! My DH and I are in for the full in 2014. We ran last year's full and it was SO much fun! Can't wait to do it again!
  16. StarGirl11

    StarGirl11 Active Member

    I am hoping to be back at WDW for the full next year. Hopefully training will go better and I won't have to ditch the race in the middle of October.

    Still mad that Tinkerbell and the WDW race are one week apart again.
  17. MaMa3Princess

    MaMa3Princess I need to find the nearest Disneyaholic Anyomous m

    Add me with nervous anticipation!! It will be my first full marathon!!!
  18. sissy_ib

    sissy_ib DIS Veteran

    I'm in for my first full! I am so excited. I can book ALV in less than a month!
  19. coco392

    coco392 Active Member

    my wife and I are I for goofy

    better start training

  20. WaDiWo

    WaDiWo WDWFan!

    LIST UPDATED on my original post.

    So, the 2013 WDW Marathon is going on as I type (many are already done!) :cool1:

    What training programs will all of you be using?
  21. RichieTruxillo

    RichieTruxillo Writing Prescriptions for Disney Vacations

    I am in. Just finished my first half yesterday. Want to try a full next year! Maybe I can get the wife to run with me this time.

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