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October 2013 Code Watch?!

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by Cierese, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. sjs314

    sjs314 "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and

    Has anyone called about the AAA Discount? I just called and was told it was 15% was given a total price for 7 nights of $3667.21 for a Std Room at the Poly

    When I price out a room only for the same 7 nights online I get $3638 ......Less than the amount the CM quoted me with the 15% discount ? :confused3
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  3. ColonelHathi

    ColonelHathi Member

    I have a 15% AAA RO discount - booked it like last August just to "hold" a room in case nothing better comes along. I priced it out online BEFORE calling to make sure the discount came in lower. :confused3 Make sure you check availability of the AAA discount down to the room category you are booking - CM I talked to said that not he'd have to check availability on the specific category (we booked WV). In your case, I would call back again and make sure the discount was applied. Then pray something better comes out later this summer like me! :surfweb:
  4. sjs314

    sjs314 "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and

    I did not book it today just called mainly to see what the AAA Discount was. I will have to call back, I am thinking maybe even though the CM said that was the amount for the Std. room perhaps it was for another category or maybe she keyed in the wrong number in my party, I told her 2 but if she keyed in more that could explain the difference.
  5. andee515

    andee515 Member

    I just made ressies at AoA for 10/31 - 11/10 with AAA, it saved me 10%. Every little bit helps:thumbsup2
  6. 1tufgt

    1tufgt Mouseketeer

    Just checking in to see if there is anything new but it doesn't seem like it. :)

    The waiting game continues.
  7. Rudy5

    Rudy5 Earning My Ears

    Is there a place on this site that has meal info? We have finally settled on a place and it seems the next big task will be to figure out which shows/character dinners/restaurants we want to try to make. I have a 9 r old son, - loves all things super hero, a girl who will be 7 and loves all things princess and gross (yes, she has two brothers and has to hold her own!) and my youngest is a boy age 6 and loves all things Cars and pirates. We all love animals so we definitely want to do something at AK for a meal and def a princess meal. Any recommendations, hints, opinions? Should this be a new thread? Thanks for all your help! I am loving this site!
  8. dfGoofy

    dfGoofy Earning My Ears

    We are going October 19th - 26th. Currently, we are booked at POR but want CSR. However, CSR is booked up for the standard rooms. Trying different date ranges it looks like 10/23 is the only day all booked up :confused3. So we are hoping it will open up and we can change. Anybody, have any thought on CSR vs POR?

    Also, hoping for FD as we got FD our last 2 trips and loved trying all the restaurants. We stayed at the POFQ for those trips and want to try somewhere new this time. FD just seems like a better discount overall if you like going to the restaurants, since the discount on the rooms is only on the rooms and not the whole package. FD for our family of 4 (me, DW, DD8, DD6 and DD2) is over $1,000 but a room discount of 35% is only about half that in a moderate.

    If no discount is offered though we may look to stay offsite. :(
  9. Pikester

    Pikester DIS Veteran

    This website is great! We've done the breakfast buffet at Boma and it was awesome. I've heard really good things about the dinner buffet there.

    Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot. Not sure about the food but the time you get to visit with the Princesses is good.

    You can find menus and review on each restaurant here http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/dining/disneydining.cfm#ak

    Here: http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/dining.htm

    Here: http://disboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=14
  10. JoRee326

    JoRee326 Earning My Ears

    I'm sure there is probably a food discussion on here somewhere. :confused3

    But to help answer your question, I would recommend Akershus Royal Banquet at Epcot. The character meals there feature quite a few of the princesses.

    We enjoyed our meal, which was all you can eat (served family style and buffet if I remember correctly). The all you can eat was handy because we had a party of seven, with some picky eaters, so everyone was able to enjoy as much as they wanted of whatever they were keen on.

    Our DS, who was 7 when we went, enjoyed the atmosphere and even liked the interactions with the princesses. Also getting a reservation there is usually much easier than getting one for Cinderella's Royal Table. Hope this helps. :wave2:
  11. morepsi1

    morepsi1 Member

    Subscribing. Plannning a trip in October!
  12. nsvetor

    nsvetor Earning My Ears

    Thanks for posting this! Many of us are newbies. We are planning our first Disney vaca as a family of 6. It's hard to find good deals for large families. Any tips? Want to go in Oct '13. We have a 7 yr old and triplets that will be 4.
  13. nsvetor

    nsvetor Earning My Ears

    What do I need to do in order to receive a PIN? I'm registered with WDW and recently ordered a Planning DVD but haven't received it. Do PINs come via email, direct mail, etc?
  14. disneyfantotheend

    disneyfantotheend Mouseketeer

    You cannot do anything to receive a pin. They are random. That being said, you may increase your chances by registering at any and all Disney based websites. Still doesn't mean you will get one though. Good luck!!!
  15. tigerbelly

    tigerbelly Member

    Checking in! My DH and I have the Disney bug big time and nothing else to do during this cold winter but plan for our next vaca, which we have narrowed down to October '13. This will be our first time onsite and have no budget but I am the queen of deal hunting so we must find one! Thinking about a split stay between value and moderate but we'll see how the deals shape up. Might just nix value altogether if it is good enough. :hyper:
  16. dfGoofy

    dfGoofy Earning My Ears

    I just got a code in the mail for July. It didn't seem like much of a deal, didnt mention a percent only gave a room rate.

    *Sun-Thurs rates
    $148 Value
    $201 Mod
    $289 Deluxe

    I calculated a mod at POFQ and got $1100. So only $100 savings. I just hope this wasn't a waste of a PIN code for me. Hoping they will actually announce something like FD for our dates.
  17. smitch425

    smitch425 DIS Veteran

    I once received a PIN for "May", but it was actually good all year. You may want to check again. :goodvibes
  18. Visiting Oct 1-8! Haven't booked hotel yet, but will probably be ASMu again. Waiting for ToT registration to see what kind of deal there is to be had. Still, free dining would best! :thumbsup2
  19. pirate

    pirate Member

    We will be there October 2-10, then on the Disney Dream 10-13! We are hoping for Free Dining in a big way! This will be our 7th trip in October and we've gotten Free Dining just about every time, so we hope this time is no different!
  20. Joceyposse

    Joceyposse Member

    hopping on here. tentative dates of september 27-october 7th. hoping for a good room-only discount, or free dining.
  21. August2010

    August2010 Member

    JOINING IN TOO!! Dates are Oct 12-19. May split the trip between a cruise and resort stay. Just in early dreaming stage!;)

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