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Oct. 12, 2013 - WONDERful cruise from Galveston

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by Dramamama, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. imatex

    imatex Neurotically Disney Grandma #28

    Welcome to the cruise!! It will be wonderful to have you along. We will be a group of 10 and my only grandson (8) will look forward to having some boys to play with. Chat later and see you soon.
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  3. patti226

    patti226 Member

    I just booked this cruise a couple of days ago. It will be just myself and my mom 2nd Disney cruise for us.

    Hi Shera I see you have booked this one also.

    I want to do the FE again I'm just not going to go as crazy this time. I wont have any kids to drag around all the extra suitcases for me :)
  4. shera

    shera Mouseketeer

    :banana: Hi Patti.So glad you and your mom will be joining us on this cruise.Can't wait to see you guys again.
  5. Dsyplanninmomma

    Dsyplanninmomma Earning My Ears

    We are currently booked on a 3-night Bahamas on the Dream in May but are crossing my fingers that DH won't need another surgery and we can switch to this one!
    We would love to be a part of the FE if we do, and I should know within the next couple weeks. Looks like there are quite a few people going on this cruise!
  6. imatex

    imatex Neurotically Disney Grandma #28

    I'm so glad I am not the only one that just LOVES Disney. My children keep asking me when I am going to get off my Disney High, and I tell them NEVERparty:

    I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.
  7. goiu

    goiu Member

    Hi everyone! We just joined this cruise! This is our 8th Disney cruise. It will be me (DW), DH, DD 7 and DS 4. We just surprised my inlaws and told them we are taking them too! This is their first cruise ever! Are we doing FE's or anything else on this cruise? Can't wait!

  8. Dramamama

    Dramamama Member

    Welcome aboard. So excited to have you join us. We are planning an FE. As we get closer, we will finalize the list. This cruise will be so much fun.

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  9. imatex

    imatex Neurotically Disney Grandma #28

    So glad to have you joining us. This will be my families first cruise. We are excited and counting down.
  10. grubbsjj

    grubbsjj Earning My Ears

    Hi everyone! We just booked this cruise yesterday, our first with DCL. We would love to participate in FE as well. My in-laws are staying in a connecting cabin with my hubby, myself, and our son who will be nearing 2 1/2 at the time of the cruise. I am the only one with any Disney experience, and can't wait to bring them all into the Wonderful World of Disney!
  11. imatex

    imatex Neurotically Disney Grandma #28

    We are looking forward to our trip. I'm sure you will make them Disney fans!!!
  12. Dramamama

    Dramamama Member

    Welcome aboard. We are planning a FE. Details will come as we get closer.

    For everyone: DCL just announced a promotion for our sailing. It doesn't help us, but it may be a good deal for some of you.
    Book a 7 night cruise out of Galveston September 28- November 16, 2013 by May 15 and you will receive 1/2 off the deposit and onboard credits. $100 for interior staterooms, $150 for ocean view, and $200 for veranda. These obc are from Disney and are in addition to any obc from an agent.

    If you need help figuring out if this is a good deal for your family, message me.

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  13. pumpkinkate

    pumpkinkate Member

    If you have already booked Disney will honor discounts just call them. =)
    We are looking into booking this cruise... Ya all are fun right? pirate:
    This would be our 2nd cruise... We did the Fantasy last October... Can anyone weigh in on big ship vs little ship info?
  14. grubbsjj

    grubbsjj Earning My Ears

    I booked on Monday through Dreams Unlimited. I got an email from them regarding the on board credits, but didn't know about the deposit discount. Do you think I can get any money back from deposit?
  15. Dramamama

    Dramamama Member

    You may have to cancel and rebook. Talk to your agent.

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  16. kpkm23

    kpkm23 Earning My Ears

    Me and my mom with my dh 7 and dh 8 at time of sailing
    We are booking tomorow:banana:
  17. kpkm23

    kpkm23 Earning My Ears

    just booked so excited!!!:rotfl2:
  18. kpkm23

    kpkm23 Earning My Ears

    DD 7 and DD8 no husband on this trip
    What is an FE???
  19. Dramamama

    Dramamama Member

    An FE is a "fish extender". Outside every stateroom is a brass fish. Dis boards members hang a pouch of some kind on the brass fish. Then members of your FE will put "gifts" into your FE. And your family put "gifts" into the other members of the FE's hanging pouches. Throughout the cruise you come back to the stateroom and find these "gifts". It is kind of like Santa and stockings.

    We love to do this. We have received many items that are great souvenirs of the trio. We have met some great people. And we were able to go all over the ship exploring and looking for the participating staterooms.

    The boards have threads on creative FE's, both the pouches and the gifts. You can make the pouch or you can buy them. There are people on eBay who will make you a custom FE.

    If you have any questions, ill be happy to help. I'll try to find the threads and post them.

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  20. Dramamama

    Dramamama Member

  21. Dramamama

    Dramamama Member

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