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    Jan 12, 2010
    Hello Disers!!

    Looking for advice! We have taken our kids to Disney 2x so far. Both the end of January, Beginning of February 2009 and 2011. While we enjoyed the short lines, low crowds and in 2011...great weather, the snow in Philly caused me to pay lots to change our airline tix and leave a day early. While I'm happy with my decision, I worked some overtime to pay for it, and we got 10 days in Disney, instead of 8...I'm wondering if we should consider November, next time.

    Here are my thoughts:

    If we decide to stick with Jan-Feb, we will likely drive to save money and lessen weather woes. Exept, if there is a storm in the south, we would be driving right into it.......that won't work!!

    If we switch to November...we still can choose to drive, or fly without the weather issues. I checked touring plans and the week of Nov 14th is the same crowd levels as the week we normally go.

    Has anyone ever gone that week? Any advice? How is the weather?

    My plan is to rent DVC points for a 2 BR Villa at Boardwalk!!!:banana:
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    We visited the week of November 15 last year and it was a GREAT time to visit! We arrived the day after the Food & Wine Festival (which we were not interested in attending) and it was quite a pleasant week. The crowds were low to moderate and the weather was a dream - warm but not unpleasantly so and we lucked out - no rain.

    MVMCP was at the MK and the crowds for that were healthy. ;). Also, the Osborne Lights were in full swing at DHS. :thumbsup2We seemed to have hit the sweet spot before the Thanksgiving crowds began to arrive. Most of the resorts were decorated for the holidays as were the parks.

    We had a wonderful visit!

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