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November 2012 Trip planners #4~almost Disney time! Everyone welcome!

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by mommyof3princess27, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. zandorian

    zandorian Earning My Ears

    Glad to hear All Star Music resort was good,as we will be there is a little under 24hrs :yay::banana::dance3:

    How where the waits for the bus' ??
  2. Avatar

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  3. mrsap

    mrsap Disney World '86, '04, '05, '06, '10, '12, '13, st

    LOL isn't this weather Crazy?!! I can't believe i'm looking at snow right now. 8 more days till sun & nice weather!!!! :cool1:
  4. nmills

    nmills Member

    It is very crazy! We can't wait for the sun! 13 days for us!
  5. MomofKatie

    MomofKatie <font color="pink">Maybe if you leave some chocola

    Mostly less than 5 mins. We did wait about 15 for an Epcot bus the first day, and some buses stopped at all 3 All Stars. But really smooth overall.
  6. aroundtheriverbend

    aroundtheriverbend Mouseketeer

    Mine would have to be:

    MK - Big Thunder Mountain - my kids adore this, which makes it great!
    Epcot - Soarin
    HS - RnR
    AK - Kali River Rapids
  7. dfin

    dfin Earning My Ears

    MK- Haunted Mansion

    EPCOT- Spaceship Earth

    HS- Great Movie Ride

    AK- Kilamanjaro Sarfari
  8. Smileybug

    Smileybug <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/bg.

    Today is 16 days until we leave. :banana: But I am pretty sure that tomorrow is also going to be 16 days until we leave. I am starting to feel haunted by that movie ... Ground Hog Day. :rotfl2::lmao: :rotfl: As a matter of fact I feel pretty sure it has been 16 days for the last 3 weeks. ::yes::
  9. bartleyosu

    bartleyosu Ohio State Mouse Fan


    MK Splash Mountain
    AK- Safari
    HS Tower!!!
    EP Soaring :santa:
  10. disneychic2

    disneychic2 DIS Veteran

    Good Morning Everyone!!!:jumping1: Make it a great day!

    Thanks for the mini report! Sounds like a great time thanks to your planning skills. That can make or break a vacation for sure. Ahh, I remember the teen-age girl trips. But what fun to have those memories to look back on! Priceless.:goodvibes

    :cool1::cool1: Have a magical trip and let us know how it went.:banana:

    That's funny! Have you seen the new (last year) Christmas movie, The 12 Dates of Christmas? Same premis, but with a Christmas twist. Pretty cute. Don't worry, you'll be at Wilderness Lodge before you know it! Really!::yes::

    It makes it easier for me to wait for Disney because I'm first looking forward to Thanksgiving and having two of our four kids and their families here. So that's my focus which I think helps me to not go nuts waiting for our Disney trip.:santa:
  11. Smileybug

    Smileybug <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/bg.

    15 days!!!!!!! :banana::banana::banana:
  12. Smileybug

    Smileybug <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/bg.

    I haven't seen that movie. I'll have to look for it. :thumbsup2 I'm telling you..... yesterday was the longest day in history. :rotfl:It was AT least 3 weeks long. :laughing:
  13. nettii

    nettii Mouseketeer

    14 DAYS!!!:cool1: seriously getting so excited! I found out we can take a carryon on our flight...LOVE that! this will make our trip sooo much nicer! I hate waiting for baggage:) I think I will start to pack a lil today:) :goodvibes
  14. disneychic2

    disneychic2 DIS Veteran

    It's currently on Netflix if you get that.:santa:
  15. Divaofdisney

    Divaofdisney Member

    6 Days!!

    Getting excited around here, DH leaves on Monday for Pensacola to drive to WDW on the 14th with my DD Sarah. I didn't want her to make that drive by herself, Rachel and I leave on Wednesday. We are all pretty much packed execpt for last minute things. We will be gone for 2 full weeks so we are planning to do some laundry while there but hopefully not too much as we have our days planned out pretty well and full. According to accuweather, we might not make our water park day- supposed to be only 65 the high boooo!! so we might have an open day there--any suggestions??
  16. LifeIsDis

    LifeIsDis "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

    :cheer2: :woohoo: :yay: TWO WEEKS!!!!!! :yay: :woohoo: :cheer2:
  17. squirrel4569

    squirrel4569 Mouseketeer

    Officially can do the single digit dance today! :cool1:

    We're 9 days until we arrive and 8 days until we leave. We're finding it harder and harder to talk about final prep because we don't want to spoil the secret.

    Time seems to be flying by now. I've got 6 days of work left and the weekend is packed up with stuff so the busier I am the faster time goes by.

    Going to be a great time, I just know it. :thumbsup2
  18. mrsap

    mrsap Disney World '86, '04, '05, '06, '10, '12, '13, st

    8 Days to go for us! Working on getting Autograph books and a Princess costume! Might take a ride to Disney Store today, although I don't want to go out with all this snow on the ground!! Can't wait for warmer weather and lots of Christmas stuff!!!!! lol Will finish packing today. Went to ShopRite yesterday to stock up on snacks for the ride down.

    We're almost there everyone! :banana::yay::dance3::thumbsup2
  19. macleod1979

    macleod1979 Member

    Heading there this weekend. My family will be in town for the annual Disney vacation. Should be a great time.
  20. brandijo5

    brandijo5 LSU Tiger Stadium - No Place Like It!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe we are leaving Saturday!!! I feel like I have two weeks worth of stuff to do and two days to do it all in!!!
  21. aroundtheriverbend

    aroundtheriverbend Mouseketeer

    LOL, i know exactly how you feel!

    Hey, just saw this on the Jack Sparrow DHS attraction possible soft opening for those of us going late month, there are also so hints that Test Track will have some soft openings while we are there...


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