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November 2012 Trip planners #4~almost Disney time! Everyone welcome!

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by mommyof3princess27, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Divaofdisney

    Divaofdisney New Member

    We will be winding our trip down in Disney while you all will just be starting your adventure!! Any chance we could meet up since you will be at POR same as us....although we will be at Universal at the Holiday Inn and Suites for that part- BUT we could arrange a time to meet somewhere- as we will have 1 day left on our passes the week we are in Unviersal so we do plan another park day- just let me know what might fit your schedule- even if its just to say hello and see each other for few minutes. Would love to meet your beautiful girls.
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  3. mommyof3princess27

    mommyof3princess27 What we've got here is failure to communicate

    What does ur schedule look like that week?

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  4. disneychic2

    disneychic2 New Member

    Good Morning Everyone!!!:wave:

    I'm really catching the excitement of those who are there or going in the next couple of days!!! Only 24 days for me.:yay:

    When you check in they will ask if the cc on file is the one you want to attach to your room. If it is, you won't need to do anything else. We have done online check-in since it began and have never had to wait in line. I realize this isn't always the case, but if there is a long line in the on-line check in, and none in the regular check-in, just go there. They can pull your packet as well. I think you'll be glad you did the online check-in. Hope your experience is as good as ours have been!:goodvibes

    Oh my! So glad you finally have power!! I watched the news and just shook my head, wondering how people were managing. So sad. Glad you guys are ok. Now, you can really recover while at Disney!!!!:dance3:

    Oh, I can picture you there. I hope you are continuing to have a wonderful time and that the weather continues to be good. Thanks for the tip on the sweatshirt! ;)

    It is so neat to hear from you as you are actually there! Sounds like things are going great and I hope they continue that way. Thanks for checking in and have a magical stay!!pixiedust:

    Awww, that is so sad. I think your trip will help to get you out of the funk. I'm so glad you have that to look forward to. Yes, there are bigger issues at hand, but just leave that all behind and enjoy your trip and all the wonderful memories you'll be making with your family. Your DH is a hero and deserves this break from reality. So glad you have it planned! Just hang out with us and we'll get you pumped for your trip!:thumbsup2

    Wow! You said so much in such a short paragraph! First, how exciting to have a scavenger hunt to tell the grandkids! That is a great idea. Hope you can post some pics.::yes::

    Sounds like you've got everything in control and in place. I've heard Bonnet Creek is awesome.:goodvibes It will be crazy busy during Thanksgiving, but if you survived New Years 2000, you'll be fine!;)

    So very sad about your son-in-law! I know he will be in your hearts during your trip.:hug:

    Have a magical trip!pixiedust:
  5. aroundtheriverbend

    aroundtheriverbend New Member

    Good times are on there way! I always think of Disney as a respite from, well, normal life-work-stress, but this one will be extra special, as you will even be appreciating the "little" things like electricity and hot water! Couldn't tell from your message, is your DH able to join you? Hope you have a great and restful trip!!! :hug:
  6. aroundtheriverbend

    aroundtheriverbend New Member

    You are going to have such a great trip, PLEASE let us know how the surprise goes!!! :thumbsup2

    We too will be going right after Tgiving with DH's sister and young daughter who lost husband/dad last year. Makes things all the more precious, yes? Here's to building new great happy memories on top of the wonderful old! :)
  7. mrsap

    mrsap Disney World '86, '04, '05, '06, '10, '12, '13, st

    Thanks so much! It was sweet of you to write! You will be in Disney before you know it!! Enjoy!
  8. Tulles

    Tulles New Member

    4 more sleeps until we fly out! I'm about 1/3 packed. Just have to finish the mounds of laundry, pack the last few bags and pick up some groceries for our nephew who will be hou /dog sitting while we're gone.
  9. anjalee6

    anjalee6 New Member

    All the Halloween decorations are already down at MK and they are starting to put stuff up for Christmas tonight is what a CM told us. All the lights at Hollywood are already up and the tree in front is up too. Got a Photopass with the tree this morning.
  10. richelletaranto1

    richelletaranto1 New Member

    We are on our way on Thursday!!! Yippee! And my goodie bags are there (phew...) and conceirage will set them up to look like they are from Mickey. Still have to buy meal plan tho and park tickets... Has anyone gone to Costco in Orlando before? How far is it from wdw?

    Good news is I'm packed!:hourglass
  11. Broncobilly83

    Broncobilly83 New Member

    Sweet. Thanks for the update!

    On a related question, does anyone know if they are still doing the discount coupons on your quick service meal receipts for like 20% off your purchase at select shops if before Noon?

    I will be living the Disney life in less than 48 hours!!! :cool1:
  12. mickeye

    mickeye New Member

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel; we lost our loved one at the end of Sept. and it's going to be hard for me at times when I go in 3 weeks, but I have to do my best for all of my friends who are going. God Bless your family and try to have a great time in his memory. :flower3:
  13. pmama

    pmama New Member

    Found this on another thread. Our last day in EP is the 20th. Really hoping to see TT. Source says TT should be running no later than 11/21.

  14. squirrel4569

    squirrel4569 New Member

    Tick tock, tick tock....Time is getting closer.

    I'm starting to think we've forgotten something as we get closer. We're getting ready for a birthday party on Saturday and then Thanksgiving on Sunday. Then it's a couple of days of work and we're off to Disney!

    A couple of cool updates though. When I was in Vegas I got a nice nylon drawstring bag/backpack that will be great for in the parks. Actually, I got two of them. They say IBM, but I don't think that matters. :)

    Another cool thing is that we've learned that the school will totally play along with our surprise and will help us to spring the secret on the girls. So instead of picking up DD1 from school and just heading out we're going to have her called down to the office a few minutes before school lets out and the secretary will film us telling the girls that we're going to Disney! :yay: I know that because of our stories that we've been telling the girls they will be a little apprehensive at first, but I think in the end they are going to be very excited.
  15. nmills

    nmills New Member

    Tomorrow is exactly two weeks for us! We are getting so excited, but at the same time it is very bittersweet. We get to go and enjoy our selves in Florida when so many nearby have lost homes, family, homes... Everything. It is so horrible seeing all of the damage done by sandy. The news keeps telling of all the awful things people are doing to one another in the hard hit areas and it is so sad. I just can't get my head around it. We have been trying to gather some stuff to donate, just wish there was more we could do... cant really go off and leave the little ones home and go volunteer.

    On a happy note I went today and was able to pick up some of the disney princess little people for my DD Christmas gift and she is going to be one happy girl. I just have to hunt down a few more character packs and she will be good to go.
  16. momjeeps

    momjeeps New Member

    Two weeks from tomorrow for us too! So excited!
  17. peachygreen

    peachygreen New Member

    Down to single digits!
  18. GMU MOM

    GMU MOM New Member

    Today we were at MK and it was such a magical day with a magical ending. Both kids did the Pirate's League and we had dinner at CRT. After Wishes we were able to enter the new FLE with some pixie dust from a CM. We rode the LM ride twice which was awesome.
    The only thing was that MK was REALLY crowded today. It was not a recommended park but I didn't listen. However, yesterday DHS was also very crowded even though it was the recommended park. I think i prefer the end of August crowds but the weather now is so much nicer. Crowds have been pretty crazy this week
    I'm thinking of booking the FD BB offer for next August before we check out tomorrow. I just have to figure out which resort we want, either AoA again or POFQ. Any recommendations?
  19. cajacobi

    cajacobi New Member

    People might think I am crazy for saying this, but we weren't too impressed with POFQ- it didn't seem much better than a value except for the bus stops. Also keep in mind that it is Disney, so wherever you are will be fantastic!!
  20. momjeeps

    momjeeps New Member

    I thought the BB offer was for moderate or deluxe only? Which would mean POFQ. I'm thinking if BB is the same, of doing a adult only trip next Aug after the kids are in school. Go during the week and they can stay at my BFFs house. She'll love it. LOL
  21. disneychic2

    disneychic2 New Member

    Good Morning Everyone!!!

    How fun! I usually can't sleep all that well the night before. I'm so afraid I'll oversleep and miss my plane!:rotfl: Have a wonderful time!:yay:

    It's amazing how quickly they can change the decorations! Thanks for keeping us updated. Enjoy the rest of your trip!:goodvibes

    Don't know about Costco. I thought in order to take advantage of the meal plan, you had to buy it at the same time you bought your room and tickets. :confused3 Are you sure you can still buy the meal plan? I hope so! At any rate, have a great trip!!!:dance3:

    I hope they are doing that. We loved taking advantage of the discount the last several times we've been there. Have a magical trip!!pixiedust:

    That's good advise and I hope you are able to do the same. So sorry for your loss.:hug:

    Didn't you know that IBM stands for I Belong to Mickey??? Don't let anyone tell you differently!;)

    So cool that the school is going to help with the surprise! They are going to be soooo excited once it sinks in! Wish I could be there to see it. ::yes::

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