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November 2012 Car Rental Deals

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by RweTHEREyet, May 3, 2012.

  1. hurleysweety

    hurleysweety <font color=deeppink>DISPrincess in Training<br><f

    Thanks for your help and checking for me. Thats so nice of you!

    But I did get a couple reservations already that are under $300 in early September. I have one with national, one with alamo, one with autoslash, and two city specials with dollar (one midsize and one suv, kicking myself for not booking full size when i had the chance) that i kept modifying as rates came down. Now those rates for all companies have doubled. I'd love to get it under $200 like I usually do for our 10 day trips.

    From mid August til last week I could get the city special. Been checking dollar multiple times a day...but like one other person on here, must just be specific times or something. Oh well, I still appreciate the help! I will just keep checking :)

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  3. emma9630

    emma9630 New Member

    Check Dollar again today, my standard for 11/23-11/30 inc the extra day due to drop off time has come down to $173 total, compact would have been $155.
  4. Jenny3

    Jenny3 New Member

    Glad to help, although it didn't do much, lol. Hopefully your rate will come closer to your target as it gets closer!
  5. Lilo&Stitch

    Lilo&Stitch New Member

    Umm just curious what the point is in having 5 different reservations ? Isn't one with the lowest price enough ?
  6. hurleysweety

    hurleysweety <font color=deeppink>DISPrincess in Training<br><f

    LOL - Good point! I might have wrote it wrong on my phone. I have two that are booked with autoslash - so I hope they come down, I basically like to think that they check rates when I'm busy. I then have one each with Alamo and National, since its just easier for me to click "modify" and have all my information already in there. Then I have a city special that I keep checking in on with Dollar. Just the way I've been doing it for the past 4 years. Hoping and waiting for Alamo to come through, but have my plan b, c, d, e, ready too...:lmao:
  7. madaboutMickey

    madaboutMickey New Member

    Silly me, just remembered that MCO doesn't have a standard aisle, so this will be a Full size!
  8. hurleysweety

    hurleysweety <font color=deeppink>DISPrincess in Training<br><f

    Just checked your rates and got $171 for a standard now. ;)
  9. kimpossible

    kimpossible New Member

    What codes are you using? We are going Nov. 15-22 and can't get less then 317 for a standard?

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  10. DisneyForLife

    DisneyForLife New Member

    Why not try Dollar, you can get a standard for 157, taxes and fees included. If you can go with a smaller car it is even cheaper than that. :thumbsup2
    The code is KISS2
  11. Dollar went down again for minivans- I have 11 days at mco for $359.89 using 4PMVM promo code
  12. Jenny3

    Jenny3 New Member

    Advantage seems to have gone down again; rates this morning are $104.31 total for a compact for my dates (Nov 8-13) That's only $8 over what my current reservation is, hoping to get it down beyond that!
  13. onemaybaby

    onemaybaby New Member

    Is this something that always comes up? I tried for my dates, following the above directions and did not see any city specials? I tried two different scenarios -27th Nov @ 11 am MCO till 1st Dec @ 11am, returning to Port Caneveral, or 27th Nov @ 11 am to Dec 8th @2pm MCO.

    I was actually cheaper keeping the car from the 27th-8th rather than taking it only for the 4 days. Tried using kiss2, 4pmvm, and corporate code given as well.

    Any tips?
  14. kimpossible

    kimpossible New Member

    Standard is actually too small for us. I only pick it with Alamo since we will wind up with a full size anyway. Thanks though.

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  15. webworm

    webworm New Member

    You can also get a standard for $157 through Costco with Enterprise and free additional driver is included.
  16. Jenny3

    Jenny3 New Member

    Maybe they have blackout dates? I tried your dates and it didn't come up for either scenario. I put my own dates back in and it popped up. :confused3

    Not sure on what size car or your budget, but I put your dates in carrrentalsavers and came up with $228 total for Dollar, compact car (the 2nd set of dates)
  17. onemaybaby

    onemaybaby New Member

    Thanks! Will have a look at carrentalsavers. Never used them before. For this rental I am looking at the least expensive option, so probably a compact or economy, howver if a bigger car is only a dollar or two more each day, I'd probably take that.
  18. madaboutMickey

    madaboutMickey New Member

    Thanks for the heads up! When I checked this morning it was still showing the $183. I do have 2 extra hours, so maybe that's where the difference comes in.
  19. madaboutMickey

    madaboutMickey New Member

    Using my Insiders ID code and the VISA $30 off AD2338FDF. Car rental is to be paid with your VISA to use this.
  20. hurleysweety

    hurleysweety <font color=deeppink>DISPrincess in Training<br><f

    Alamo Midsize down to $313 for me - still not great. But I like to see it dropping! :) (Oct 31-Nov 10)
  21. Jenny3

    Jenny3 New Member

    Rates seemed to have gone down a bit more this morning! I also got a coupon in my email for Hertz - $50 off a weekly if you are a AAA member.

    "Only AAA Members can save $50 on a Weekly Rental at the airport in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Book a Hertz rental for vehicle pickup through November 15, 2012 with PC# 175420 to get the savings."

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