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November 2012 CANCELLED ADR Thread - Read 1st Post

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by Pumbaa_, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Savingup4disney

    Savingup4disney New Member

    for 2 people at 8:05 PM!

    Wrapping things up before Sat!
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  3. My Beautiful Melody

    My Beautiful Melody Ursula was framed!

    I am going to cancel a Be Our Guest reservation on 11/26 at 715p for 4 at 2:45pm today EST. That's approx 6 minutes from now.
  4. DsnyMama

    DsnyMama New Member

    PMd you
  5. MomtoBJSF

    MomtoBJSF New Member

    I have a 740 PM for Ohana on 11/23 for a party of 5, I will cancel later tonight, if anyone wants it, send me a message coordinate. Thank you.
  6. Jon Roost

    Jon Roost New Member

    Just cancelled 'Ohana on 11/26 at 9:25pm for 2 people. Good luck!
  7. Hej2222

    Hej2222 New Member

    Just cancelled O'hana breakfast for tomorrow 11/22 for 7:55 AM for 6 people. Family wants to sleep in.
  8. 3babiesmom

    3babiesmom New Member

    A family we were going with had to cancel their trip. I have just made the following changes and cancellations. I hope it helps someone here!!

    November 24 - 1:15pm
    Mama Melrose Fantasmic! Package
    went from 9 to 5 people

    November 25 - 8:05am
    Cape May Cafe
    from 9 to 5 people

    November 26 - 1:15pm
    Liberty Tree Tavern
    Cancelled for 5 people

    November 26 - 12:40
    Liberty Tree Tavern
    from 9 to 5 people
  9. pastorels

    pastorels New Member

    Will Cancel the following in about 10 minutes:

    CRT - 5 people 11/26 8:15am - this is really killing me!! Hopefully another one pops up later int he week!

    hollywood & Vine 10 people 11/27 @1:10pm
    Askershus - 11/28 - 8 people 8:15am
    Tutto Italia - 11/28 6 people 5pm

  10. pastorels

    pastorels New Member

    all cancelled including two more

    O'hana 11/29 for 6 people at 7:30 am
    crystal Palace 11/30 at 8:10 4 people
  11. longhorngal06

    longhorngal06 DIS newbie, WDW veteran

    Tonight I will cancel:

    Sci-Fi 11/26 8pm for 4
    Crystal Palace 11/28 2:15pm for 4
    Ohana 11/30 9:25pm for 6

    If you want to coordinate, please PM me!
  12. longhorngal06

    longhorngal06 DIS newbie, WDW veteran

    Mylu88- I PMed you about the CP the other day and never heard back. If you still want it, let me know!
  13. butterfly71076

    butterfly71076 New Member

    cancelling, now, CRT on 11/29 for 5 at 4:30pm
  14. caravarela

    caravarela New Member

    Gone already :(
  15. debbiembyrdrowan

    debbiembyrdrowan New Member

    There's a chef mickeys for 5 at 5:50 on 11/25
  16. deezy

    deezy New Member

    Canceling Ohana on 11/27 at 5:10pm for 6 people... hope someone can grab it
  17. debbiembyrdrowan

    debbiembyrdrowan New Member

    CRT 11/28 12:55 for 2 is showing up if anyone is interested.

    STILLWISHING WDW Fan since 1973

    Hello - canceling a reservation for 4 at California Grill on 11/25 at 5:30 pm. I will cancel at 9:30 pm tonight.
  19. carstinsmom

    carstinsmom New Member

    Just cancelled Wishes Dessert Party for the 28th, hope someone can use it,it was for 4 at 7:15.
  20. Robinw0506

    Robinw0506 New Member

    About to cancel the following:

    Akershus 11/24 6:45 4ppl
    The Plaza 11/24 1:20 4ppl
    1900 Park Fare 11/27 5:50 6ppl
    Hollywood and Vine 11/29 11:05 4ppl
  21. Gina99

    Gina99 New Member

    Hi everyone

    About to cancel:
    Ohana breakfast 11/26 8:20 am

    Cinderella breakfast 11/30 8:05 am

    Hope someone can use!! :)

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