Nov 7-14 Trip Report (a little long)

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    8 day/7 night trip on Nov 7-14. Two couples (us from Michigan, friends from Maryland) stayed at All Star Movies. We only had one PS prior to the trip – just planned on some quick snacking and mostly counter service meals.

    The restaurants were probably the area of the trip that we were nearly everyone looked forward to, and for the most part, they didn’t disappoint. We ate at:

    Cinema Hall (All Star), Cape May Café for Clam Bake Buffet (Beach Club), The Mara (DAK Lodge), Pepper Market (Coronado Springs), Food and Fun Center (Contemporary), Beaches and Cream (Y&B Club) and Captain Cook’s Snack Company (Polynesian).

    Pecos Bill Café (MK), Main Street Bakery (MK), Tusker House (DAK), Writer’s Stop (MGM), Mama Melrose (MGM), Yorkshire County (UK), Wonderland Café (Disney Quest), Misc. Booths at Food and Wine Festival (EC), McDonald’s (DTD), Earl of Sandwich (DTD), Fountainview Café (EC - FW), Lotus Blossom Café (EC – China), Cinderella’s Royal Table for breakfast (MK), Restaurantosaurus (DAK) and Marble Slab Creamery (Off-site at The Crossroads).

    I will post specific reviews on the restaurant boards. Food reviews here

    The weather was a little cooler than we would have liked. It was probably in the low 70’s during the day, but not very sunny and definitely windy. At night, it was much cooler. We went to Typhoon Lagoon one day, but didn’t stay long because the wave pool was freezing cold. There were still a lot of people swimming. The Floridians were telling us they were in a “cold spell” that week.

    MK was extremely busy on the weekends, and all the parks seemed to be much busier on the early entry days. I don’t think we will take advantage of those days again on our next trip. We didn’t wait longer than 30 minutes for anything, but some of the “e-ticket” attraction waits were longer and we just didn’t wait. Or we got a fastpass.

    DH and friend played the Lake Buena Vista Golf Course on the 11th. They both really enjoyed the course and seemed to play well (which always helps!). They took advantage of the late afternoon price – tee time at 3:00 for $50 each. They were able to golf 15 holes before it got too dark.

    The new Saratoga Springs resort looks amazing. They are still adding on! We drove through there to the golf course, and it looks beautiful. I’d love to hear a report from someone who has stayed there.

    There is some construction going on at Typhoon Lagoon. I believe they are putting in some new slides. Also, you can really get a great look at the progress on Expedition Everest if you walk the “backdoor path” from Asia to Dinoland at DAK. If I can figure out how to post the photos, I will.

    Nobody really cared for the new Stitch attraction. We got a fast pass around noon, and could not redeem until 8:30 that evening (of course, just before Spectromagic, the reason we went to MK on a Saturday!). So, we basically missed the parade to ride it. As someone who liked the old attraction, but was also looking forward to something that featured Stitch, I went in with an open mind. It was still considered the “soft open” so maybe we experienced some bugs. I think they were running one group through the first pre-show, then the “Skippy” pre-show and then the actual attraction, before letting another group in. I think that set the tone. I just think that it is a complete re-do of an old attraction, without adding anything innovative or different. I would recommend seeing it to make your own opinion, but I was unimpressed.

    Stayed in Toy Story Building #9. Mousekeeping was good, except that I noticed are friends kept getting shaped towels on their bathroom counter, but we did not. Had a room on the third floor, facing the parking lot. Short walk to everything. It seemed less noisy than the last few times I’ve stayed there. Food Court for breakfast was typically not too busy, except for the pancake line! Never had a problem with the buses, except that many people are now using scooters, which takes much more time to load/unload those particular guests.

    Other: Friends insisted on rental car. We rented from EZ Rental (off-site from the airport). Great rate and no problems. Friends filled the gas upon pick-up, and we only used ¼ tank the whole time. (See – I said we didn’t need it!) Primarily used to/from airport and to/from other resorts.

    Overall, a great time. I can't wait to go back, and I'm already thinking about what to different on the next trip. I'd love to answer questions if you have any.
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    I love the Donalds Breakfastasaurus and the food court at the Movies....they always had a good were their evening major meals there........thanks again

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