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    (this was moved to trip reports, but I already have a thread with my entire trip report here. This was actually modified so that I could share our experience of the BWV, so I had put it in DVC Resorts).

    (We stayed the first night at ASM in two adjoining rooms)

    We were assigned grand villa #4037 and it was "tremendous"!! Perfect location, view and fantastic size!! We stayed there for 6 nights. We had checked in about 10 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 5th, but it wasn't ready until 3:30, when I got a text while in HS. Garden Grocer had delivered groceries and everything was kept cool or frozen.

    We checked out on Friday, the 11th. We didnt want to miss our Magical Express to the airport, so instead of doing DTD, we decided to go to EPCOT for a bit. I went to concierge at the BWV to add a day to our tickets and, when they looked at my room key ticket, they said I still had 3 more days left&OMG!! :confused::cool1: There was a major glitch in their system.

    Heres what happened. I had brought 5 and 6 day MYW base tickets from UT. We used them on Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On Monday afternoon, after we had been to HS, I went to BWV concierge to add a day or 2 to all of the tickets to make them 7 days but I didnt really care if they were on the room key or not (even though I noticed a special entrance line for room keys at HS). The cm who helped me said that she would have to do 7 separate transactions if she did each ticket individually but if she could put them all on the room key and add the days, it would only be one transaction. Okay, fine. So, she starts to do that and the charge for the tickets were as if I were buying them new, which she knew was incorrect. She said she needed to cancel my room reservation and rebook& So she had to ask a manager what to do. The entire thing was going to take a while, so they told me to go to my villa and they would deliver the keys/tickets asap. Luckily we were on a break from the parks anyway.

    Later, room keys delivered, keys open the door and so some of us walk back to HS for American Idol Experience finale with no problem re-entering the park that day.

    On Tuesday, we should have had T&T day in the villa. When we returned from MK, no one had been there. I called Mousekeeping and, according to their records, we had checked in on Monday not Saturday. The ticket problem& Anyway, they brought towels, later they came to take my trash that I had bagged by the front door, and then even later someone brought more towels and soaps. We had tons of towels!!

    So, thats what happened with our tickets. The cm who put them on our room key rebooked our reservation to begin on Monday along with the 7 day tickets! (I called member services to see if points were affected but they didnt see any change I still have to look at my account now that I am home). I guess she couldnt find a way to take off the days we had used. My tickets were not hoppers and they expired.

    Unfortunately, the BWV didnt have us staying for 3 more days!! :lmao:

    Another mishap was on Sunday, when we came back from Epcot in the afternoon to welcome some FL relatives who came to visit and watch the Redskins (lose) in the playoff game. Our smoke detector went off for no apparent reason. I had to call front desk who called security. For about an hour we listened to the loud noise which really hurt the ears and luckily I finally remembered that I had brought a new box of ear plugs (mostly for when I ride Dinosaur!). My relatives thought that was pretty funny that I was prepared. Security came and finally removed the faulty alarm which they said needed battery replacement. It was so good it did not go off in the middle of the night!!

    We ordered pizza and salad room service delivery during this time and I was pleased with this, as was my family and company.

    There were a few minor maintenance/cleaning issues (one: we mopped the foyer shortly after arriving because we dripped some water and the mop was practically black with dirt! :eek:) which I did put it in my survey from the BWV when I returned home. My kids didnt tell me about the light bulb out above the bed and the clogging bathroom sink in the bedroom they used because they dont like it when I complain&. so I didn't know when we were there.

    My kids only went to the pool once. They never got to rent a boat like they wanted, but we loved the entertainment on the Boardwalk and they played miniature golf. It's great that the location of the resort is close enough to walk to Epcot, HS and miniature golf!!

    I could definitely have spent another 7 nights in the grand villa! A couple of kids wanted to rent water mouse boats. The ones over 21 enjoyed a drink by the pool.

    The WiFi worked fine.

    Overall it was a wonderful trip!

    I wrote this quickly, but let me know if you have any questions!!
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    Thanks for the info! We have a BWGV next Oct for food and wine and had been searching for someone who'd stayed in one.

    Question: were it really loud due to the hard floors? We'll have for adults and seven kids do I'm worried a bit about noise levels. How many can sit at the dining room table?

    We've stayed at SSRGV before and out was wonderful, but I love BW more so hope it's terrific.
  3. mickeymom629

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    We had 7 adults who are not loud people :), so I didn't notice that the floors made anything louder. When we had the relatives come to visit, they spent most of the time on the balcony.

    The dining room table seats 10. We were able to have conversations at the dining room table and there could definitely be conversations in each of the other two seating areas with no problem, one of which had the tv on.

    I don't know the ages of your kids, but hopefully you will bring things to entertain them so they aren't running around if you want them to be quieter. The laundry room in the one level g.v. is quite large, so you could always send them in there :rotfl:
    There is a two story-type that you may get. The two bedrooms are on the second level (separate door to exit on the upstairs hallway) and the master bedroom is on the main level. The laundry is not more than a closet, I think. But the dining room table is the same and there is the t.v. area but not the middle sitting area.
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    We'll be in a BWGV in October 2013 too. We'll be there October 15-20. Maybe we'll be neighbors! :)

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