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Northeast Ohio 12th Memorial Sunday DISmeet May 26, 2013

Discussion in 'Dis Meets' started by Towncrier, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Towncrier

    Towncrier New Member

    Since 2001, we have hosted a picnic at our home in Macedonia on Memorial (Sun)Day. It all started when perfectmatch300 (Barry and Nancy) were going to be in Ohio to ride the roller coasters at Geauga Lake amusement park. Barry and Nancy have since retired and relocated to Florida and Geauga Lake is no more, but our picnic continues. If you do the math, this should be the 13th picnic, but we did skip a year when our son graduated from high school in 2006.

    The burgers and hot dogs hit the grill at noon. We also provide the soft drinks. A family friendly event that provides an opportunity to get together and share our stories and photos of the Happiest Place on Earth.

    The first year I did this, the DISboards was much smaller. I joked with my wife that I had invited 20,000 of my closest friends for a picnic. She nearly fainted. The number of DISers has grown quite a bit since our first picnic, but I'm confident that everyone who attends will have a great time.

    If you need directions to our house, send me a private message here or email me at towncrier@gmail.com and I will provide directions. Our house is located approximately 1100 miles due north of Downtown Disney (if that helps).

    Hope to see you on May 26th.
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  3. Fire14

    Fire14 Spartan Living in land of Buckeyes.

    I'll be there for my Yearly TC burger :)
  4. spritna

    spritna New Member

    Its so nice to finally learn of a meet up near us! Will have to keep you in mind for next year, since we will be in WDW on that day.
  5. mickeyvixie

    mickeyvixie New Member

    We would like to come if we are welcome. 2 adults and a 10 year old female.

    Do you need us to bring anything? What all do you do (small beast entertainment wise)? What are the start and end times. We are just over 2 hours away in PA. Weather and no emergencies permitting.

    I will pm you closer to with our info. I rarely login or post, trust me the demerit points would be massive if I did more often :lmao: I will see this before a PM if there are any issues, give a shout please. THANKS! Can't wait to get my "fix" :goodvibes
  6. Fire14

    Fire14 Spartan Living in land of Buckeyes.

    The "party" starts around 12p. WE usually just sit around in various locations and talk with fellow Disney nuts, look at each others pictures and share trip adventures. Towncrier and his wife cook burgers and hot dogs out on grill and there is lots of other foods to enjoy also. It's really just a casual gathering of Disney friends.
  7. Towncrier

    Towncrier New Member

    Thanks for replying Juli - I'm not here much anymore either.

    mickeyvixie - My email address is towncrier at gmail dot com (in case you want to contact me directly) or you can look for me on Facebook by searching for "towncrier".

    See you at the picnic!!!
  8. Tuffcookie

    Tuffcookie <font color=teal>Enjoys an early hour of peace<br>

    I plan on coming! I will bring the Mickey cookies, as usual.

    I just got back from WDW and had an opportunity to meet up with Sarah! I'll be sure to bring pictures! :goodvibes

    Tuffcookie :cool1:
  9. Towncrier

    Towncrier New Member

    Can't wait to see you and hear all about your recent trip.
  10. mickeyvixie

    mickeyvixie New Member

    Unfortunately we won't be able to make it after all. Schedule got changed last night due to an issue wiith a co worker. So sorry for any inconvenience. Maybe next year.
  11. Towncrier

    Towncrier New Member

    No worries. Sorry you can't make it to this year's picnic. If you are free on Labor Day weekend and want to make the trek to Indianapolis, there's a huge DISmeet that has been going on for several years that makes our little picnic pale in comparison. Hope to see you in 2014.
  12. aimeeinohio

    aimeeinohio New Member

    I might have to check out the Labor Day one!

    Ill try yo remember memorial weekend for next year. I'd love to meet in real life :)
  13. amfie928

    amfie928 New Member

    I wish I had looked at this page earlier! I am right down the street from you in what I call Brecksvirginia...from my front porch you would think you were in the hills of W. Virginia. Always looking for fellow Disney fans!
  14. Towncrier

    Towncrier New Member

    My wife works in Brecksville. Sorry you didn't get the notice in time. Maybe you can make it next year. The more the merrier.

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