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No Work and All Play – Disney on the Company’s Dime! (8/1 There and Back Again)

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by thecapells, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. thecapells

    thecapells Disney Dad

    Good Morning DISBoards!
    Welcome to another Capell Adventure!
    This time, I’m flying solo.
    After 9 nine days in November 2008 followed by a quick surprise detour for Easter 2009, I had a conference scheduled in Orlando in May 2008.
    I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for my first solo trip so I upgraded my Easter ticket to an Annual Pass and off I went.

    For the newbies out there, here’s me:

    I’m an anal planner and proud Papa to 3 - DS7, DD5, and DS2 (who we nickname X).
    Check out my sig for links to reports about them.
    This one is all mine.
    And the one thing I can tell you is that when you are on your own, you can get A LOT done.
    I hit all 4 parks as well as a free jaunt into the “other” park as the conference rented out Universal Islands of Adventure one evening.
    So, sit back, relax, and join me for my solo adventures to the World (and some Islands)...
    Oh and I did attend this conference thing from time to time... ;)
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  3. HilJoy14

    HilJoy14 Active Member

    Yay - a new report! Looking forward to hearing of more adventures!
  4. yinyanggirls

    yinyanggirls Active Member

    Ok, here we go!
  5. dawnbu40

    dawnbu40 DIS Veteran

    I'm here and ready for more Capell adventures! popcorn::
  6. praisehisname

    praisehisname Active Member

  7. meeko_33785

    meeko_33785 <font color=teal>Surrounded by characters<br><font

    Followed the list from your last report, and I'm up for another one. :thumbsup2
  8. DisneyMom5

    DisneyMom5 Active Member

    I'm here. Can't imagine going by myself...but I bet you DID get a lot done.
    Looking forward to reading all about it!
  9. Jamie77

    Jamie77 Active Member

    I love solo reports!
  10. thecapells

    thecapells Disney Dad

    WOW - so many responses and I haven't even really started yet!!

    Welcome aboard!

    Woo-hoo! :woohoo:

    Glad you came along - especially since you make a couple of cameos in this one! ;)

    Join the crew!

    Welcome back!
    Hopefully this one will be just as entertaining!

    Glad you followed me over!
    This one should definitely be a bit different without the kiddos!

    Then you'll love this one!
    I just started going through the pics from my solo trip.
    I hope to really jumpstart this one tonite/tomorrow!
    See everyone then!
  11. pipersmom

    pipersmom Active Member

    I'm in..I have to admit, I enjoy reading about adults-only trips and living somewhat vicariously through them, lol. Looking forward to following along!
  12. WrightFamily06

    WrightFamily06 Active Member

    I'm in ! Can't wait to read how much you can get done at the parks without kids . LOL
  13. boxmaster

    boxmaster Disney Uncle

    Looking forward to it, too. :banana: Between this 9-day TR and the TR for the trip you and the gang and my parents just took last month, I don't think you'll have as much time for a pre-TR for the Jan '11 report as you think. :rolleyes1

    We'll see, though. :cool1:
  14. thecapells

    thecapells Disney Dad

    Glad you followed us over!
    Hope you like this whirlwind tour!

    I was pretty impressed - I should've logged how much distance I covered... ;)

    Then I better get to it, eh?
  15. thecapells

    thecapells Disney Dad

    I arrived in Florida solo on Saturday 5/2 at 5:35.
    I made my way to the Mears Shuttle Stop and had my first realization.
    Staying off property sucks! :sad2:

    After an hour, arguments with the Mears Shuttle rep, and several phone calls to the front office, :mad:
    I finally got car service to my hotel – Buena Vista Suites.
    Boy did I miss Magical Express. :guilty:

    I chose BVS because it was a conference hotel so it had a shuttle to my conference as well as the parks.
    However, that shuttle service was grossly exaggerated.
    There were 2 morning shuttles to the parks and that was it.
    In addition, there were limited shuttles from the parks back to the hotel.
    While the room was nice and cheap (breakfast was included),
    I was counting on heading over to the parks every night after the conference.
    Apparently, the shuttle service would not oblige this strategy.
    Upon arrival, I went straight to the concierge to see about the next shuttle since I had my heart set on an evening in Magic Kingdom.
    I had arrived on Saturday specifically to get a bit of Disney in.
    The conference didn't start until Sunday with a Welcome Event and lasted until Thursday.
    I was due to depart on Friday so I didn't have much time afterwards either.
    I considered staying the weekend but that weekend was Mother’s Day and that would not be very fair to Mom who was already jealous.

    After finding out about the actual shuttle service (despite what they told me when I called earlier in the week), I had the concierge call a cab.
    I checked into my room, changed into something more “appropriate”, and dropped off my bags.
    I headed back down and found out that a cab to any of the parks would run me about $25-30.
    There goes the idea of doing that everyday – this trip wasn’t starting off on a good note. :mad:
    But I sucked it up and headed to the TTC – another first of mine.
    I’m used to going straight to the parks with the buses so this was a new experience.
    So my first taste of Disney this trip would be the monorail!!
    And then down the ramp and into the Magic Kingdom by way of my mighty Annual Pass!


    I approached the tunnel and a smile crept across my face. :)
    The trip started bumpy but, hey – I was now in the Magic Kingdom.
    Who could possibly stay mad? :goodvibes

    Through the tunnel and then I saw it.
    The lights down Main Street leading towards a bright blue Castle.

    My pace quickened and I headed down Main Street.
    The castle turned pink and I decided to call home.

    I wanted to check in and say “Hello” from the Magic Kingdom!
    I wasn’t trying to rub everyone’s noses in it, but it was a great feeling.
    After I hung up, I was in the hub which, of course, means Photopass!!!

    You can see from the pics that the sky darkened quickly.

    And then the “Peter Pan” pose.
    Thankfully the photographer suggested this one since the one thing I discovered about solo trips is I had no idea how to pose by myself!
    I usually hold one of the kids or hug Mom but you’ll notice as we go on, in a lot of my pics I look like I have no idea what to do with my hands.

    With the pics and the phone call out of the way, it was time to explore.
    I was very excited about trying Adventureland at night (we always hit it first thing in the morning) so I headed there first.

    I stopped for a Fastpass to Jungle Cruise and then continued on to Caribbean Plaza.

    Come along matey - it be time to walk the plank!
  16. praisehisname

    praisehisname Active Member

    Great pictures! I love the castle at night! :lovestruc
  17. boxmaster

    boxmaster Disney Uncle

    Yer bein' harrrrd on yerself. pirate:

    Don't worry about it. Yer harrrrdly the only one this happens ter. (OK, enough with the pirate talk. :cool1: ) We used to joke about two of the actors on the show I used to work at. You could tell they had the same issue if they didn't happen to have a prop in their hands, especially if they were in the scene together, which was often. :happytv:

    The castle looks great in all those different colors at night. Kinda like the Empire State Building, only more magical.
  18. 3girls4me05

    3girls4me05 Active Member

    I'm here and can't wait to read more. Love the castle in pink. As a mom of three girls I appreciate pink :)
    Can't wait to hear more.
  19. Echo queen

    Echo queen <font color=darkcoral>I like the idea of being clo

    I'm in can't wait read.:santa:popcorn::
  20. thecapells

    thecapells Disney Dad

    It is a site - always make you smile :)
  21. thecapells

    thecapells Disney Dad

    Dude - that's bad - even for you!! :sad2:

    Yeah, I'd say the Castle trumps the Empire State pretty easily.

    Actually I just think it's neat that it changes colors and looks great in all of them!

    Then off we go!

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