"No One's Gloomy or Complaining"-in DISNEY WORLD!~An 11/12 TR!-*NEW TR Link pg 56!!!*

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Nermel9, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. cheekypoppins

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    Aug 7, 2012
    um okay first of all....I'm just joining you now and already you score major points with me because Epcot Is my heart,I think about it everyday too how can ya not its Amazing!!!The food the drinks the culture the atmosphere and Disney all together I swear I could a spend a week just going to epcot everyday(then I'd add a day or 2 for the other parks of course)
    HOLYCOW!!!! are we related you say everything I think,it's almost creepy I agree that Marie belongs in france,and about mo rockin n the belly dancer and JAPAN!!!! I had to read futrther in to see if you mentioned hello kitty ,but since you didn't I didn't die of heart failure so it's all good.
    mmmmm karamel kuche my suggestion to you and everyone is that you simply must try the chocolate caramel covered pineapple,thats the stuff dreams are made of!
    and I could spend my life in Mousegear i tell ya.
    Also I'm jealous that your TTA castle pic is better than any I've yet to take.Tomorrowland is so fun!
    WE had a royal room in september n you're right pics don't do it justice especially that magical headboard.
    I'm not sure if I'm excited to read more or creeped out because you type what goes through my mind lol I wonder what you'll say next :cool1:
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  3. MEK

    MEK DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2005
    OK - pictures seen! The view from your room is lovely and so is that view across the world showcase lagoon!
  4. khertz

    khertz Proud member of the WHO DAT NATION!!

    Aug 10, 2008
    Although he didn't get the look he seemed to be going for with you looking at SE, the one of you looking at the fountain turned out great! I love that fountain. And your Christmas ears look really cute!

    That margarita looks delicious!!
  5. teekathepony

    teekathepony DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2009
    Whoa! That hawk pic is too cool! Kudos to hawk eyes Brandon for spotting it. :thumbsup2
    I also am in the category of didn't realize POR was that close to Epcot! Very cool!
    Too bad about the line at the Ditch, but at least you got a passable substitute!
  6. disneylover04

    disneylover04 Disney Vacation Planner

    Jul 24, 2012
    Hi Jen! Love your trip reports! My hubby and I were just at Disney World in September. But we already have another vacation to Disney planned for March. Only two months away! We have never stayed onsite but looking at all the wonderful places you get to stay at Disney is convincing me to give it a try.
  7. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010
    Whoa, that hawk on top of Spaceship Earth is pretty cool, but I would've totally missed it, too. My eyesight is horrendous. :rotfl2:

    Haha, I love whenever someone (usually me) has a cool picture idea, then it turns into way more work than it should be because the shot isn't coming out the way you thought it would. That being said, the one with you in front of the fountains is actually really neat! Especially with the Mickey ears on.

    What else is in that frozen margarita? It looks really good, and I love mango, so I'm interested in trying that out sometime in the future.
  8. RachelNinja

    RachelNinja Sometimes I'd rather live in VMK than in real life

    Jul 16, 2007
    Oh my gosh, that room is gorgeous! I love all those princess pictures especially the ones of all the couples together. Haha, it looks like a prom picture!

    I love the picture of the hawk on SE! I have to show that to my husband because we always stare at them when they fly overhead.

    The margarita looks like it'd be so refreshing in the heat.
  9. beachphotog

    beachphotog Pass me a margarita

    Nov 10, 2009
    Ok, so I just got caught up with yours! Thanks for taking your time cause it gave me time to read it!

    I love reading about your trip and figuring out where I was on the same day! I'm so bummed we weren't ever in the same place at the same time... Maybe there will be another chance.:confused3

    So far everything sounds like so much fun. I know what you mean about being a deluxe snob... We did ASMo and I just didn't love it. It was fine, I was in Disney, but I am spoiled, I guess...
  10. DisneyCrafter

    DisneyCrafter DIS Veteran

    Nov 7, 2009
    I'm a bad DIS friend...I just have now gotten around to really diving back into the DIS. Things have been crazy!

    Going to get caught up!
  11. DisneyDreamerMN

    DisneyDreamerMN DIS Veteran

    Jul 5, 2010
    OK, I have been DIS MIA for awhile...you know how it is after getting back and going into that deep Disney depression. But I am back and all caught up!

    1. Love how Brandon knows the princesses and loved the POR room
    2. I am in love with the rooms at POR! I don't like how the resort is so big, but seeing your room makes me want to change my mind.
    3. What do you like at La Cava? I went once but did not enjoy my drink.
    4. I need to go to F&W! Seeing your pics always makes me so jealous and hungry!
  12. Nermel9

    Nermel9 DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2009
    It's weird, I usually like mango flavored drinks, but this one just wasn't that good! :confused3 If I ever get one again, I'll ask them to leave it out! :rotfl2:

    I know, it's so annoying! We were on the Peoplemover in November, and I asked him if he could see the wait time to Space Mountain from there and he could! Must be nice to have perfect vision! :rotfl2:

    I definitely prefer the margaritas from La Cava, but the Fiesta one was good! I'd get it again if I was really craving a margarita, I think I'd skip the mango though! They are really pretty, that's part of the reason I got one!

    Yeah, that spinach pocket was yummy, it was like a hot pocket only good! :rotfl2:

    I know, isn't it crazy? :rotfl2: He points out things like that to me all the time and I'm like "what? I don't have my glasses on!" And my eyesight isn't really THAT bad, I just need glasses for driving!

    It was yummy, except the mango wasn't really my favorite!

    It's a little crazy that I'm going back so soon, I really cannot believe it myself! :hyper:

    It's great, you pretty much just take a left out of POR then take a right and you're in Epcot! Which is good for me because you know how much time I spend there! :cool1:

    It was pretty cool seeing that hawk! It must be weird for birds to fly around Disney and just land on these iconic buildings like it's nothing! Or maybe they have no idea where they are...I like to think Disney birds KNOW they are in Disney! Just like Disney bunnies and Disney ducks! :rotfl2:

    Thanks! I know, I want to be back there too! :sad:

    It was pretty good, the mango wasn't that great though, but the other 2 layers were amazing!

    I know, it was such a process! :rotfl2:

    I don't think I've ever seen a hawk in Disney World anywhere! It was kind of strange to see one in Epcot like that!
  13. Nermel9

    Nermel9 DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2009
    Haha, well, there were quite a few! :rotfl2: But thank you, he never takes pictures, but it seems like when he does, he gets way better ones that I ever do! I should just let him have the camera for the whole trip and see what we end up with!

    It was cool seeing the hawk! I love seeing SE up close, it's really an amazing building!

    I LOVE margaritas! :thumbsup2

    The lines there are always crazy during F&W, and we were there on a Friday night (well, it was afternoon at that point) so people were ready to drink I guess! It seems like forever that I've had a Ditch margarita! But yeah, the frozen one was pretty good, I just hate that I can't drink frozen drinks fast, you have to take your time with them! :rotfl2:

    I love how close POR is to Epcot, it makes it hard to stay at any of the other mods!

    Thank you! Isn't that picture awesome? Of course I didn't take it! :rotfl2:

    It was pretty good! OMG I can't believe you missed the whole WS! I hope that's where you're going to start off when you go back! :woohoo:

    Haha, I know, it's awful, I just love the deluxes SO much! I mean, I really love all of the resorts I've stayed in (except CSR, but I'm willing to give it another try someday!) but there's just something special about the deluxes! I usually like mango flavored things too, but it just wasn't that great! :confused3

    I know, Brandon has better than perfect vision, it's annoying! :rotfl:

    Yay, welcome! :woohoo:

    YAY another Epcot lover! Epcot is the BEST! I always say that I could spend days in World Showcase and not do anything but walk around and eat and drink, I just love the atmosphere there! :yay:

    Haha, that's funny that we agree on so many things...and guess what? I LOVE Hello Kitty! I've mentioned it in previous TR's when I've talked about Japan I think, I absolutely LOVE Mitsukoshi and the fact that you can buy Hello Kitty stuff there! :thumbsup2

    I want to try everything in Karamel Kuche someday...I need to just not eat for an entire day except caramel goodies! :rotfl2:

    Mousegear is probably my favorite store in the parks, it's perfect! :upsidedow

    Haha, well, I have a ton of horrible pictures from the Peoplemover, sometimes I get lucky with one or two!

    OMG I loved those headboards! I just wished they stayed on a little longer!

    Haha, I'm excited that you found my TR and I have another Epcot lover to talk about Epcot with! It's probably my favorite place in the entire world!
  14. Nermel9

    Nermel9 DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2009
    Yay! Thank you! It wasn't the best view, but sorry, there's no way I'm paying so much extra to get a river view! :rotfl2: I love taking pictures of the lagoon! I'm HOPING that if I go back with Brandon at the end of the year, I'll have a real camera by then, and then maybe I'll get really nice pictures!

    Thank you, I actually like that picture at the fountain too! I just wish my hair didn't look so frizzy in the back! :rotfl: Aren't those ears adorable? I love Christmas ears!

    Isn't that margarita so pretty? It was pretty yummy too! :yay:

    I can't believe he saw that hawk all the way up there! I also can't believe my camera zoomed in so well! :yay:

    Yep, I love how close POR is to Epcot, it's pretty awesome for someone who spends 75% of their Disney trip there! :thumbsup2

    I feel like the first place I want to go when I get there in Feb. is La Cava for a margarita! I can't believe I didn't have one from the Ditch all year! :crazy2:

    Thank you so much! :goodvibes Yay, going back in March will be fun! I love staying onsite, when I'm in Disney, I don't want to leave the Disney bubble! You should give it a try someday! :thumbsup2

    Haha, my eyesight isn't all that bad, I do wear glasses, but only when I drive, or if I'm watching TV from really far away. But Brandon's sight is like, better than perfect, he's one of those freaks who can see like 8 miles away! :rotfl2:

    Thanks! I like the fountain picture, taking it in front of SE was just too annoying with so many people in the way! I'd like to try it in front of all of the icons in each park! :thumbsup2

    The other layers are strawberry and lime, which were both awesome! I'm not saying the mango was bad exactly, it just wasn't that great, and I didn't feel like forcing myself to drink it just to get to the really good parts! :rotfl2:
  15. Nermel9

    Nermel9 DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2009
    Isn't it beautiful? I loved it, I would totally stay there again! I love the princess pictures, I love thinking that all of the Disney princesses just hang out and have a good time together! I hope they incorporate Merida in there someday!

    Isn't that a cool picture? I've never seen a hawk in Disney, but we see them all over CT and Brandon always points then out here too! :thumbsup2

    It probably is refreshing in the heat! It wasn't that hot when we were there, which is another reason I didn't really want a frozen one, but still, it was pretty good! :cool1:

    Yay! Haha, I usually do TR's much faster than this, but I just don't have the time lately! I'm glad it helped you get caught up quickly! :yay:

    I can't believe we were never in the same place either! It seemed like whenever you left a park, I was getting there, or the other way around! :rotfl2: Hopefully we'll be there at the same time again!

    Haha, I suppose if I was a true deluxe snob I wouldn't stay anywhere but the deluxes, and sometimes that's just not in the budget! I really do like the values and mods, but I guess I just prefer the deluxes! I stayed in ASMu once and I liked it, but I don't think I'd stay in the All Stars again unless AoA and Pop were completely booked! Not because I don't like them, I'm just not a fan of the location, so far from everything! :confused3

    Haha, don't worry about it, I've been busy too, I haven't been on the DIS as much as I usually am either! :rotfl2:

    I know how it is, sometimes I can't look at TR's for a few days...but usually it kind of helps the Disney depression for me! It just makes me think about planning my next trip, which is really the only cure for Disney depression! :thumbsup2

    I always hear people say that POR is too big, and yes, it is big but it doesn't really bother me! :confused3 Although, I feel like maybe it would bother me a bit more if we stayed in the Alligator Bayou section, that section seems more spread out!

    When I go to La Cava, I usually get either the Traditional, which is just a lime margarita, the Midnight Blue, which I'm not sure what's in it, but it's blue and yummy, and once in a while, I'll get the Blood Orange, which is obviously orange flavored, but sometimes it's a little too tart for me! I want to try the pomegranate one, I love pomegranate flavored drinks!

    F&W is awesome, I love going during that time! I hope I can go this year! :thumbsup2
  16. PlutosRHM55

    PlutosRHM55 Pluto's Un-Mentioned Manager

    Sep 14, 2010
    YAY! Time for EPCOT! I love the picture from your door at POR. It looks like such a pretty resort. I think I would like to stay there sometime :goodvibes And it's totally okay to be a Disney snob, I'm sure most people are because honestly, those Deluxes are GORGEOUS! So pretty!

    Great photopass picture, a shame Brandon refused to smile in that one... or wear some Mickey ears hehe And that's so funny how he noticed the Hawk on top of Spaceship Earth. I'd probably be the person to see something like that too haha So funny how he was trying so hard after to get a picture of you looking up at SE and at the fountain! That fountain is just too too photogenic!

    Mmmmm... all those FWF dishes look so good! I need to seriously run down to EPCOT and snag some of them. I mean, those pot stickers look just to die for! Uggghhh, now I need some of the mediocre sustenance in my house (well mediocre in comparison to Disney... sometimes).

    Can't wait to read about your ADR! :mickeyjum
  17. Nermel9

    Nermel9 DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2009
    POR is lovely, you should totally stay there! I think the next time I stay in a mod, I'm going to finally give POFQ a try, but POR is amazing, I would definitely go back! Haha, yeah, I am kind of a deluxe snow, even though I've only stayed in 2 so far! I can add 2 more to the list in Feb. though! :banana:

    Haha, yeah right, Brandon refuses to wear Mickey ears, it's so annoying! As long as he doesn't have a problem with my Minnie ears though, whatever! :rotfl: I love that fountain, I'm kind of glad the SE picture didn't work out, because I like the picture of me, looking at the fountain!

    I love F&W so much, I am really hoping to do a weekend trip this year, because the thought of no Food and Wine in my life for a year is just too much for me to handle! :scared1:
  18. Xclusive2WDW

    Xclusive2WDW Mouseketeer

    Sep 20, 2012
    I've got to go back and catch up, but I am subbing:thumbsup2 Looks good!!!
  19. Nermel9

    Nermel9 DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2009
    Yay, welcome, glad you're here! :banana:
  20. Nermel9

    Nermel9 DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2009
    A Loooonnng Walk!

    Friday, 11/9 Part 5

    We were making our way around the World Showcase, coming up to one of my favorite booths...the CHEESE booth! I know, I know, Cheese doesn't sound that exciting right? Well it IS! Because they have FONDUE! I had the fondue last year, and I loved it. It's basically just cheese sauce with a bread stick, but I just think it is fantastic! So Brandon got in line and I went and grabbed one of those tables that you stand up at right near the lagoon and waited for him for a few minutes...soon her returned with my lovely fondue!


    It did NOT disappoint, it was so good! I'm not going to lie, when my breadstick was finished and there was still cheese left, I looked around to see if anyone was watching and I drank the rest of it...yep...I'm not proud, but I did what had to be done!

    Brandon got the cheese plate and some red wine, which he made me try along with tiny pieces of each cheese. I know nothing about wine, but I have to admit, sometimes I do like the pairing of wine with cheese!


    While we were eating, this older couple came up to us and asked if they could share our table and we said yes, and we started chatting with them about Disney. They said they were there volunteering at the golf tournament that was going on that weekend, which meant they got into the parks for free, and they do it every year, and they are DVC members, so they come to Disney a lot. Then they told us to buy DVC and I just laughed and said "you don't have to convince me" so they tried to sell Brandon on it...he said maybe someday! :rotfl2: I'll believe it when I see it! They were really nice and we talked to them for a while, even after we were all finished eating, it was just nice to have adults to talk to for once who were enthusiastic about Disney World! I have NO ONE in real life who I can talk to who shares my love of Disney, except my sister and one friend who goes to Disney once a year. :eek:

    I didn't want to eat anymore, since we had our late ADR that night, but there was something I was dying to do...it was the first night of the Osborne Lights and I really wanted to see them! I figured if we timed it right, we could go over there, see the lights and then make it back to Epcot in time for our ADR! So I mentioned it to Brandon and he said he didn't care, which then had me ask how we should get there...I suggested either taking a bus or walk, but then I didn't think it made sense to walk all the way to the front of the park to get a bus, so we decided to walk!



    The sun was starting to go down and the World Showcase looked amazing as we made our way over to the International Gateway. The weather was absolutely perfect that night, the sunset was gorgeous, and because I'm a dork, I was actually looking forward to the long walk to DHS because it's something we've never done before!

    We started our walk to the Boardwalk, and again, I was reminded of how much I love the Epcot resorts area! I love the Boardwalk SO much, I just love the fun atmosphere!

    I wasn't really sure which way to go once we got to the middle, if we should go to the end of the Boardwalk, or cut through the pool area...I thought I remembered seeing a map on the DIS of the walking route to DHS and it said to go through the pool area, but I didn't want to get us lost, so Brandon went in a shop to ask while I waited outside.


    I LOVE this place, it's SO pretty! I really need to stay here...it's on the top of my list for my next trip! :love:

    Brandon came out and told me that I was right, we did have to cut through the pool area and go towards the left to get to the path, so we made our way to the scary clown pool and started our walk to DHS!

    At first we were like, yeah, this is great, it's not bad at all! It was quiet and peaceful, and you walk along the water, and watch the boats go by...then you realize just how long of a walk it is and you start getting tired! :rotfl: I was starting to feel like we would never get there, and then we finally saw it, off in the distance! It was kind of cool, coming in from that way, and I found out where the buses that go to other parks are! I never knew, since we hardly ever use buses!

    I timed the walk from the International Gateway up until we actually stepped into the park, and it took exactly 30 minutes! I've read that people have done it in 20 minutes and I don't see how that's possible, unless you're jogging!

    We went into DHS and I was immediately just sucked into Christmas! I think DHS has the best Christmas music of all the parks, and the combination of the lights that are already in the park and the extra Christmas decorations make it extra festive during the holidays, I love it! I love feeling like I stepped into Christmas!

    We didn't really have time to look around we wanted to get to the lights, so we walked really fast to the back of the park. I hate the new thing that they do with the Osborne Lights now, they herd everyone into the back and make you go in all the way at the end. I guess it makes sense when there are tons of people trying to get in to see the lights, which there were that night, but I find it annoying!

    We finally got there, and the lights were just as spectacular as I remembered them to be!


    Look at all of the people! I knew it would be crazy, being opening night, but wow!

    I'm not going to put up very many pictures from this night, because we did go again and I got much better pictures on a different night, but here are a few, just to tide you over until then!





    I Instagrammed this one:


    I found it really difficult to take good pictures of the lights that night because of all the people, and now looking at my pictures, it seems like there was a smudge on my lens, because a lot of them are blurred in the middle! But the lights were beautiful, I love being in the middle of them and watching them dance and having Christmas music blasted into my ears! If I could see them every night, I probably would! I'm missing the Christmas season so much right now, I miss Christmas lights and Christmas music! The combination of Disney AND Christmas is sometimes almost too much for me to handle!

    We watched the lights for a little while longer, and then we had to get going! We were going to take a bus back to Epcot, but we knew that wouldn't exactly be a quick way to get there, so we left ourselves lots of extra time.

    On the way out, I had to take a few pictures, since I didn't when we got there:



    Soooo close to the Tower of Terror!!!

    We did take a photopass picture, but looking at it now, I feel bad if I put it up, because Brandon is making a strange face in it! :rotfl: Which is too bad, because it could have been a nice picture if it wasn't for that!

    I tried to get a good picture of the tree, but I feel like no matter how hard I try, I just can't!


    We walked over to the buses, and of course, the one for Epcot had a HUGE line! So Brandon got annoyed and said forget it, he'd rather just walk. I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of doing that walk again, but whatever, it would probably be faster, so we started back to Epcot!

    I think we actually made it back faster than when we went there! I was so nervous we'd be late for our ADR that I made us walk SO fast, which Brandon was not happy about!

    When we went into Epcot, we had a little time to kill, so we went into the store in Canada to look around.


    Every time we go to Disney, I want some pajamas from Canada, they are always SO cute, and I never buy any! Well, I bought some pants finally!


    I loved them, but I didn't try them on, so I was hoping they would fit!

    After I paid, we went to none other than...Le Cellier to check into our ADR! Did you really think we were going somewhere different? :rotfl2:

    We checked in at 8:30 and I think our ADR was at 8:50? We didn't get seated until 9:15, they were really busy that night! If you were trying to check in super early, they wouldn't even let you, they would tell you to come back later! Crazy!

    I got my favorite drink in the world, a godiva chocolate martini


    and I'm guessing Brandon had wine. I also had a bowl of cheddar cheese soup


    and the mushroom filet. No subbing the risotto for the cream cheese mashed potatoes though, since it was dinner! The risotto is really good, though ,so I didn't care! Brandon got the same thing I did, except he got Lobster mac and cheese instead of the soup! I only took those 2 pictures in the restaurant because I was too tired and I kept forgetting to take pictures before I started eating!

    Everything was amazing, as it always is there, but we didn't leave until after 10:30! This was our first time having dinner there since it's changed to 2 credits, and I have to admit, I like lunch a lot better! And now lunch is changing to 2 credits! I hope it doesn't change too much!

    The park was closed and Illuminations was over by the time we left! I love walking through the park after it's closed, it's so quiet and you feel like you have it all to yourself! We were so tired though, that we didn't really stop to take pictures or enjoy it, we just walked to our car and went back to POR! We were ready for a full night of sleep, after getting up so early that morning! It was SUCH a great day though, we did so much, went to 3 parks, had some food and wine, saw the Osborne Lights...perfect!

    Up next...DHS round 2!

  21. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    Hahahahah you drank your cheese! Too funny.

    Cool that you walked to AND from DHS! I agree, the Boardwalk is so amazing! I want to stay there SO badly.

    Ahhh the Osborne Lights. So perfect. I miss Christmas too. :( BOOOOOO.

    Uh-oh, I hope the lunch at Le Cellier doesn't change too much because I know how much you love it!

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