No Buy ~ January 2013 edition

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by BernardandMissBianca, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    So we had this tread for a while in the budget boards but it seemed to lose interest. and since some of us are looking for some financial freedom this year, I figured this would be a good place to try a new thread.

    Rules are simple: you decide what to track, how to track it and what your goals are. While many people choose to try for as many $0 days as possible (hence the "no buy" title), if some other target works for you, then go for it![Stole this intro from MomtoOne]
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  3. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    My goals for January:
    15 no buy days
    2/5 Starbucks purchases

    1/1 - IGA 15. and change
    1/2 - Target 110.77 (meds and food essentials); IGA $13.17 (milk and cheese)
    1/3 - Trader Joes 88.88; Whole foods 83.52
    1/4 - Shell $90; Starbucks 12.71

    Grocery budget for the week $100
  4. JJ&JHsmom

    JJ&JHsmom DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2009
    I'm in. My goal will be sticking to my budget, I am going to work really hard at only buying what I have budgeted for everyday in order to limit my impulse buying which has gotten a little out of control.

    1/1 stuck to budget-only wrote check for DD's lunch for the month
    1/2 stuck to budget- no buy day
    1/3 stuck to budget-no buy day
    1/4 stuck to budget only paid bill due
    1/5 stuck to budget-no buy day
    1/6 groceries-$125 budgeted-over budget by 11.48, but gas was 10.41 less than budgeted for week

    1/7 stuck to budget- no buy day
    1/8 stuck to budget- dance tuition due tonight
    1/9 stuck to budget- no buy day
    1/10 stuck to budget no buy day
    1/11- pay bills-
    1/12 $125 grocery shopping :cool1: under budget only spent $97.11
    1/13 $5 for lunch and $10 for workshop fee. not too bad for a day out.

    1/14 stuck to budget no buy day
    1/15 stuck to budget gas for car $42.28, paid bills
    1/16 paid of Kohl's charge, $14.32 for paper
    1/17 M's $8.48 for paper- need to stay out of stores!
    1/18 stuck to budget $40 for hair and eyebrows.
    1/19 $98.78 brakes for car, part of extras in budget
    1/20 stuck to budget, groceries $101.69

    1/21 stuck to budget- no buy day
    1/22 stuck to budget - no buy day
    1/23 stuck to budget -no buy day
    1/24 stuck to budget - no buy day
    1/25 stuck to budget - paid bills
    1/26 stuck to budget- no buy day
    1/27 stuck to budget- groceries $107.25, gas $27.26

    1/28 stuck to budget-no buy day
    1/29 not budgeted but expected, $66.24 for 2 sets chef pants and coats for Julia
    1/30 stuck to budget -no buy day
    1/31 stuck to budget no buy day
  5. morgansmom2000

    morgansmom2000 DIS Veteran

    May 16, 2007
    Oh, I need a way to track this. I've been very bad about spending money on eating out (take out, drive through coffee, restaurants).

    I think in order to make it through my days at work (MWF), I need to be able to allow myself a large Dunkin' coffee. BUT, on my days off and weekends I won't go through the drive through for coffee or soda, and we'll try not to eat out more than once a week. Will try for 12 no buy days, but hope for more!

    1/1 ~ $0
    1/2 ~ $0 Used my DD gift card! ~ $12.41 at Joann's :o
    1/3 ~ $12.78 on groceries at Aldi, but used a gift card for the $16.98 at Stop & Shop :)
    1/4 ~ $0 ~ Used my DD gift card! ~ $22.71 at Five Guys ~ Dinner out for the week
    1/5 ~ $0
    1/6 ~ $2.95 for Disney lithographs ~ Gulp $33.90 for cardstock :o ~ DH spent $3.16 at Lowe's and $8.85 at Target
    1/7 ~ $0 at 'Bux - used my GC! ~ $34.14 for gas ~ $11.72 at Aldi ~ $11.07 at Price Chopper

    1/8 ~ $0 ~ Ended up with a migraine, didn't get to go to technique club :(
    1/9 ~ $0 at 'Bux - used my GC! ~ $6.50 for GS pin and patch ~ DH spent $15.39 at Target and $8.46 at Walgreen's...why can't he stick to a list? OMG, I just looked at our account, he spent $3.79 at Shaw's too!
    1/10 ~ $18.58, gifts for my co-workers (I got beer!) ~ DH spent another $27.05 at Target!
    1/11 ~ $0 used my DD gift card!
    1/12 ~
    1/13 ~

    3/12 no buy days so far.
  6. dsneprincess

    dsneprincess DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2009
    I think I need someone to hold me accountable. I need to do: no more than 2 nights eating out (really going to try for 1)
    No more than 2 days eating lunch out while running errands
    (Both these should also help with weight loss, I suspect)
    no impulse buys
    All saved money to Feb. Disney trip

    1/1- Kohls cash used, spent $7.50 oop
    1/2-lunch $5, new suitcase $70 (coupon expiring)
    1/4-$8 lunch after ds gym class
    1/5-$90 Walmart
    1/7-dinner $25, Michael's $10 +change, Target $11
    1/8-$0 dinner home again! Yay me!
  7. PrincessNancy96

    PrincessNancy96 Scrapbook Mom Moderator

    Dec 28, 2005
    My goal is sticking to budget.. Due to mailing of a check to wrong place and it was credited to my account.. I am paying one bill off earlier than anticipated! Woot! Woot!! But because of that, I had to snatch some money from savings to cover the other bill.. LOL Go figure!!! I'd pay more to the smaller bill but have less for the bigger bill!! But it is all good!!!

    I will NOT buy anything unless it is on sale or I have a coupon...
    In regards to scrapping.... no purchase other than postage to and from for swap.. then I'm going back on hiatus because I am so far behind!!!

    No buy days... goal 15...

    Unbudgeted expense

    Week 1:
    1/1 ~ 0
    1/2 ~ 0
    1/3 ~ $8 for a christmas tote ** BOO!!!
    1/4 ~ $150 on groceries; $100 needs at Walmart ($50 of it was for PJ's needs for college). ALL within budget only 14 cents off on groceries.
    1/5~ $25.00 for ballgame (was budgeted) won't pay for ballgames unless they are away and they are budgeted. Season passes come back into play now!!!

    2/15 no buy days...

    Week 2:

    Goal: Gas in DD's car to return to school (budgeted); pay bills (budgeted); goal 4 days no buy because kids are back in school and I get to reclaim my life!!! DS16's tank is still full (since 2 weeks of no school); my car tank half full but no major runs except to school; DH- Gas 40.00.

    1/6 ~ $80 for meal out...
    1/7 ~ paid bills (budgeted); 10.00 for milk
    1/8 ~ $10 for DD's contacts ~ moved her appt up before she returned to school.
    1/9 ~ $19.84 walmart
    1/10 ~ 0
    1/11 ~ 0
    1/12 ~ $39 at grocery; $20 gas for my car

    4/15 no buy days

    Week 3:

    1/13 - 0
    1/14 - 0
    1/15 - 0
    1/16 - 10 for milk; 20 for a tie for DS16 (amount changed when he went to pay! :woohoo:)
    1/17 - 0
    1/18 - grocery, pay bills, write ck for DH (he got a small bonus and I'm giving it to him to spend on his list of items so it's not my deal if he runs out of $$ LOL) ** big deal is I get to PAY OFF DsS21's tuition bill for this year... (then I start the savings to pay off next year's tuition in August and we are DONE!!) and I'll be one payment away from paying off a CC!!! :woohoo:
    1/19- 0

    9/15 no buy days

    Week 4:

    1/20 - 9.63 for soda (4/10 w/ dollar off coupon 4/9+ tax)
    1/21 - 0
    1/22 - 150 to HS for overnight event for DS16= State Competition!! 9.63 for postage to DD
    1/23 - 30 for milk and a few other needs
    1/24 - 0
    1/25 - 0
    1/26 - $95.97 for cat & rabbit food; ink for the printer should be stocked up for 2 months or 3! :woohoo:

    12/15 no buy days

    Week 5:

    1/27 - 0 (not going anywhere tomorrow.. supposed to get freezing rain in.. YUCK)
    1/28 - 0
    1/29 - pay bills (budgeted)
    1/30 - 0
    1/31 - 0

    16/15 no buy days
  8. princess stich

    princess stich DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2006
    I would like to join this as well!

    My goal is to have 15 no buy days...and I would like to make $50 selling things. Trying to declutter the house. Some things I will just donate, but others I will try and sell.

    week 1:
    1/2- $40 allowance, $28.50 Roller cave, $6.48 Starbucks, $ 45.46 Steak N Shake
    1/3- $10 Incrediplex
    1/4- $73.51 Trader Joes, $54.72 Kroger, $33 movies (husband and son)/ made $4 on a pair of DD's old shoes and $7 on caddy
    1/5-$0/ made $43 on books, $15 on baskets, $3 basketball goal

    Week 2:
    1/6- $12 admission to son's bball game
    1/7-$9.31 Kroger, $23.65 CVS/Walgreens (received $10 CVS gift card), DH hair $17.95. Made $10 on books
    1/8- $0, Made $2 clothes
    1/9- $0, Made $6 clothes
    1/10- $69.13 gas, $15 fundraiser event ticket, $$$ dance competition fees, made $6 on clothes
    1/11- $172.70- Costco/Trader Joe's, gas $38.58, made $10 on clothes
    1/12- $0, Made $5 on clothes

    Week 3:
    1/13- $9 admission to son's basketball game
    1/17-groceries $50, $12 chick fil a fundraiser
    1/18-made $3, groceries $35
    1/19- $42 dog food

    1/20-$8 admission to son's bball game
    1/21-$30.88 Marsh/CVS
    1/24-$12 chick fil a fundraiser, $13.38 gift, $18 son's haircut


    Made: $114/$50 goal
    $0 days: 10/15 goal
  9. princess stich

    princess stich DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2006
    Does using gift cards count as no buy since you aren't using cash or buy since you ARE buying something?
  10. PrincessNancy96

    PrincessNancy96 Scrapbook Mom Moderator

    Dec 28, 2005
    I would say gift cards are okay because it's not out of pocket now... it's almost pre-budgeted... :)
  11. rlovew

    rlovew Moderator Moderator

    Mar 12, 2006
    I will join in although not until next week since my brother is having an emergency and DH and I have to go across the state to take care of the kids- which means we will be spending more money on gas, some money on doing things with the kids, and possibly money on food since I have no idea what he has at the house and if we will eat it.

    I do however want to work on checking my spending (I never spend what we don't have but I think watching my spending better will be good). I do have a large chunk of money from Christmas that I want to slowly use for things I really want but once that is gone my spending on stuff is done- plus I need to get rid of stuff in case we move this summer. I have plenty of scrapping stuff to use for the projects I am working on and I don't need to swap at all with my 20 plus drawers packed to the brim of swaps.

    My goal will be only eating out on Sundays for lunch and 1 other time every 2 weeks. I think I will aim for at least 15 no buy days per month (not counting the times I spend money for church stuff that I am being fully paid back for- since I just pick up those things as they are needed but I do need to put in for reimbursement with 1 week.)

  12. mommy2mrb

    mommy2mrb Mama to a Princess - But I'm A Scrap Princess!

    Sep 26, 2004
    I don't plan on spending any $$ on scrap items...except for a $15.00 gc I got for Michaels at Christmas.
    no other shopping other than food for the month either.
    we've been doing pretty good on eating dinner out only once a week and an occasional lunch on weekend if we are out.
  13. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    Yeah, gifts cards are good since it's already money spent.

    This is more to curb the mindless spending. Take my Starbucks habit for example, you think, eh, what's $5 here or there for a specialty drink. Well, when you multiply that by 10 for the month it's $50, which is a good chunk of change that could go towards financial freedom. If I take DH and the kids to Starbucks, one trip is $35-$40 so you can see how that really adds up too!
  14. tyniknate

    tyniknate DIS Veteran

    Mar 25, 2008
    This looks like fun. Think I will try it out with everyone and see how long I can stick to it.

    My goal is to have 15 no buy days and eat out only one time per week. (I usually have $50 each week that I keep for myself (usually end up giving some or all of it to the boys), so I'm going to try to fill the piggy bank this year). I'm also going to try to use up some of my paper stash for upcoming swaps instead of buying new. (Shouldn't be too hard since I'm so mad at Scrap Your Trip right now :rotfl2:) goes:

    1/1 - $0
    1/2 - $0
    1/3 - $5 for candbars for fundraiser - how can you say no to those little faces?
    1/4 - $38 gas
    1/5 - $15 to DS for movie with friends & 86.00 for groceries
    1/6 - $91.00 for power steering pump - it died on Saturday
    1/7 - $0
    1/8 - $0
    1/9 - $0
    1/10 -$23.00 - grocery store (milk, bread, dinner items)
    1/11 - $30 check - DS cafeteria
    1/12 - $$0
    1/13 - $14.18 Michaels; $88.67 grocery store; $43.00 gas
    1/14 - $0
    1/15 - $4 birthday card; $25 movie card; $100 cash - for in card
    1/16 - $0
    1/17 - $1 soda on way to work - cannot not have caffeine today
    1/18 - $0
    1/19 - $0
    1/20 - $29.00 - bread, milk, eggs, lunch items
    1/21 - $40 something for gas - can't find the receipt
    1/22 - $0
    1/23 - $0
    1/24 - $4.15 - lunch out with work
    1/25 - $10.00 - DS food campout money; $22.50 - dinner at chicken bbq; $23.00 prescription
    1/26 -
  15. JohnsonsLoveDisney

    JohnsonsLoveDisney DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2008
    I am in. Need to get things back in control. DBF too. My scrapbook budget is going to be a little high. So I can fill my spots. Hopefully I can find some good deals.

    Need to get back to couponing and eating at home.

    1/1 - $0
    1/2 -$29- groceries
    1/3 - $0
    1/5 - $257-costco
    1/6 - $25.45 but saved $41.20 with coupons and sales
    1/7 -$0

    1/8- $0
    1/9- Fred Meyer $9.54 groceries $41.58 kid stuff (ds snowpants on clearance-should get 2 years out of them, undies for the DD's and a pair of leggings for DD#2 all on clearance) went looking for crocs for DS I got some last year for $5 and he loves them. Safeway- $62.12 more meat and pasta $0.50 a box. Gas was $2.99 a gallon with my rewards -$58.99 and a $66 dollar trip to J's (but it was all business stuff, cant cut out things without mats and blades)
    1/11-$10- DBF got to grab lunch out while running an errand for me on his lunch break
    1/12-$22 dinner out
    1/13- Winco- $136.15 ($13 in coupons) Albertsons $58.79 ($36.85 in coupons), includes papers and coffee $36.98 was groceries.

    1/15-$10-gas, DBF is supposed to fill up my car today.
    1/16- Alberstons $50.83 (27.74 saved) chicken was on sale and I was out of sweet potatoes.
    1/17-$0 (did spend business money)

    1/20-$9 spent at the movies. We had to pay for DD and then $2 to upgrade a soda and the popcorn, $45 at WinCo for energy drinks and a few other things, mostly to use $10 off coupon
    1/23-$5 at dollar tree for baggies
    1/24- Target-$68.93 (diapers, pullup and underwear for ds) $22.96 subs in
    1/25-Redbox- $3.77 for movies over the weekend 4 total. $16.28 pizza

    1/27- Albertsons $10.73 (saved $7.40)
    1/28-Albertsons- $27.07 (saved $12.20)
    1/30-Target $60.29(diapers, and pull ups for DS! and binder and pencil lead for DD#1 and misc household things)
    1/31-1/31-$25 groceries (stocked up on somethings to make, make ahead dinners saved $53!!) and $19 on ice cream after the school thingy.
    and found out they are building a M's out there. closer to me. woohoo!

    13 no buy days! 2 eat out days!
  16. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    UGH, my food bill is not going as planned!!
    Need to shop the freezers and the pantry and make a darn menu.
  17. JohnsonsLoveDisney

    JohnsonsLoveDisney DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2008
    I hear ya. We shopped the freezer so much its empty! And no good sales on anything. I do have a raincheck for hamburger that I may cash in tomorrow while I'm in town.
  18. Deffenm

    Deffenm DIS Veteran

    Apr 15, 2005
    Yeah I am glad I found this thread. I looked for it on the Budget Board but it moved. :goodvibes This is a huge goal for us this year. We are going to stay on budget and pay off some bills and save more. Here are my goals for Jan.
    1.)Stick to Budget (groceries for Jan. $600, Gas for Jan. $400, pay normal bills)
    2.) Only eat out 5 times for month (lunch and dinner)
    3.) earn/save $500 in Jan.

    1/1 - $0
    1/2 - $28.43 grocery store
    1/3 - earned $29 from selling books, cds, dvds, $0
  19. JJ&JHsmom

    JJ&JHsmom DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2009
    I hear you about an empty freezer! Having DS back home is getting expensive, though not as expensive as room and board.;)
  20. JohnsonsLoveDisney

    JohnsonsLoveDisney DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2008
    Christmas break is expensive all together! 2 eat breakfast most of the time and lunch at school. So having them home means a lot more food.
  21. princess stich

    princess stich DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2006
    Where did you sell your books, cds, and dvds? I have some (especially kids books) that I want to sell as well.

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