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NEWS FLASH: You must be 4YO to go to Disney! Oct '11 PTR, 10/24 WE'RE BACK! p 18

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by Pixiedust530, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    I have heard so many great things about Chef Mickey's! I *think* I ate there when I was a kid the year we stayed at the Contemporary.

    LOL....I totally knew that T-Rex wasn't on the Dining Plan....must've been a blonde moment! :rotfl: So yes....we WILL pay OOp for T-Rex! ;)

    I had NO idea you could use your snack credits for the F&WF until I read it here on the DIS! :disrocks: Once I found that out I totally reworked our schedule to add an extra day JUST for F&WF and I also changed our ADRs around. :rolleyes1
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  3. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    It will be here before you know it. I can't believe that it is almost April already!
  4. exwdwcm

    exwdwcm wishes she was Wendy Moira Angela Darling

    Great ADRS!

    We used to always start off our trip with Chef Mickey's. It is a great way to kick off the trip.

    I haven't eaten at MM or H&V. Well I lie, i have eaten at H&V, but it was when I worked there, 15 years ago and it was a cafeteria, not a character meal. The food was okay back then (I mean, i ate it because it was free!:rotfl:). I hear it is okay, but nothing to write home about these days. Standard buffet dinner fare. Unlike other buffets around property, they don't have a special item that stands out or gets rave reviews (like zebra domes at Boma or the cream cheese mashed potatoes at CM they used to have). We have booked MM for the first time, the chicken parm looks yummy to me. we are going to give that a shot.

    For QS- we love Cosmic Ray's for the selection at MK. But it can be really crowded finding a seat. The lines move fast at least. The chicken/rib plate is a great value. We also like Pecos Bill's. I am not a seafood eater, but I know everyone loves Columbia Harbor house.

    at AK, we used to always eat at Flame Tree. Love it and eating out on the deck on the water- we even saw the boat come by with the characters on it once. We tried Yak and Yeti QS and enjoyed that as well.

    At DHS.....well as you probably know, they are lacking in QS. We usually just grab pizza at the Toy Story pizza planet to keep it simple.
  5. 3princesses+aprince

    3princesses+aprince Mouseketeer

    Great looking ADRs. I was excited to find out as well that you can use snack credits at the F+WF!!! Can't wait, I know my dh is going to love that.
  6. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    I'm feeling really good about our choices so far. Chef Mickey's was the FIRST thing I decided on and I think it will be perfect to get Caden in the Disney spirit for the rest of the trip.

    I've heard the same things about H&V...just so so! I am thinking that since I am trying to get the F! package that I will take whatever is available!

    Thank you for the QS suggestions! I have spent most of my time choosing TS so I haven't given as much thought to the QS yet. Of course...I don't have to make ADR's on April 18 for those so I guess that's why I've put it on the back burner.

    Thanks! I was super excited when I found out as well. I really wasn't planning a separate time for the F&WF (was just going to do a quick walk through while there) until I found out about the snack credits. I am ALL OVER that food now! I am super excited! WoooHoooo! I think my grandparents will really love the F&WF also....EPCOT is already their favorite park! :goodvibes
  7. Parla

    Parla <font color=darkorchid>I don't have room for anoth

    Alright! The only thing that is the exact same for us is the breakfast at Tusker House. Maybe we'll run into each other if we decide on Animal Kingdom for the same day!
  8. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    I will have to recheck my plans, but if I remember correctly (I have changed the itinerary over 275,000 times :rotfl2:) our AK day is either Monday, Oct. 17 or Thursday, Oct. 20. :confused3 We will of course be shooting for an EARLY ADR! :goodvibes

    It would be totally cool to meet a fellow DISer! :)
  9. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <font color=990099>Would love a diet on Cadbury Fl Moderator

    We have the same dates too - Oct 15-22 at Villas at Wilderness Lodge (also DVC). I am also a compulsive planner but, since we are normally at WDW for a fortnight and we only have a week this time since we are cruising our second week, I have had to accept that we can't do EVERYTHING. I'm determined to squeeze as much as possible into those first 7 days though ;)

    I hope to bump into some of our fellow October travellers while we are there :)
  10. stephielela

    stephielela Mouseketeer

    Your ADR's look yummy!! I LOVED Tusker House breakfast onour last trip, so I am paying OOP for it (we are doing QSDP this time). We had an 8 am ADR, but I think if you have an ADR anytime before 8:30, you can be done and ready for RD! That's our plan anyways!
  11. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <font color=990099>Would love a diet on Cadbury Fl Moderator

    Your ADRs sound great. We will be eating off-site a lot this trip but still plan to eat at T-Rex, a must-do for the boys, and Whispering Canyon Cafe. DH and I have only ever eaten there without the kids so no fun for us. This time we will be in a big group (there are 9 of us) so we are hoping to get to see some of the antics WCC is famous for :thumbsup2

    Can't wait to read more about your plans. Caden is so cute, I'll bet he will be so excited when he realises where you're going.
  12. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    :welcome: So glad to have you along. It's exciting that there are so many other people with the same dates! It would be totally cool to run into fellow DISers while there! :woohoo: Do you have a PTR? I would love to hear more about your plans!

    ONE DAY....I hope to have DVC....ONE DAY! :goodvibes
  13. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    I have 2 friends that recommended Tusker House for Breakfast! I'm glad to hear others like it also! I definitely hope to be done close to RD! that's definitely our plan! :)
  14. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <font color=990099>Would love a diet on Cadbury Fl Moderator

    No PTR as yet - we are travelling with two other families (both from the DIS) so I am hoping one of the others will write the trippies - as you can see from my sig, it's usually my job so it would be nice to have a break.
  15. mousescrapper

    mousescrapper Mouseketeer

    Hi Stephanie :wave2:

    joining in your Oct planning fun...My hubby & I are going on a no kid anniversary trip the 16-20 of Oct too...staying at BLT (DVC) like Michelle (exwdwcm)...

    I have 4 children that will be home w/ Grandma and my youngest will be just a month shy of turning 5 while we are there in Oct...she LOVES Disney World to pieces :goodvibes

    your son is so cute and I love the you can go when you are 4 story...:laughing:

    great planning thus far and so sweet your grandparents and hopefully Mom are going too...we took all 4 GP's w/ for our kids first WDW trip back in 05 too...if you can plan some special time though for just you, your DBF and son to create some special memories alone...

    good luck driving and so glad to hear your not pushing the envelope and trying to go to a park on arrival day...

    love all your ADR's and going for all the character meals...we love them!!!

  16. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    :wave: Hey Julie! :welcome: to my PTR!

    How exciting for you to be going kid free AND to be celebrating your anniversary!

    We will definitely set aside some special time just for the 3 of us. My grandparents will also probably take some alone time with just Caden which will leave Wayne and I some time to enjoy the magic of Disney just the 2 of us! I am SOOOOO excited! :yay:

    I think I am as excited about the character meals as Caden will be. So fun!

    Stay tuned for more....
  17. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    I can't get Disney off the brain...go figure! :earboy2: I am on Spring Break this week and am starting today out with NASTY severe thunderstorms and the possibility for tornadoes. :scared1: I guess there's nothing better to do than hang out on the DIS, right? :surfweb:

    I though I would share the list of our MUST DO's in each park. Let's start with one of my 2 favorite parks....Magic Kingdom!

    Magic Kingdom MUST DO's:
    WDW Railroad
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Space Mountain
    Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
    Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    It's A Small World
    Snow White's Scary Adventures
    Peter Pan's Flight
    Mickey's Philhar Magic 3-D
    Tomorrowland PeopleMover
    Haunted Mansion
    Main Street Electrical Parade
    Wishes Fireworks

    Items of Interest: (we won't be upset if we miss them)
    Jungle Cruise
    Tom Sawyer's Island
    Liberty Square Riverboat
    Enchanted Tiki Room
    Magic Carpets of Aladdin
    Swiss Family Treehouse

    (Items in italics are those that Caden is too short too ride or I think will be too intense for him. We will utilize rider Swap and/or my grandparents so Wayne and I can ride these)

    We only have 1 day in MK (1.5 if you count MNSSHP) and I know we just can't do everything! I know some of you are probably thinking that I am CERTIFIABLY CRAZY putting Dumbo, Aladdin & Tom Sawyer on the "secondary" list since this trip is for my 4 year old son. :P There IS a method to my madness...he's not a huge Dumbo or Aladdin fan and there are SO MANY other rides that he is tall enough to ride and I think he would enjoy more than just going in circles. As for Tom Sawyer, this will become a MUST DO if Caden is breaking down and just needs to run off some steam...otherwise, we will just fit it in if we have time.

    I would love to hear your opinions... REALLY! Is there something on the MUST DO list you think I could ditch? Is there anything on the secondary list you thing should be a MUST? Did I leave anything off completely that you think we should consider?
  18. Parla

    Parla <font color=darkorchid>I don't have room for anoth

    Call me crazy but this time Country Bears Jamboree and Tiki Room are actually on our must do list. I've never done them myself and want to make sure the kids experience them since I don't know how long they will be there.
  19. stephielela

    stephielela Mouseketeer

    I think your lists look good. I will say that my son has never seen Dumbo, but it is still a must do for us. Kids just love it for some reason. In our family it has always been a tradition, so maybe that has just rubbed off on him.

    I also think (though I am not positive on this) that Snow White's Scary Adventure is closing soon, as part of the Fantasyland refurb, but I don't know for sure when.

    I also heard they are changing the Tiki room back to the original, or something closer to it.

    It's a great idea to have your must do list, it helps prioritize.
  20. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    It's kind of funny that you mention the Tiki Room. I have never seen it and for some reason I REALLY want to see what it's all about. Country Bears Jamboree on the other hand I think I can pass up... LOL :rotfl:
  21. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 Mouseketeer

    Truth be told...I think my aversion to Dumbo and Aladdin has more to do with me than with my son! :rotfl2: I can ride roller coasters and thrill rides all day, but you put me on something that goes round and round somewhat slowly and I get super motion sick. I guess if Caden wants to ride...Gi-Gi or Paw-Paw will have to ride with him. :rotfl:

    I had heard that about Snow White as well, but was unsure about when it would be closing. I already had to take all of ToonTown off the list since it's history. I hope Snow White is still around in October. :goodvibes

    I am using Touring Plans (though I haven't got in detail with that yet) and I figure without a must do list we're going to waste time just wandering around.

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