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New Years Eve at WDW

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by diznutiam2, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. diznutiam2

    diznutiam2 Member

    Who has better fireworks MK or HS?
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  3. Drfate102

    Drfate102 Member

    MK, but the Studios will have Mulch Sweat and Shears doing sets on stage along with a DJ. But be prepared, it WILL be crowded. Do not expect to hit a lot of rides, go for the night stuff and get there early. Soarin had a 4 and a half hour wait.
  4. kanadar

    kanadar Member

    IMO, neither. Epcot's are the very best. First, MK is ALWAYS crowded and always fills to capacity by noon on NYE. Plus at Epcot there are so many good spots to see the fireworks. They also shoot off fireworks over each country in the order that they entered the New Year. As well as bringing out what is affectionately named the world war 3 barge. Its huge and the finale literally lights up the ENTIRE sky. Its the most amazing this I have ever seen
  5. Spacedog1975

    Spacedog1975 Member

    I was at DHS last year on 12/22 for the last day of my trip. That put me off ever showing up on or near a holiday. The week before is great. The week after is probably great. The week of seems like a nightmare. (IMHO)
  6. lockedoutlogic

    lockedoutlogic Mouseketeer

    If i were to pick one i would pick EPCOT on new years...there's just no better spot for this sort of thing.

    But if it's 12/31...you NEED to be drunk...so epcot again.

    But as stated...its ridiculous to go anywhere near a disney park on peak days/periods. its way more trouble than it will ever be worth...just is.

    contrary to propoganda..."magical wishes and memories that last a lifetime"...don't happen on those days and don't last a lifetime.

    The foul taste in your mouth after the memory of ridiculous overcrowding and poor behavior...that DOES last.:cheer2:
  7. connors95

    connors95 Earning My Ears

    I would suggest going to Epcot for New Years Eve. Its a large park so the crowds are a little more spread out. They have a amazing fireworks show for NYE. Just get there early and get your fast passes early. Do what rides you can with the fast pass. Then maybe visit areas that you may have never been or haven't been in a long time. There are a lot of areas to view the fireworks from. I suggest around any country you may like to drink alcohol in. My spot is Mexico. Good spot and good Margaritas . Where ever you decide just get there, don't stress and enjoy.
  8. manning

    manning <font color=blue>Just for that I have requested it

    Did it twice at EPCOT. Never again.

    Getting out of there is crazy.
  9. diznutiam2

    diznutiam2 Member

    we are staying at the boardwalk so the crowd is not going to be an issue for us. We've done New Years before and we were at MK. We thought we experience another park....so we are thinking HS due to the entertainment and we have a dinner reservation there too.
  10. Q-man

    Q-man Mouseketeer

    That may well be the most logical post I've seen from you.

    I'd vote EP too.
  11. Q-man

    Q-man Mouseketeer

    Exit the international gate and walk over to the Beach club and take a cab from there.

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