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New Family Suites at All Star Music FAQ thread Update Page 11 New photos I took Sept.

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by minnie61650, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Grumpy's Wife

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    Hi Stillkiki. :wave2: We will also be staying there the same time as you. If I see your user name on a green mickey head I'll be sure to say hi.
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  3. Bethipooh4

    Bethipooh4 My daughter says I am to mean to work at Disney!

    We'll be there in December, so I am anxious to read any reviews. We have a family suite and a regular room booked. I hope we can get the 2 rooms close to each other.
  4. DannyDisneyFreak

    DannyDisneyFreak Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.

    Well, minnie61650 is nine days into her trip, sitting here at home I wish I was there too but I can't wait for her report when she returns. I know she was crazy about the AS suites before I bet she will have lots to share when she gets back.
  5. beast lover

    beast lover beauty and the beast snow globe collector

    Do you have an e-mail address to contact them about the suites..i have already booked my hols for next sept,but would love to have a suite!! do you know if there is shuttle busses to the universal parks form there too?? :banana:
  6. dorymom67

    dorymom67 Member

    First of all let me say that this thread has been AWESOME for info. about the suites. I am booked in for the school vacation week in April at the ASMu Suites. Little worried about the crowding at that time, but nonetheless...that's the best time for us to go. Thank you, thank you for the pictures, thank you for the comments and thank you all around. I think these suites are the best option for me and my family. Myself, DH, DD (8) and DD (2). My 2 year old can nap in one room and my 8 year old can rest, grab a snack and plan her next thrill ride in the other room. Anyway, my one quick question is oddly enough about the mini-refrigerator. Is there a freezer section? Or is it more like a "dorm room" frig? Thanks.

  7. DannyDisneyFreak

    DannyDisneyFreak Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.

    Call WDW reservations at 1-877-939-3732, this is the toll free number and ask about the All-star Music Family Suites.

    WDW is not going to shuttle you anywhere off property especially to Universal. What hotel are you staying at? Are you staying at a WDW resort?
  8. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    I just returned from a fabulous stay at All Star Music.
    Wow! Mid September is a great time to experience Disney. Most rides were walk ons and even Soarin was only a 10 minute wait!

    All Star Music is looking great. We stayed in Calypso building 10.

    We stayed in room 0618 (for 8 nights) which is a HA room with a roll in shower.
    It was just refurbished and had a totally new look.

    It was decorated with the same decor as the new suites and even had a privacy curtain between the bedroom area and the area by the sink!

    We had reserved a Family Suite for our last 2 nights. When I reserved them in April I had requested a HA room and was told HA Family Suites would not be available until 2007 so I asked about a raised toilet seat and CRO told me that would not be a problem.
    Turned out it was a problem. There are not any Family Suites with raised toilet seats yet so we opted to stay at the Suites just 1 night.

    Let me tell you I loved the Suites and once they have HA Family Suites available I would book my whole stay there in the future!

    We stayed in 0416 which is on the ground floor. Room 0418 which was next door was not a Suites so the Suites are not all grouped together.
    The living area was the best. There was a small table with 2 blue modern looking chairs by the window area.

    The chairs had a small amount of cushioning and curved backs and seemed more conformable (to me) than the old straight back chairs they had in the old All Star Music rooms. The table top was wood grain and there were silhouettes of Mickey all abound the edge in a darker wood color.


    The living room area is very roomy when the furniture is the closed position.

    When you first enter the room you get a feeling that you can take time to relax and spread out in these rooms. The cramped feeling is not there. there is a sofa, chair and ottoman which fold out into beds. There are two small end tables and soft foot stool for the sofa.


    The TV was a 27 inch flat screen and the cabinet had three drawers under the TV area. There were two shelves next to the TV and a cabinet door which opened to reveal 2 more shelves.


    I opened up the chair bed and it was very conformable to lay down on. The back of the chair actually rests on the floor supporting the chair bed when it is folded out into the bed. I took a picture and if it turns out I will post it. It was pretty amazing the way they designed the pull out furniture!
    The frame of the bed is metal so when I went to get of the chair bed I did feel the metal bars at the edge of the bed.


    I tried to get the ottoman into the master bedroom area but I am sorry to say the ottoman is just too wide and will not fit through the door jam.

    The sink and closet areas in the suites also have privacy curtains.
    The sink areas have 2 shelf cubbies under them for storage and a Kleenex tissue area under them. There are wall mounted hair dryers with the built in amber night lights on the walls by the sinks.


    Each dressing area has a privacy curtain, closet area, iron, ironing board and wall safe. The wall safes are the standard size which will hold a wallet a cell phone a small DVD player, a personal CD player, or a few CDs but it is not large enough for a lap top or anything that is more than a couple of inches wide.

    Remember the Suites have 2 bathrooms, 2 dressing areas with privacy curtains, 2 safes, 2 hairdryers, 2 closets, 2 TVs, 2 separate sleeping, areas and 2 TVs.

    The kitchenette has a lot storage area also.
    There was an ice bucket with 6 plastic cups on the countor and a coffeepot with 6 of the throw away foam hot cups.
    There were 6 paper plates, 6 paper bowls, Paper towels and a silverware tray on an upper shelf.
    The silverware container had 6 sets of plastic ware and a can opener in it.


    The kitchenette has a nice size microwave, and the fridge is the larger under the counter dorm fridge. The fridge has small freezer on the top which was big enough to freeze my 3 small ice pacs for my meds. The area for the freezer is not very high. You might be able to put a couple of small water bottles in it to freeze them but a larger water bottle would not be able to fit in the freezer area.


    The Master room was nice size and it was nice to have a desk area with a mirror over it so it also sure as a make up area if one chose to it as such.
    The TV cabinet had 3 nice size storage drawers. The easy chair next to the bed was nice addition. I enjoyed being able to sit there instead of using a table chair or bed to sit.

    The queen size bed was conformable. The AC at newly refurbished has been updated to Cental air style instead of the old under the window style. It worked fine while we were there. Our room was very quiet.



    The Master area had enough room for a twin size aero bed if you placed the bed with one end by the window and had it running between the desk and the foot of bed. (You would need to move the desk chair out of the way. )The aero bed would block the access of the Queen size bed from the far side, however. The bed was a Queen.


    There were only a few things in our Suite that were different from those pictured on the DIS resorts homepage.

    1) The headboard was smaller than the one pictured here taken from the DIS resorts homepage.

    2) The tile on the kitchen floor and bathroom floor was tan and navy blue instead of the tan and white in the pictured room.

    3) Also the far wall in the living area when you enter room was painted blue instead of the tan color the rest of the room was room is painted.

    4) Ironing boards and iron were in each closet area.

    Our Digital camera is not working so I took some photos on a disposable one.
    I will post a fewof them in couple days if they turn out. Meanwhile I will post a few of the photos from the DIS Homepage to add to my descriptions.

    Mousekeeping was great.

    Mousekeeping left plenty of towels and we were pleasantly surprised by a pair of love bird towel animals when we returned to our room on evening midway through our stay!

    The Calypso pool was never crowded even though the Fantasia pool at Movies was closed during the time we stayed Music.

    We never waited more than 5-10 minutes for bus and only shared buses on the way back from some of the parks. Music always had its own bus back from MK.

    Any questions? Just ask and I will try to answer them.
  9. DannyDisneyFreak

    DannyDisneyFreak Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.

    Thanks for the update! I hope your trip was magical. I have been in sep. before and did enjoy it also. So where was your room located? 0416, is that building 10, 3rd floor, room 16? Did you know if any of the suites are on the main floor of building 1 or 10 facing the pool? Well, thanks, can't wait to see your personal pics.
  10. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Thanks DannyDisneyFreak. We had an awesome time at Disney!

    The Suite we were in was on the backside of the ground floor of Calypso building #10 facing the playground.

    The ground floor of builing #10 has the 400 numbers, the 2ed floor has the 500 number and the third floor has the 600 numbers.

    Yes, there were some Suites located on the ground floor of both buildings #1 and #10 that faced the main Pool.
  11. DKM

    DKM Earning My Ears


    Thanks for the great review. We are staying there in the Suites in Jan. It is myself, my wife, two daughtes (3 and 6) and Grandma. The suite seems like a perfect size for us. One question, how was the fold out couch? Grandma (my mom) is planning on sleeping on it. Did you get a chance to lay down on it? Just wondering. I just want to be sure that everyone is comfortable. My kids could sleep on a rock if they are tired enough so, I am sure the smaller fold outs will be fine for them..

    Also, did Disney supply coffee in the rooms for the coffee maker? Thanks again for all the great info..

  12. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Hi Patrick,

    You are welcome. It was my pleasure.

    I tried the chair foldout at the Family suites and thought it was comfortable.
    The mattress was thick and there are no bars under the mattress there is a metal frame around the edge but not under the sleeper.
    They are made in a way that when the chair is folded out the area that was the back of the chair rests on the floor and supports the bed and person lying on the sleeper. I was amazed and really intrigued by that concept.
    I took some photos which I will pick up later today. If they turn out I will post one for you so you can get a better visualization.

    We only stayed one night so I don't know about if they replenish your plastic cups, silverware, & plates. I am sure you can request that they be supplied each day.
    We received 2 packets of Cafe Valet French roast coffee, 1 decafe and 1 regular, two packets of coffee condiments (Sugar, creamer, and coffee stirrers) and 2 tea bags (a breakfast tea bag and a green tea bag) when we arrived in our room. There were 6 foam coffee cups and the coffeepot is the small one which makes 4 cups.

    Hope that helps.

    Have fun at Disney and I hope enjoy your stay in the Family Suites as much as we did!
  13. DannyDisneyFreak

    DannyDisneyFreak Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.

    Is that a Nescafe brand? I'm suprised if it's not, the only coffee you can get in WDW is Nescafe, it would be nice if they gave you somthing different in the rooms for the coffee maker.
  14. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    I am not sure what brand of coffee it is.
    It is packaged by Courtesy Products which packages coffee for hotels and motels.

    Here is their website:


    It says the coffee is:


    4-cup filter packs & coordinated condiment pack
    Item# 15226 - 200 per case

    Item# 15227 - 200 per case

    dDrk roasted, medium body, and full aroma
    Shipped from 4 regional warehouses
    Available with coordinated condiment packs


    I am not a coffee drinker and have not tried it so I don't know how good it is.

    Has anyone tried this brand?

    Please let us know what you think of it.
  15. dorymom67

    dorymom67 Member

    First of all let me thank you Linda for all of your information. It's like being there myself.

    I have booked 2 Family Suites for April. One for my Mom, Aunt and Sister and one for myself, hubby and our 2 girls (2 and 8 year old). I requested the Calypso Bldg. I mean my Aunt is 78 and I don't want her to walk too far for the bus stop.

    Here are my questions:
    1) Are some of the suites side-by-side OR at least across from one another?
    2) Are the suites in the Calypso done already? Looking for the newest section. My family is happy when they are in the newest possible rooms.
    3) Is the freezer section of the refrigerator able to free ice cubes or do they have ice machines at the ASR?
    4) Are you able to purchase a few things like milk and bread to have in my kitchenette or do we need to go off Disney grounds for that?

    That's all for now. I may think of more later.

  16. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Here are photos of the coffee maker and the coffee:


  17. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Our family Suite was located in building number #10 which is a Calypso building. The door to our right was a regular room but there were 2 Suites located to our left so there were total of 3 Suites right next to each other. This was the case in Calypso building #1 also. I did not go over to the Jazz buildings so I do not know how they were laid out there.

    The freezer section was small and I was able to freeze my 3 small ice pacs in the freezer. There is an ice container on the counter and the ice machines are located on every floor just behind the elevators.

    here is close up of the fridge;


    There is a small area at the back of the gift shop that sells bread, milk and juice and a few other grocery items.

    Have fun at Disney and I hope you enjoy the Suites as much as we did!
  18. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Here are a couple of photos of the fold out chair. Notice how the back and seat cushion of the chair becomes the support for the bed.
    There are no metal bars to dig into your back in these foldouts. They have metal frames but no metal bars under them.


    See how the chair seat and back of the chair have become the support for the bed.
    * NOTE the privacy curtain in the back by the bathroom room sink area.

    Here is another photo of the fold out chair bed.


  19. CinderellasSister

    CinderellasSister Mouseketeer

    Thanks Linda for all the great information. Now I'm even more excited for our trip!!! Can't wait!!! :cool1: :cool1: :yay:

    One question: does the sofa follow the same concept as the chair, with not having any bar going across the middle?
  20. DKM

    DKM Earning My Ears


    Thank you so much for the great report!! Myself and my family really appreciate all that you do. The thorough responses and reports that you have are great!! This is our first trip to Disney and thanks to your input it will be a great one! We really feel that we have chosen the best resort/room for our family's needs. Keep up the great work. We really appreciate the response.

    Thanks again!

  21. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Here are some photos of the Family Suites while we were there September 21,2006:

    We just returned from a fabulous stay at All Star Music.

    Here are some of my photos of the new Family Suites at All Star Music:

    Here are some photos from the living area:


    TV and storage dresser in living area.


    Table and chairs in living area.


    Living area.


    TV with view of kitchenette.


    Sitting in the red chair looking at the kitchenette.


    I love this art print in the living area.


    Chair folded out into bed. * note the seat and back cushion of chair support the bed.

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