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New DisneyParksBlog on MyMagic+ and FP+

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Cloudless Nights, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. skater

    skater <font color=blue>Change sometimes stinks.. doesn't

    I seriously thought about doing my winter trip at Universal (and probably my 11 year old son would have been thrilled). Nostalgia still wins out - so many wonderful memories at Disney. Still, the nostalgia won't keep winning out for some of us if they take away too much of the magic that makes it nostalgic.
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  3. Waddler

    Waddler Member

    Yeah. I can't believe so many people are excited about enhanced marketing. They must either trust that Disney won't cross a line, or they haven't thought it through.

    Want to design your own Test Track car? First, here's an ad about a product you might be interested in.

    Happy wake-up call from Mickey! He sees that you had the wine pairings at V&A's last night. Would you like him to bring you a Bloody Mary and advil to take the edge off your hangover?

    Did your kid spend half an hour looking through Minnie merchandise, but left the store empty-handed because you wanted her to think about a purchase first? Maybe a targeted ad pops up on your resort TV screen, telling your little girl that poor plush Minnie is homeless and is waiting for you to save her.

    You walked 6.8 miles yesterday, ate approximately 1,800 calories, and are running a 700 calorie deficit... and you have a weakness for dole whips. How much food pron can you take before you cave and buy one?

    Sent your overcooked steak back to the kitchen at dinner last night and left a justifiably small tip? Every CM can now see that your pain-in-the-butt score is 2 out of a possible 10.

    Sure, some of the above examples are far-fetched... but where will they draw the line?
  4. maggiew

    maggiew If she hates to be wet, then how does the survive

    I'm not really excited about the new MyMagic +.

    It might be good for a newbie or someone who didn't understand you needed to plan a little ahead . Some may have left Disney disappointed that they didn't get to do xyz because the line was too long or they didn't make an ADR to eat with the princesses. This way they are "guaranteed' to do their "must dos". (Provided they know about MyMagic+ or can figure it out.)

    However, for someone like me who likes to plan and use FP, this will be a step back. We always use more than 3 FP per day.

    Hopefully, the masses will use their FP+ on scheduling Fireworks viewing time or something worthless like that and leave the headliners for me.

    Also, we usually do room only reservations. We've never done a full package because we don't want the dining plan. Now it looks like I will have to do a package to get tickets. Hopefully it will work out that we can have a Disney room reservation and then order Undercover Tourist tickets and add them to the MyMagic+ thing if we get the tickets mailed to us ahead of time.

    I was thinking about staying offsite next trip. We had a 2 bedroom condo when we went to Hawaii last year and now my teen girls are spoiled on the room space. So they wanted a condo again for our trip to Disney. Maybe I won't be able to do that if this new system rolls out before our trip.

    I'm still undecided about the bracelets. I like the idea of having one thing for photopass, room key and tickets. Not sure I want charging priviledges on that. I'm afraid of my CC info being on the RFID. I've read too many articles about the new RFID chips on CCs and theives getting the info off of those. I bet it would be easy game at WDW for the theives and these RFID. I'm also a little concerned about privacy. I didn't think about the things a PP mentioned, like WDW will KNOW that you spent an hour at World of Disney and didn't buy anything. Or you like to spend your afternoon in the shops at EPCOT. A little too big brother for me. I'm hoping I can get a card with the RFID instead of the bracelet and then put it in one of those metal wallet things you can buy at Walgreens to protect against the RFID readers. Then just bring out the card when you need it.

  5. Melodious

    Melodious Mouseketeer

    If mickey brought me a bloody mary in bed, I would definitely consider it a win!
  6. MickeyMinnieMom

    MickeyMinnieMom If you ticket it, they will come... ;)

    Not thrilled with the idea of wearing a wristband either. But, even if they don't make another format (e.g. card) available, what prevents us from just putting our and our children's wristbands in our bag like we do current park tix? :confused3 Doesn't seem like a big problem to me. :goodvibes
  7. MickeyMinnieMom

    MickeyMinnieMom If you ticket it, they will come... ;)

    If these are real concerns for anyone, they can opt out! :thumbsup2
  8. UNCFanatik

    UNCFanatik Mouseketeer

    So much privacy paranoia coming from people using the internet. I am sure the irony is lost on them. Too funny...
  9. stitch1094

    stitch1094 Member

    Is this true with the Disney Experience website? I ask because the website is only allowing me to book 180 days in advance (no +10) so I have been booking dining one day at a time for our July trip. I am staying on site using DVC points and the reservation is linked in the website.
  10. maggiew

    maggiew If she hates to be wet, then how does the survive

    I know. And I will, if that is an option. Although I am pretty sure that Disney will do away with regular FP soon. They won't have both systems going for very long (IMHO). In addition, if we opt out, I am sure the regular FP will become unavailable very early each morning. So not really much of an option to opt out.

    I have another question. We are doing a cruise in June. I was thinking about going to WDW one day pre-cruise for Star Wars Weekend. If I get 10 day non-expiring tickets, would I then be able to use the codes from those tickets for our December trip on the MyMagic+ system but then keep my offsite December reservations?

  11. texasteacher35

    texasteacher35 Mouseketeer

    Seriously...people are never happy, you can't please everyone...I like the idea of no paper fast passes...what a waste. Not having to run across parks for fast passes is awesome. We go to WDW from Chicago A LOT, and I am excited to see change...they will work out the kinks. Disney rocks, and so I have faith in them working this through. It may not be perfect at first, but come on...

    I am more disappointed about the reduction of discount for my premier passport. Seriously!
  12. Waddler

    Waddler Member

    Paranoia is a strong word. I realize that my privacy is vulnerable when using the internet, too. Doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.
  13. MickeyMinnieMom

    MickeyMinnieMom If you ticket it, they will come... ;)

    It still amazes me -- though it shouldn't anymore -- how negative people can be on here!! CRANKY!!

    And many of the same ones complaining about any new technology Disney tries, also complain that Disney isn't investing enough in the parks!

    A WDW vacation - and planning it - makes me happy. :) Even when I'm not 100% thrilled with every little aspect of every change Disney makes. I'm looking forward to what this new technology can bring. pixiedust:

    Time for me to take a DIS break! I know... I won't let the "logout" hit me on the way out! ;) :goodvibes
  14. MickeyMinnieMom

    MickeyMinnieMom If you ticket it, they will come... ;)

  15. DisneyFive

    DisneyFive Luv'n the magic

    I'll be interested to see what they come up with. I'm not bashing FP+, as we tried it this past Sept and it was fine. It WAS very nice to know that you already had FP's for your desired attractions at predetermined times even before you got to the park.

    I just don't want to wear a bracelet around all day while in the parks, to access my room, etc...

  16. rjvose17

    rjvose17 Member

    We are going to WDW for a little trip January 25-30... We are DVC and PAP holders. This trip instead of using DVC points we are staying at POP. Would it do me any good to ask about the magic bands and the new fast pass system upon check in? I myself am getting a bit confused over all the changes. I like change so I'm anxious to see how it all works and have read that some people are getting picked to try things out. What are your thoughts?
  17. dadddio

    dadddio Mouseketeer

    That's just the thing. Loads of people won't know that they are supposed to plan out their rides 60 days out.

    That's kind of what I don't like about FP+. Not only does it ignore those people who don't know that they should be microplanning their theme park visits, but it doesn't give enough perks to those that do microplan their visits to be a reasonable replacement for FPs. Sure, these people can schedule three (or four?) rides in advance, but they used to be able to get half a dozen FPs to the big rides.

    FP aside, there does seem to be some good stuff here. The whole RFID thing is expected to include value added stuff. Most of those things are also opportunities for us to spend more, but Disney's primary business is increasing corporate profits, not that there's anything wrong with that.
    You can book rooms and buy tickets on the Disney website without adding a meal package. As I understand it, those people who buy tickets from other sources can also still use the MM+ system. They just will type in their ticket number on the website. That's not unlike how cruisers enter their ticket numbers on the site to be able to preschedule excursions and dinners.
    I think that you will still be able to do that. You'll just enter your ticket number on the website.
    As I understand it, your CC info won't be on the chip. It will be rather like the current KTTW card where it identifies the guest and whether he has spending priveledges, but doesn't actually include the CC number. The CC number is already in the system from check-in, so doesn't need to be on the card. The issue of someone somehow cloning bracelets to ring up charges is a good one, but can be avoided as it is with CCs. A simple way would for the system to pop up a picture of the bracelet holder at point of purchase.
    Something tells me that the mouse already has a handle on whether people are buying things or browsing the shops. That being said, you will still have a couple options to de-big brother it. One is to pay with cash or a credit card instead of the bracelet. You will have the option of not having spending privledges just like with the KTTW card.

    In many ways, most of what they are doing is just taking the current KTTW concept and taking it to the next step by adding PhotoPass to it. To do that right, they have to change the technology to RFID. This change allows them the ability to offer greater experiences.

    FOr me, FP+ is the weak point to the entire scheme, not magic bands. Magic bands allow them an additional sales opportunity, but don't 'reduce the magic', in my opinion.
  18. awoogala

    awoogala Member

    No. I know of 5 posts that have not been posted on that blog.
  19. awoogala

    awoogala Member

    top that off with the fact that once you have given them permission to data mine your kids, what is to stop them from selling that info to other companies? You have opted in, and given them permission.
  20. dadddio

    dadddio Mouseketeer

    Your travel agent will mail you your tickets (or vouchers). Then you can enter the numbers on the website and you're good to go.

    I assume that it will be handled the same way as you do your exursions and Palo reservations. In fact, it would not at all surprise me to see the ships move to MyMagic/magic bands pretty quickly.
  21. dadddio

    dadddio Mouseketeer

    This is my biggest concern. When we were AP holders, we would decide to hit the parks completely on a whim. With the old FP system, this was not a problem. With the new system, this will be a huge problem.

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