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New Castle Projection Show

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by MADnNOLA, Oct 29, 2012.


    MADnNOLA Mouseketeer

    I met (and spoke to) yesterday a tech with MK, and he was telling me about the new projection show to be rolled out soon. :cool1:

    Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph) will wreck the castle! And a new Mickey will be saying Good Night to the guests.

    I saw a few pictures on his phone. The graphics are amazing! He was really impressed with the new system.

    On a side note, he was returning today to start rehearsals for the MVMCP parade starting on November 9th. They have a week break from the MNSSHP.

    Got to love the hard work these people put in for us!!!! :yay:
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  3. TinkerDisneyDreamer

    TinkerDisneyDreamer Earning My Ears

    Wow! Can't wait to see it on our next trip in May! Tell him thanks for the awesome work from all of us MK fans! :)

    ABE4DISNEY Mouseketeer

    Did he mention a date for its premiere?
  5. pascalstongue

    pascalstongue Mouseketeer

    Sounds good. I hope it is more like the show at DLRP. It is amazing!
  6. bjakmom

    bjakmom <br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/i

    Thanks for the update - hope it's up and running for the first MVMCP on the 9th!

    MADnNOLA Mouseketeer

    He did not mention a roll out date, but I suspect very soon by the way he was talking. He said they were doing a lot of tweaking on the system, to get exactly what how wanted it all to run. They had been working on it almost each night last week, so I would suspect very soon! :goodvibes

    ABE4DISNEY Mouseketeer

    I am hoping that they roll it out next week! That is by far our most favorite night time event! :thumbsup2
  9. WDWChloe

    WDWChloe WDW Annual Passholder

    Yay! Thanks for the info! :wave2:

    I. Can't. Wait.

    I loved MM&Y, especially the finale with Walt. Buuuut, the whole photo thing was getting kind of old - you could barely see them :/
  10. Disneyfreak44

    Disneyfreak44 Member

    Thanks for posting info, I just saw Wreck it Ralph it's a really good movie
  11. DznyCrzy11

    DznyCrzy11 "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference wh

    Sounds very interesting! I cannot wait to see what they come up with!

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  12. lmcbw

    lmcbw Earning My Ears

    I love the castle show and the technology they've come up with, but I don't know how I feel about a wrecking of the castle?!
  13. Golf4food

    Golf4food Mouseketeer<br><font color=red>Male pirate last ti

    As opposed to drowning it in the ocean, suffocating it in vines, or launching it into space? :confused3 ;)
  14. thedonduck

    thedonduck Mouseketeer

    I believe it opens on the 16th of Nov
  15. michelleiada

    michelleiada Mouseketeer

    It sounds amazing. I can't wait to see it. I loved the Magic, The Memories, and You!
  16. WellingtonR

    WellingtonR Earning My Ears

    Is this part of wishes or is it for the special Mickey Christmas nights?
  17. Disneyfreak44

    Disneyfreak44 Member

    Neither it is just a separate show that Disney added a few years ago and now is being transformed into a new show. It will be the same type of show with new scenes to switch it up a bit. :thumbsup2
  18. SydneyJoLynn

    SydneyJoLynn Ad/Lib'ing it.

    First show: Tomorrow, during the Christmas Party.

    First Public Show: Tuesday, 11/13.
  19. MADnNOLA

    MADnNOLA Mouseketeer

  20. wdc2wdw

    wdc2wdw Earning My Ears

  21. jagfanjosh3252

    jagfanjosh3252 #1 fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars

    I loved it! So glad they kept Walt in it, but he is actually shown now!

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