new blog: Resort Hopping 101: The Art of Carpetbagging Around the World

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    Resort Hopping 101: The Art of Carpetbagging Around the World
    Posted on Tuesday, 17th July 2012 by Nicole Mancini

    Breathtaking views, comforting ammenities, and amazing locations. All of these attributes make staying at a Walt Disney World resort a special part of your vacation. Whether you celebrate Disney classics over at the Art of Animation Resort or spend your time observing zebras at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you are sure to feel immersed in the unique theming. But, have you ever found yourself staying in one resort, yet dying to visit another? That’s where resort hopping comes in; come along with me as I describe two ways you can “hop” from resort to resort while taking it all in.

    Image: Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of resort hopping at Walt Disney World!

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    Enjoyed that , Thanks!!!!
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    Enjoyed reading the blog.

    We have a variation on the day hopping version called bus roulette. It makes for a totally random day (so this probably won't be for those type A personalities) that can bring some nice surprises.

    How does it work? Simple, walk out of your resort room that morning and wait at the bus stop. Get on the first bus that comes along going to a park. At that park, do some random attraction. Then go to the bus stop at the park and get on the next bus that pulls up. Ignore the ones already there, just watch for a bus arriving. Take that bus to a resort (or DTD) and have lunch or browse the shops. Repeat for the afternoon.
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    :thumbsup2 I wanted to do this during my last trip, but didn't have a chance to do so. It sounds fun!

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