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Need suggestions: TS restaurant in MK

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by dvdcrow, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. dvdcrow

    dvdcrow New Member

    Help! We are a family of 6, mom, dad, grandparents and 2 kids, girls,ages 6 & 8. Need to make table service reservations for our first night, which will be spent in Magic Kingdom. If we take the Disney dining plan, Liberty Tree Tavern and Be Our Guest are two of our choices. Anyone have experience with these, or any other suggestions? (Dining plan also includes The Plaza, Tony's Town Square, Grand Floridian Cafe, The Wave, 'Ohana, and Kona Cafe). All comments appreciated. (Would rather not leave MK, but also thinking of the Coral Reef in Epcot.) Haven't been there for many years, but it was excellent years ago. Thanks!
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  3. jenjifer

    jenjifer New Member

    I'd do Chef Mickey at the Contemporary. Just a short walk away, and you'll all get a super extra dose of Disney Magic right on your first night.
  4. CaptainEIEIO

    CaptainEIEIO Even if you choose not to decide you still have ma

    We ate at the Liberty Tree Tavern when we were there. We had the Pot Roast and it was very good. It has been 3 years since we have been there though so the menu may have changed.
  5. lovetoscrap

    lovetoscrap <font color=navy>Sees tag fairy posts that aren't Moderator

    Moving to the Restaurant Board.
  6. emmiesmom

    emmiesmom New Member

    Be Our Guest would be my first choice because it's new- I know we have not had any luck getting an ADR/reservation for April at a time we can take our littlest one to dinner but if you can get one I would do that:goodvibes
    We have enjoyed The Plaza with our girls and the highlight there are the ice cream sundaes for dessert, the entrees are sandwiches, salads and burger so not the best choice if you are looking for a full meal but it was fairly quick and good and that would be our choice for dinner without leaving the MK park.
    We enjoy Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch but haven't gone for dinner because it is a set menu at dinner.
    Tony's Town Square has been alright, nothing special and nothing awful.
  7. ReluctantDisaholic

    ReluctantDisaholic New Member

    What about Crystal Palace?
  8. ses1230

    ses1230 New Member

    BOG dinner - atmosphere is incredible, food is so-so. The experience is great, and it is the newest. After dinner you get a picture taken with the Beast.

    LTT dinner is family style Thanksgiving fare. IMO, lunch at LTT is much much better. You can order off the menu at lunch and everything I have ever had there has been very good.

    The Plaza is something we do every trip. It is a TS, but not worth the dining credit. This is one to pay OOP if you need to use credits elsewhere.

    I would try to stay in the park unless you can get Ohana.

    As pp mentioned there is also Crystal Palace if you want characters and/or a buffet.
  9. jude&jonah

    jude&jonah New Member

    I vote for LTT! I truly wish it fit into our itinerary because I'd love to try eating there- just doesn't work out with our days.
  10. jimmytammy

    jimmytammy <font color=purple>Swivel, it's a hard habit to br

    LTT would be my choice, Plaza 2nd choice. If you dont mind leaving MK via Monorail, Ohana is really good. If its your 1st day, I would stay in MK area(or whatever park you are in) as travel time, even monorail to Epcot can really cut into time, be tiring, etc.
  11. dvdcrow

    dvdcrow New Member

    Thank you for all your suggestions. Booked Be Our Guest for the last night of our stay, and decided on the "Cinderella Happily Ever After" character dinner at 1900 Park Fare for the first night. That way my granddaughters won't have to wait to experience their first character meal. (We also have the princess breakfast at Akershus in Epcot.) Read mixed reviews on the food/service at Be Our Guest--- hopefully the kinks will be ironed out by August. Thanks again for your help.

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