Need ideas for Labor Day BBQ

Discussion in 'Cooking' started by czycropper, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. czycropper

    czycropper DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2005
    We've decided to have a couple of our neighbors over tomorrow and I want to make something other than hamburger, hot dogs & potato salad ---- any and all ideas are greatly appreciated!
  2. dpmfloyd

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    Sep 23, 2009
    i stole this idea from jike - bbq grilled chicken flatbread.
    all you need is: naan, granny smith apple, chicken tenders cut up, bbq sauce (i use sweet baby rays)

    1)cook the chicken first, after its done cut it up into small chunks or thin strips.

    2)put the naan on the grille, follow the directions on the package ( i believe you lightly brush a thin coating of olive oil on top and heat it for 5 mins). while this is warming, cut up the granny smith apple into thin strips

    3) remove naan from heat, place chicken on top, then swirl some bbq sauce on top - then springke with granny smith apples

    easy and delicious!

    something else to make is buffalo chicken dip - check this out - its very good, and VERY unhealthy:
  3. minpin3

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    Sep 5, 2005
    I know it's after Labor Day but here's a recipe...

    Sweet and Spicy Pickles

    1 - 2 gallon jar pickle chips
    1 - 2 quart jar of jalapeno slices
    1 - 5lb bag of sugar

    Drain the pickles and jalapenos. Start with the empty pickle layer of pickles then one layer of jalapenos. Repeat until you've used all the pickles and jalapenos. Pour sugar into the jar, you will have to shake the jar in order to distribute evenly. You will actually end up using about 4lbs but if you can get more in even better.
    Seal tightly and place in the refrigerator. Turn the jar over and place upside down the next day. Repeat this process for 7 days. The sugar will liquify.
    These are so good on hamburgers and I actually chop them up and use them as relish on my hot dogs and brats.


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