Need hotel recommendations for North Hollywood

Discussion in 'California & the West' started by Lora, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Lora

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    Aug 25, 1999
    We are attending an event in North Hollywood at the Holiday Inn (Universal Studios) next month. We do not have plans to go to US, Disneyland, or other theme parks, but will probably spend a few days after the event doing a few other attractions. So far I'm looking into Griffith, a couple studio tours, maybe a college visit (USC), and a trip to the beach for sunset photos. I can't decide whether to stay at the HI-US for the whole 6 nights or move once or twice for a better location/room rate. I probably will end up spending about $160 before taxes for a 2Q room at the HI. Any advice on where else I might look for a better rate or to get closer to the beach or the studio tours (not sure which ones we'll try - maybe WB and Paramount). I really don't mind changing hotels if it will save me a decent amount of drive time or money. I have never been to this area, so I am just now navigating the maps of the area and trying to sort out the various attraction locations.

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