My.. ummm.. good? National Experience

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by MikeyNS, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. MikeyNS

    MikeyNS DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2004
    Hi all.
    Just thought I would post this little note about my National "Quick Rent" experience of Feb 5-12th.

    As you know Quick Rent allows you to bypass the line and just pick a car you want from the parkade and drive off. Quick quick and convienient (no coupons allowed though..).. we found the Intermediate section, loaded our luggage and was off.
    When we hit the exit gate I provided the lady at the booth my license and credit card I used for the Quick Rent that I did online. She returned my cards, asked if I needed a map and I was on my way!
    Car was clean (an Alero), and no complaints.
    Here's where it gets REALLY interesting.
    When I returned my car the lady asked me for my paperwork. "Paperwork? I never received any. I just quick rented!". She sighed, wrote down some numbers on a piece of paper and told me to goto the booth in the parkade.

    APPARENTLY the lady at the booth where I checked out forgot to do me up the paperwork. OOPS.. so according to National's records I was a no-show and the rental never happened. The gentleman at the booth was great, yet mumbled about the quality of the employees not doing their jobs (it seemed not to be a rare occurance according to him), and because it showed that I was a no-show in the computer, he couldn't change it, so he'd have to start from scratch. Luckily I had my print out with my rate, discount, etc, all handy for him. He told me it would take him a while to get it all done and just go on my way so I don't miss my plane. He took all my information and I left him with all my info, reservation #, etc. I also asked him what would have happened if I didn't come to the booth. He said I wouldn't have been charged for the rental since no one knew what car I had, how long I had it, or even if I had a car at all!

    Anyhoo, as of this date my AmEx hasn't been charged for the rental.. still wondering if I should wait a bit before I call National and risk being double billed, or just leave it as is.. ?

    Comments, suggestions?
    I would still use National in a heartbeat, and will know now to ask for the rental "contract" that they're supposed to print out!
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  3. dudspizza

    dudspizza I married in to a Disney crazy family... now I hav

    Jun 1, 2004
    I would leave it alone. If they charge you, fine. But if they don't... that is a deal!

    Next time you should sign up for the free Emerald Club membership. You can still bypass the counter and you can use $$ off coupons. You simply hand them to the exit booth when you leave. Simple.

    I won't go any other way.

  4. DebbieB

    DebbieB DIS Veteran

    Aug 24, 1999
    Your mirror hangtag is your paperwork. They should have handed it back to you before leaving the booth. They note your agreement # on it.

    Usually on the return they just scan the barcode in the side window and their handheld automatically brings up the info.
  5. MikeyNS

    MikeyNS DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2004
    Yah, they tried the scan but nothing came up due to my "No Show".. ;).. something about her not generating an agreement when I handed her the tag. I think she must have been new!
  6. CarolA

    CarolA <a href="

    Aug 21, 1999
    Don't call.

    I am still waiting on a Hertz rental from six months ago.... someday they may figure it out! LOL!

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