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My Le Cellier Lunch Review

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by jenrose66, May 16, 2013.

  1. jenrose66

    jenrose66 Active Member

    DH and I recently ate at Le Cellier for lunch. Our reservation was for 1:25 and we were seated within a couple minutes of our time. I was happy for that because the waiting area is cramped and it got claustrophobic really quick.

    Our server was very nice and personable.

    To start DH and I both had the Cheddar Beer soup. This was as good as it was the first time we had it years ago.

    For my main I had the mushroom filet. It was delicious and cooked to a perfect medium rare as ordered. I thought the risotto was great and I even enjoyed the sauce over the steak, even though I don't usually like sauce on steak.

    DH had the Bone in Ribeye. He also said it was tasty and ate it all.

    I drank a ginger ale and DH had a beer.

    I really enjoyed our meal. The service was well paced and the food was very good. However, talk about sticker shock! I haven't eaten sit down at Disney since 2007. I usually have one or more of my kids with me and we tend to stick to QS. Our bill, for two people was $135 and that didn't even include the tip. I'm happy our food was good because for prices like that I would have cried if we had a bad meal :lmao: We treated ourselves because DH's work provided us with a gift card that covered our meals for two days...otherwise, I would not pay OOP for this meal...but not because it's not good....it was super good! Just too expensive for my sensibilities.
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  3. jwfla422

    jwfla422 DIS Veteran/Philly Native

    Le Cellier along with several other restaurants recently went to "All Day" menu instead of the separate menus for lunch and dinner. I think this is a result of the DDP, makes it easier for the kitchen to have a specific amount of entrees, etc for the whole day. Some claim it's supposed to help make more ADRs available (because some people won't pay dinner prices at lunch;))

    We had lunch at Le Cellier as well about a week or so ago and I knew they had gone to the all day menu but we have a TIW card so that took some of the "cost" off the bottom line, plus I knew I'd want salad (especially after sampling some of the small bits at the F&G Festival beforehand), which would also keep it more reasonable. SO it wasn't too bad for us, but strictly OOP ordering an entree, don't think I'd go there for lunch anymore.

    I have to also add that while we were waiting on our table, a guest walked in and told the hostess that she didn't know about the menu change until just before she walked in, she made an ADR a few hrs prior for 7 people (lucky that was available but I guess there were some cancellations). She wanted to cancel her ADR because they wanted burgers and didn't expect they'd have to pay dinner prices at lunch. (neither which are available now)...the hostess mentioned the charge of $10 pp and she asked to speak to the mgr and the mgr told her she would cancel it for her with no charge. (I was glad to hear that although I felt the guest should have looked at the menu before making the ADR but I also felt because of the recent change they should not charge her either)... I wonder how often this happens there now? And, just for the record that $10 pp cost is not set in stone if there is an issue.;)

    Even more interesting, while she was waiting on the mgr to come out, 2 guests came in without an ADR while she was discussing cancelling hers with the hostess and they were turned away EVEN though she was cancelling her ADR for 7, :confused3...what's up with that?

    And it wasn't full at all while we were there. They must strictly adhere to ADRs most of the time as far as how much staff they put on for each day. I recall never being able to do a walk-in there even at lunch even prior to the DDP.

    ADRs are more available at lunch now because a lot of people don't want to pay dinner prices at lunch or use 2 credits on their DDP.
  4. jenrose66

    jenrose66 Active Member

    That is interesting. When I was there I also saw a woman speaking to a manager (though I think she didn't realize food was 2 credits)...either way she wanted to change her ressie from lunch time to dinner later on.

    I will say that later on in the week we ate at Marrakesh (which was delicious, I'll review later) and we also had lunch there. It was almost half the price as Le Cellier but as I was walking out I glanced at the dinner menu and it looked like the same food but each entree was like $10 more...I can't imagine that you'd get a bigger portion as everything was already quite generous.

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