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Discussion in 'California & the West Trip Reports' started by knewton64, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008

    Allrightee - so where did we last leave off??

    Oh yes - :eek:

    SO as I was digesting this rather blatent lack of respect to a Customer via an age discrimination remark, she futher shows off her CSR skill set by following it up by saying, "You know......Big Band music!"

    By now, my mind was racing with soooo many ways I could have answered that opening remark of hers (I MEAN OMG....WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO "HI AND WELCOME TO MASSAGE ENVY ....HOW MAY I HELP YOU), but I was sincerely behaviorally/verbally at a loss for words since I was at this business establishment to feel pampered and every intention I had was to feel that way.

    ANYWHO -
    AS I was struggling for even FIND the right and appropriate words to say in response, she CONTINUES to show off her CSR skill set by saying, "Well....you know - 1940's music!"

    OK......which way should I respond here........:rolleyes1

    By then, something vaguely opaque popped into my head as I was attempting to be nice and not reply to her indirectly making fun of my age as I then remember something when I visited Ireland in June 2011 and it had to do with a song I just couldn't remember the words to but I knew I was Snoopy's (from the Peanuts Gang) favorite whenever he "gets" into his WWI Flying Ace mood:

    "IT'S A LONG WAY TO TIPPERARY":goodvibes

    And wouldn't ja know it, about 7 weeks ago, I ordered the "Titanic" cd of music and VIOLA!!

    That song appeared on the 4-cd set of music!!:yay:

    FYI to you (the Reader):
    (and its also on my Ipod along with 2,800 other individual (not whole cd's) songs with genres ranging anywhere from Disney music, 1930's, 1940's music, 1950's music, 1960's music, 1970's music, 1980's music, 1990's music, musicals, Celtic Music, Country Music, Classic Country Music, Hawaiian Music, various artists singing USA Patriotic Music, College football team fight songs, "Dr Demento" songs, TV THEME songs, all the way to today's current pop, r&b, rock, Radio Disney, classic Disney, jazz, etc tunes) -

    So know I know the words to the song," It's a Long way to Tipperary.........."

    Just wish I knew them when we were in the motorcoach (while over iin Ireland) going from Castle to Castle and were all just a wee bit been nippin' on the Honeymead.;)

    So - I meekly relayed this on over the the CSR intake rep who promptly looked at me as if I came from the Planet Pluto!!:rolleyes2

    I then realized that enuf is enuf of this insipid game and for a 3rd time, I verbally relayed on over to her that I am their 3pm appointment and this time was sucessful in handing to her my gift card email info as she FINALLY gave me the 'clipboard' containing sheets of paperwork for me to fill out &...

    Ok..... I am choosing to stop it right there and just say that I had every intention of having a wonderful and enjoyable time at Massage Envy and can honestly say that for every 1 step forward I took towards that objective, I took 9 steps back.:headache:
    So, to you the reader, if you want to see the body of my complaint letter, just do an internet Google search, "Complaints about Massage Envy Garland Texas" and up will pop up a search engine that looks like this:

    Massage Envy - Garland, TX
    5 Reviews of Massage Envy "I bought my sister a pregnancy massage. The table was so ... 5 reviews Rating Details. Category: ... Garland, TX 75040. (972) 675- ...

    Enter that site and then sort by date......scroll down to the end and on the left hand side, double click on your mouse over the area that says,

    (7 filtered)

    ....and you will see my complaint dated 02-25-13.

    Moreover, by doing an internet google search, "Complaints about Massage Envy" (or any other associated word choice attesting to having an issue with them), I am allowing the words of the other previous victims of this company to speak also on my behalf as I have asked this Merchant for an explanation & have been met with silence over my issues of:

    "A dispute right may potentially be available if the cardholder can document and support with corroborating documentation, a mischaracterization of the described goods or services or dispute concerning the established quality of goods or services provided to the cardholder."

    I have also asked this Merchant/company for an apoligy & a request to make this right & have also been met with the same silence.

    I have also asked this Merchant/company for a refund over the disputed amount (& apoligy) & have also been met with the same silence.

    I am now asking for a full refund from the Merchant.

    In addition to,
    I am not saying publicly whether or not this Merchant is a place of business I would want to frequent, I am choosing to let your Google Search seach engines responses also speak on my behalf.
    - (I am learning ALL about this A-F-T-E-R February 23rd via an internet search as this was my very first experience with this company) -

    In short,
    I am attesting both of these issues listed in the highlighted above paragraph via a 14 page email paper trail I have been keeping and have now submitted it on over to my credit card company for review.:goodvibes

    - Same goes with the Better Business Bureau as they have also been alerted -

    What upsets me the most (obviously) is those remarks that CSR made. She had NO BUSINESS making that kind of remark as I view that not only an afront to me but also to all CSR's who choose to be in the service industry.
    And the quality of the overall product delivered I am also calling into question as well.

    There is so much more that I can say, but I feel that this IS a positive travel blog and WILL REMAIN one.
    I have every intention of quickly returning this blog back to its normal bouncy positive self. It is just I feel that it is necessary to blog about my adventures as I inch closer and closer to my date of departure.:goodvibes

    Now, all this being said, it would be nice for any kind soul out there to "fax" me a smile, a group :hug: or some much needed words of encouragement as this whole entire mishap has left me feeling very distraught, sad and very frustrated.



    Caveat emptor ....
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  3. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008
    (yes, this is one of many places I will be visiting during the San Fran part of this 10-day vacation):goodvibes

    ......this upcoming
    adventure of mine and another mini one of sorts coming up in 30 days:
    ("Scarborough Fair," located in Waxahachie Texas)

    More about it in about 2-3 weeks, I promise.

    ANYWHO -

    Thank you to all who emailed me and pm'ed me these last few days as it has really helped me pick up not only my smile but also my drive to move on towards planning a confirmed run at Disneyland December 2014 (FYI - RATES & DATES OPEN UP IN ABOUT 60-90 DAYS....YYEEAA!!) and a potential run at England (June 2014). I say potential cuz I am very headstrong now about paying ahead on that pesky home mortgage of mine.:upsidedow

    ** Monthly mortgage totals (how many months have I paid ahead) coming up as well in about 2-3 weeks as well **

    I tell ya,
    I just love to say "those words" listed below to my bank when I arrive every Friday am to their lobby Tellers & say,
    "I am here to make a 'Principle Reduction Payment' of........":woohoo:

    And lastly,
    had fun watching the movie, "Wreck it Ralph" this past weekend - LOVED IT.

    UP NEXT:

    Having fun at the 'Food & Wine Tasting festival' @ Scarborough Faire:drinking:

    PSSTT!!! FYI -the theme for the 2014 Rose Bowl Parade is, "Dreams Come True." :wave:
  4. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!

    Feb 8, 2010
    I don't think I have Massage Envy anymore. :rotfl2:

    Sorry it wasn't a good first impression for you.
  5. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008

    Ya know, your above 1st comment took me a while but I got it - :rotfl:
    But hey, "STUFF" happens - thank you tho for gently saying so.:goodvibes

    Well......that is why I have this adventure; Rose Bowl parade, etc (and HOPEFULLY the ROSE BOWL afterwards) during the 1st half of the trip & then some pretty good wine tastings then on in, etc....:cloud9:

    I am thinking I will have a wee bit of some time to pop in and grab a milkshake at the Disney Soda Shop (Day 3) but the really fun comes in on Day 2 when we all get to see the Rose Bowl Parade fload barn (pm) as well as the Reagan 'optional tour' during the am.

    Promise to take pics and video where/when I can.:goodvibes

    ANYWHO -

    Ok......to 'let the cat outta the bag a bit' for me & Dec 2014:
    got this picture hanging up in my spare bedroom -
    (oh can you tell I am just giddy that 'rates & dates' for 2014 DL / DCA open up in about 60 more days??):yay:

    I am trying to put together a quick hop over to Universal Studios (2 days) in addition to the 6 day DL/DCA adventure; starting December 29th 2014.:woohoo:
    (and......love that word "AND" I will be cramming as many backstage 'tours' of DL /DCA as well so this oughta be pretty good once it OFFICIALLY unfolds on paper in a few more weeks (courtesy of MEI MOUSE FAN TRAVEL).

    AND.... OOPS there is that word again:laughing:

    I am going to be seeing WOC for the very first time!!:love:
    (AND Cathaway Circle for dinner as well)

    okokokoko....getting a little ahead of myself.;)
    Details coming up in about 60 days 'ish'.:goodvibes
    as I will be starting up a new TR so be on the lookout for it in my below listed signature -

    found out a bit more info on this adventure as it looks like quite a big tour group will be invading (and we thought those pesky cheerleader tour groups, etc were fun while out at WDW ;)) SO CAL late this year with approx 1,200 of us checking into the Hotel Marriott Los Angeles Airport on December 29th with two Meet & Greets scheduled for that day.

    So, looks like my spa retreat at LAXDAYSPA is out that day (I WAS wanting to schedule it for early pm) as I really really value getting a heads up on whats up starting day one from the tour group leaders.

    I am going to try to see what I can do on that issue during days 7, 8 or 9 while in San Fran but there is a possibility that the Wharf area may just grab a lot of my attention so this is really a "wait and see.":goodvibes
    (first time visitor into the area & looking forward to it)

    Now about that Rose Bowl Ticket.........:faint:

    I am beginning to encounter sticker shock.........:scared1:
    Meaning......if its about $350 for appriox 10-30 yd line at the Cotton Bowl..........
    I am thinking it's gonna run about $600 / $700 range for a Rose Bowl ticket!!:eek:

    But -

    I am bound and determined to take a few gulps of air & go forth with this as it has been soooooooooooooo long since I have been to a college football game and well......before EVERYTHING revolves around "Jerry's World":laughing: via Arlington Texas, I thought it would be soooo cool to attend the very last BCS college football game.

    Details on this coming out in very very early December as I will let everyone know how those prices are looking as I plan on looking at them through reputable sites.popcorn::
    Moreover, I feel that this would be a great way to not only celebrate my birthday (December 30th) but also one full year of busting my 'der-e-air' in paying ahead on my mortgage.

    Besides - I am now at 21 months paid ahead :woohoo: on it & am really looking forward to part 2 of three of me getting through this onslaught:

    :drive:- SCARBOROUGH FAIRE - April 12th-13th 2013
    (wine tasting @ Scarborough Faire April 13th)
    Psttttt!! I may 'opt in' for Beer tasting on April 12th:rolleyes1
    :moped:- WINE TASTING & DINNER OUT AT GRAPEVINE TEXAS - April 16th 2013
    DARE I SAY SUBWAY SANDWHICH SHOP April 11th, 12th, 13th, etc??

    As I'd figure to slow down on this issue in mid-December & only pay monthly mortgage plus $60 Principle Reduction Jan on.

    All rightee - Ladybug is barking @ me:hyper:.....looks like she has the leash in her mouth - I think she is telling me it's time for HER to take me out for a walk to the Post office and around the neighborhood....

    See ya in about 14 more days.

    UP NEXT:
    Let the food & wine tasting begin out @ Scarborough Faire
    (as I check out some knife throwing, Irish Harp music playing, etc)....

    AND -

    Just how sneaky is "Ladybug"?

  6. jenergy

    jenergy <font color=royalblue>I'm a human garbage disposal

    Jun 8, 2010
    I'm a little late getting here but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry your vacation in March got cancelled - what a bummer! However, it's great to see your upbeat attitude through it all and wonderful that you've used it to get so far ahead on your mortgage! Making your money work for you was a fantastic way to make up for the vacation that was lost!

    Oh and Ladybug is SO darn cute!! I love dogs!
  7. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!

    Feb 8, 2010
    I hope you make it to the Rose Bowl.
  8. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008

    Welcome aboard to this zany but fun journey into SO CAL.:goodvibes
    Ladybug is now aware of her small yet growing fan club & sends her regards via 2 paws up uppaw:paw:
    She is a Blue Tick Beagle & had a very very outgoing personality. She will engage you in a "conversation" very quickly and loves to chase the ball, etc.
    And.......she is bilingual.

    ***SERIOUSLY ***:goodvibes

    It took me a while to get her & I to "get it" (switching back and forth between the 2 languages) in how it ties back into the commands ("do you wanna go outside??, "Night Night," "You Hungry??" ,"Kitchen," "Sit Down PLease", "Ball!," "Towell! (She loves to munch on a towel), etc etc....
    But now, she & I inneract just great; especially whenever we have to go to see her "Doctor.";)
    Then it's such a treat for me to converse with her in Spanish and English whenever we see her (For her shots, etc) as the reactions from the other people in the waiting room are just priceless.:lmao:

    But......be aware cuz she sure has a sneaky side to herpluto:

    More on her "sneakyness" on my next couple of installments I promise.popcorn::

    HHHHHmmmmmmm.........funny you make mention.popcorn::
    I promise to roll out all what I am doing on that day asap but I do make mention that (as those twin Brothers said in the Harry Potter Movie, "Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix"):

    "I solemnly swear that I am up to absolutely no good" in relation to that day.;)

    ANYWHO -

    Dec 31st & January 1st is almost done (I have been emailing just about everyone's "Mother" & asking them a ton of ?s) and I do say that it is looking very nice & will let the ol 'cat outta the bag' shortly.

    I do say that Grapevine (Texas) Wine tasting (set for April 16th in the pm) WAS CANCELED DUE TO 'LOW OCCUPANCY'...........
    (just found about it today)

    only one person was signed up for it..........


    So......I just emailed the contact over there to see if we can reschedule it for any Saturday in October OR November; making the fun just a little bit closer to December 29th......the "Official Start" of this adventure.

    Gotta love it ;)- I am thinking seriously about going in lieu of wine tasting....(of all things)......grocery shopping next Monday and just getting stocked up on some pretty long overdue things I need for my kitchen, home, etc.
    Followed by a movie somewhere & some BBQ -

    But.....I am now off to enjoy some much needed R&R south of Dallas Texas in a little sleepy town named Waxahachie Texas while enjoying some food, wine & entertainment at "Scarborough Faire.":wave2:

    UP NEXT::moped:
    My food & drink "reviews" like Fisherman's Pie, Sausage/Pretzel, Murphys Ale & such while having fun out at Scarborough Faire.
    (I promise to take pics & video) -

  9. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!

    Feb 8, 2010
    Mischief Managed!

    (3rd Book - Prisoner of Azkaban; Maurader's Map)
  10. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008

    But first, congrats on:
    Adam Scott wins US Masters golf - The West Australian - Yahoo!
    au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/.../-/golf/.../adam-scott-wins-us-... - Australia

    3 days ago Adam Scott has become the first Australian golfer to win the US Masters.:thumbsup2

    Now......about that Princess
    that rules the house -

    AKA: 'Ladybug'....;)

    With me being so used to tri-color female Beagles, she sure has been quite a change for me as she always keeps me on 'my toes' with her always getting into things and well.......just being her.;)

    But - with one catch.popcorn::

    1) At first
    during times when I would be eating MY FOOD,
    she would be running to the front door just a freakin' out over something; as if to say, "WOLF!! WOLF!!"

    So, I would be a runnin' to the door checkin' out the scene to see what was the matter.:confused:
    .......as she runs to another part of the house.

    Just for me to turn around & see her face down in MY FOOD in the dining room!!
    Her reaction to all this??:rolleyes1

    2) Then, one day (early on), I am eating some food on a tv tray in the living room.....decompressing from a long day at work,
    I would get up from the recliner and go get something from the kitchen - all the while telling her DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

    I am walking backwards to the kitchen mind you -

    From the time I dipped my head into the Frig to to time I reestablished eye contact with her, she had MY FORK ......filled with MY FOOD in her mouth!!
    No wait - it gets better.popcorn::

    Now thinking "User error" here, I calmly walk back to her (my hand outstretched palm up) and kindly ask her to 'Give it here.'

    She, thinking quick on her feet, spits the fork outta her mouth and shoves it underneath the living room coffee table......STILL in obvious plain sight for me to see.

    I ask her, "WHERE IS THE FORK?"
    She replies with her body language, "What fork?":littleangel:

    I point to the fork underneath the coffee table and say while pointing at it, "THAT FORK!"

    She 'says,' "I don't see any fork":rolleyes1 (thinking she has it hidden).

    I then 'help' her "find" the lost fork and suddenly she now knows she has been had and then races around the house madly. :hyper:

    3) This one was 'my fault';) - I should have known.
    One day while sleeping, she jumps up on the bed and tries to wake me up. Me? I just wasn't 'feeling it', so I rolled back over and was trying to get some much needed sleep.

    She wasn't 'feeling' my reaction to this, so she decided to carry on a conversation with me.

    So, in a vain attempt to quiet her down, I decided to roll over off the bed and onto the floor - pretending to be a dead dog.

    Ya know, on your back with both your arms and legs sticking up in the air.

    But.....I made a fatal mistake.:duck:

    I was facing the bed.
    And within 2 seconds my life literally flashed before my very eyes as she:idea:
    took this to mean and she could back up one step and then take a flying leap off the bed - spread eagled mind you - and do just one nice belly flop onto my stomach all the while just a talking away.:hyper:

    I have never before in my life have had the wind knock outta me but yup, she accomplished that and before I knew it, she had jumped back on top of the bed and was trying to do it again!!:upsidedow

    So, now that we have gotten to know each other better, I realize logically that she is only 20 months old and has a birthday coming up in August - so like treating a human child, I emotionally am realizing that I have to stay a few steps ahead of her in order for her to see that I "have the opposable thumbs" in the family.;)

    That and I keep a lot closer of an eye on my food.:laughing:

    The Coon runs deep within her as I had fun the other day watching her in action with her treeing a possum & three squirrels. I have a lot a respect for her -

    She keeps me laughing, etc
    and I truly appreciate her being a part of my life.:goodvibes

    Ok........but how was my trek into Waxachie Texas and 'Scarborough Faire?"

    Stay Tuned -popcorn::

  11. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!

    Feb 8, 2010
    Adam Scott - You little ripper! ::yes::

    ETA - Your little Princess Beagle sounds exactly like a cat I once had. She used to take flying leaps from a window ledge on the bed to get us out of bed to feed her. :lmao:

    Looking forward to your RenFaire update.
  12. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008
    (map of where I was going today)

    April 13th
    Mostly Sunny Skies w/high temp of 78 degrees
    ....& where is my glass of wine??

    Today started out rather quiet (by design) as I slowly made my way to "getting dressed" for work;) taking care of L.B. followed by saying to her that I was 'off' to work & cya later......
    .....only to quickly fast walk to the bathroom & changed into my 'play clothes' & viola!!

    I was off to Subway sand which shop for some much needed road munchies for my trek into Scarborough Faire land via Waxachie, Texas was about to begin.:woohoo:

    The 80 minute road trip was well worth it as I popped into the Car's cd player my burned San Fran adventure music (see posting #23) to put me in a bouncyish good mood.:music:

    And before I knew, I had finished nibbling on my road munchies (foot long sub sandwhcih and some cc cookies......YUM!!) :cool: as I pulled up to the park's entrance & was ready (as the locals call it) to "step back in time for the time of your life."

    The crowd was ready:

    and -

    but then......
    there is always atleast ONE in every crowd:

    ANYWHO -

    I decided to make a bee-line to the far right hand side of the park (The Pecan Grove area) and check out something I had read about on their website-

    and had a -

    gotta say, much different than a colache but with 2 glasses of apple cider, that really made my day!!:goodvibes
    Little did I realize what wonderful things were about to come my way.

    SO I chilled out for a bit, checked out some of the shops and such,

    then settled in to watch something I have never seen before:
    knife throwing:duck:

    Really held my attention:thumbsup2

    Rats!! It's almost noon!!
    Time for the parade -

    The parade was ok - didn't really 'WOW' me but was ok.....

    need to liven things up a bit me thinks.;)
    So, I decided to meander on back to the Pecan Grove area and check out their bakery -

    which was coincidently;) close by a pub.

    Now here is where it gets interesting popcorn:: -

    It's approaching almost 80 degrees and I am ...well hungry - after all that walking around. So I approach the bakery and get me a big ol slice of:
    (yes, that's strawberries, blackberries?? blueberries???? whatever they were, they tasted yummy.
    and ya can't forget whipped cream, chocolate syrup drizzle, strawberry syrup drizzle,creamed icing
    and yes........RED VELVET CAKE......YUMM!!)

    while washing it down with some Scottish ale:

    WHILE listening (at the pub) to some 'bawdy' readings from Shakespere.;)

    The name of that slice of cake??



    That's for another blog; one that's N-o-T on a Disney website (LOL!!) -
    but I can assure you all the cute women were clamering all over me asking me just where in the world did I get that, etc.

    and speaking of cake,
    Can't believe it but that cake and 2 tankards of that ale must have put a spell on me or something, cuz I was feeling no pain in no time as I was soon off again to catch some "Fool Hardiness" with the lady on the left:

    I hate ta say it, but I just wasn't in the mood for that kind of entertainment (pretty fun to see but I just wasn't in the mood for it) , so I was off again - this time to find that harpist; Sara Mullen.

    Now, THAT put me right back in a bouncy Tigger-ish mood again and with a few more pints up underneath me, I decided enuf of the commando attack of the park and enjoyed the rest of my day leisurely strolling around the park until they 'threw us out' at 7pm.

    Decided to grab some french fries and a shake at a place called 'In n Out Burger' on the way home -
    but for some reason, I wasn't all that impressed with their shakes as this place is soooooooooooooooo much talked about in SO CAL.
    Mabey their burgers go better with a soft drink rather than a shake.

    Ah well, I promise to give them another look.

    **** FYI: NOW the 'Shake Shack' in NYC??? Their burgers & fries ROCK!! ****

    made it home just in time to play a few mean games of nightime frisbee (in our backyard) with L.B before deciding to call it a day.

    All in all it was a pretty good day.

    UP NEXT:
    Highlights from day '2' at Scarborough Faire & getting just a wee bit more educated (esp about Napa Valley) about the wacky world of wines........all at the same time.
    the Napa Valley info is related to the Sebastiani Winery & Sutter Home Winery; places I will be visiting on my last day of this upcoming adventure of mine.


  13. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!

    Feb 8, 2010
    Holy Velvet PlushPiles Batman! That cake is devi(l)ine!! Did it taste as good as it looks?

    I like Apple Cider too.

    And the buxom RenWenches.......sorry....they don't do a thing for me. :lmao:
  14. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008

    ......I discovered the wonderful world of red velvet cupcakes while in NYC last year - they were FAB!!:worship:

    and here I was walking by the Bakery (April 13th while at Scarborough Faire)when 'it' was calling my name.;)
    Ya combine that along with some pretty darn good Scottish Ale to go with it & it was pretty.......

    well -


    to borrow a phrase from the character of Ron Weasly in those Harry Potter movies..........

    it was "WICKED!!":jumping1:

    Ok.....just what is it with me and this fascination with WWOHP??;)
    besides pretty cool theme music, characters & theming,
    I guess that it is also that I have never been to Univ Studios (Hollywood) but that's about ta changepopcorn::

    .......here's to the contruction of it being COMPLETED by the time I get there.:wizard:

    ANYWHO -
    I Got a major announcement to make -:mic:

    It has been quite a challenge figuring out when DL (Ahaheim) rates & dates open up for 2014 via me going through MEI Mouse Fan Travel.com.

    But -

    It seems that it is fair to say R&D will be opening up around the July 15th area (approx 60ish more days) for the year 2014.
    **I am planning a DL / DCA adventure for Dec 29th 2014 for 8 nghts/9 days & will be doing a lot of their backstage tours & such combined with a 2-day backstage tour and such of Universal Studios, etc........ More to come on this I promise.:santa:


    DRUM ROLL PLEASE.............................:idea:

    In about 60 "ish" more days as well -
    I will be booking a 9-day adventure to check out the sights and sounds of Great Britain; courtesy of CIE Tours (Among other places, I will be seeing the Cotswolds, York, Lake District, Tintern Abbey, Roman Baths, Tower Of London, Beatles Liverpool, going to see a few musicals while in London, etc).
    (this adventure will be slated for June 2014):woohoo:

    I used them (CIE Tours) for my Ireland adventure a few years back and loved them so now
    what I gotta do next, is begin getting some new blogs a going on these two new adventures of mine.:yay:

    More to come on both of these I promise.

    we return you to your regular scheduled tv programming.;)

    UP NEXT : popcorn::
    Highlights from day two while at Scarborough Faire

  15. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!

    Feb 8, 2010
    OOH! England? WOW! Your real modern day Ren Faire adventure. :thumbsup2
  16. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008

    Ren Faire eh??;)

    You took the cat right outta the bag as I often run into many an adventure as I venture out into new places I have never been to -

    So yes, be on the lookout for a new TR on this vacation - slated for June 2014.popcorn::
    I welcome DVD ideas (among other ideas on how to pass the time) on what to watch while I am taking the approx 14 hours flight (DFW to Newark then Newark to Heathrow), etc as the last time I flew across the pond it was toooo funny as I met a very nice young lady from Limerick and we were up ALL night having fun and talking, having a 'few';) drinks, etc).

    Now in relation to just what KIND of across the pond vacation am I up to??
    Well -
    I have been 'plussing' it a wee bit these last few days.
    Meaning, here I what I plan on a doing:

    In addition to visiting England, I will also be visiting Scotland:woohoo:
    via CIE TOURS, "English and Scottish Discovery" 8-day vacation.
    (combined with a pre and a post day will be a 10-day vacation)

    Looking forward to visiting Edinburgh Castle.:goodvibes

    More on this I'd say in about 7-14 days.
    ANYWHO -

    Now.....about that April "Day 2" of my trek into Waxahachie Texas.:goodvibes

  17. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008

    - (a pretty neat Scottish band named Tartanic I saw playing while visiting Scarborough Faire) -

    Sunny skies w/high of 82 degrees:moped:

    Today was spent just a relaxing as I munched and a nibbled on my 2 six inxh Subway Subs (& some Dr Pepper:thumbsup2) on my way to Waxahachie for one last bit of 'Scarborough Faire' fun.

    As I entered the park, I had fun talking to the guy on the far right of this picture. He is quite funny -

    From there, I just 'had' ;)to strike up a conversation with the lady on the left & asked her for some "advice" on what to see next:

    Her suggestion sent me on over to see:

    and -

    I tell ya, who or whatever he/she/it is = IT ROCKS!!:thumbsup2

    ************* LOVED IT!!!! ********************

    Soon, my throat felt it needed to be quenched so I decided on head on over to:

    and -


    Today, we would be tasting some Wines from all around the world:

    1) Neyers (Chardonnay) White wine from Napa.......IMO Pear taste but tasted dry.:)
    2) Erath (Pinot Noir) Red Wine from Oregon.......IMO semi-sweet light red. NOT BAD.:thumbsup2
    3) Gimenez Rilli (Malbec) Red wine from Argentina.......HHMMMMM IMO - I need to try this one more!! LOVED IT!!
    ** why? got a cracked peppery taste & IMO would go great with Southwest foods **
    4) Armida Polzin (Zinfandel) red wine from Sonoma, Ca IMO ....... BLECH!!!:crazy2:
    5) Marques De Casa Concha (Cabernet Sauvignon) Red wine from Puento Alto Chili NOT BAD - semi sweet.:goodvibes
    6) Novelty Hill (Cabernet Sauvignon) Red wine from Columbia Valley AVA GREAT WINE IMO:thumbsup2 w/great after taste

    with our host:

    Ok......."Flynn" was very helpful as he let me know that the two Napa/Sonoma wineries I will be visiting:

    1) Sebastiani Winery: will be very top heavy on Cabernets & Zinfandels
    2) Sutter Home Winery: will be heavy on Cabs as well.

    What I didn't know about Nappa valley is that they are a fruit driven region

    Looks like the hunt will be on for some Pinot noirs or Merlots when I am there.:upsidedow

    Ah well - I am always up for the challenge as that looks like that just means more wine tastings for me when I get into SO CAL..:rotfl:

    ANWHO -

    "Flynn" 'threw' us all out after a bit so I was soon off to the far left hand side of the park & to visit the Rose & Crown Inn for some much needed:
    "Shepherd's Pie - Layers of meat and vegetables topped with potatoes and cheese. Baked until golden brown and served with Artisan Bread."

    **** YUMM!! ****

    But what would this be without some much needed Breckingridge Vanilla Porter Ale to go with it??:confused3

    **** DOUBLE YYUUMM!!!! ****:cool2:

    SO, with a few glasses of Ale to go along with my mumchies, Kendra (the person who waited on me) asked me how was my food -

    Well, the food along with her smile just made whole day & just really was the icing on the cake of what was a pretty neat day.

    Rest of the early evening was spent checking out the various shops and such (and walking off the wine) while just a kickin' back and enjoying the land called "Scarborough Faire."

    Got home at a reasonable hour - grabbed Ladybug for some much needed walking around the neighborhood before calling it a day.

    BUT WAIT!!

    E GAGS (gags??) and GAZOOKS!!

    Just checked my emails right before tumbling off to bed &

    looks like.......

    I just received an email confirmation from -

    saying that I am all set for Saturday October the 5th for a one last shot at some wine tasting (and dinner while visiting Grapevine, Texas) b 4 I head off to SO CAL in late December.
    **** YYEEAA!!!! ****

    Updates & More Updates about all what I have listed above & more ( including the Rose Bowl, NYE, etc)


    the answer we have "all" been waiting for to the following question:

    So just what is UP with Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher??


  18. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!

    Feb 8, 2010
    Great updates! I'll try and wander in here to see if you've updated more in the next couple of days.
  19. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008

    The next 3 pictures were shot while visiting the Irish Leprechaun area -

    (nice person to talk with even though I swear he could have passed for the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot):rotfl:

    ** SERIOUSLY;) **
    (how many small objects can u find?? See the horse & buggy??)

    and -

    (love the 'Guard Dog':laughing:)

    and -
    - (yes, this is actually a bird house) -

    I was very intrigued by the smallness of all the sets. Pretty well laid out and in design.:)

  20. knewton64

    knewton64 - May the luck of the Irish always be with you -

    Aug 20, 2008
    (Pretty fun band to listen to)


    AND -

    ANYWHO -

    Got a pretty cool update on my fav topic::goodvibes

    That & 'slightly' :offtopic:
    I've been hearing/ reading a lot about this thing called "Catalina Island.":boat:

    ......thinking seriously about adding it to my adventures when I go to Disneyland December 2014.:santa:

    Details coming up.

  21. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!

    Feb 8, 2010
    Catalina is great. You just need plenty of money. SherryE has a superthread on Catalina on the Dis. A few of us have posted pictures there.

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