My 40th Birthday

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    Aug 18, 2009
    Hi all,
    I just had to tell you that my hubby has surprised me. After dinner last night he said how would you like to go to Orlando for your 40th Birthday?
    I said "oh that would be lovely,but we can not afford it" He then said "yes we can cause I am getting my full yearly bonus" He has been pricing it up. We are staying in Kissemmee. We are staying 16 nights/17 days. So it means our son & I can both celebrate our birthdays over there.
    The thing is my birthday is 25th Feb, I got my 21st party booked & it got canceled cause of really back snow. Then my 18th was a last minute meal out cause of the weather. Then my 30th meal was canceled cause of snow. So on my 30th I said right that's it I am not having any more birthdays. So my hubby wants my to have a real good 40th some where nice & warm.

    We are booking the holiday end of June.

    I am so happy:cool1:

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