My 1980's dream of Camping at the Fort, Fall 2012: Pop . BWV . Next up: THE FORT!

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    Nov 1, 2008
    Sep 27 Thur The Boardwalk Adventure begins!!!!
    I arrive Boardwalk before Noon, and as expected, my room wasn't ready, so I leave my bags w/ the luggage room, park the car in the self parking area, and walk over to EPCOT.

    Yahoo, Soft opening of Food and Wine Festival!!!! :thumbsup2 Official start is tomorrow Sep 28, but many vendors open a day earlier!

    My plan to have a Schwarma Platter at Tangierine Cafe in Morocco went right out the window! (for the time being!)

    Most food items were priced from $3-$6, (and most, not all, are snack options if you're on the dining plan!).
    I heard people complain that the samples are expensive, but I disagree:
    5 of those samples combined are more food than I'd have on my plate for $25 at many restaurants (and this is nice food, not cheap food!)
    So, I have no problems spreading my lunch and/or supper out over a few hours (way better for the digestion:angel:!)

    First place I came to that was open was Singapore:
    At 12:30pm, Singapore: this is the Beef Randang w/ Jasmine Rice for $3.25
    It was hot! And good! yum yum yum!

    Next place to catch my eye was South Korea:

    The folks at that station were quite personable, and struck a pose when they saw my camera coming out! :bitelip:

    At 1:00 pm South Korea: this is the Lettuce Wrap w/ Roast Pork and Kimchi Slaw for $3.25 yum!

    Mmm what's next?
    Terra... what the heck is that?


    At 1:10pm Terra :worship: it's Vegan......It's delicious!!! This is the Chili Colorado with Housemade Chips and CashewCheese featuring Gardein Beefless Tips.... Big title for sweet morsels that melted in my mouth!:worship:

    Oh, and Hawai'i!

    At 1:20pm, I've got their Kahlua Pork Slider w/ Sweet & Sour Dole Pineapple Chutney and Spicy Mayonnaise $3.25
    and a Kona Brewing Company Big Wave Golden Ale 6 oz $3.
    The beer was better than the food. Except for the small bits of Chutney, I found the pork dry.'s the first thing I had any thing negative to say about the food!

    Oops, it's almost past the time I can still consider it to be lunch time! Better keep moving!
    I see Greece & Canada on my horizon!


    So, at 1:40 pm I'm in sunny Greece! Mmm-mmm!
    This is the Greek Salad w/ Pita Bread $3.00
    and Griddled Greek Cheese w/ Pistachios and Honey $3.25


    1:45pm Canada! My home and native land!
    12 oz Moosehead beer $6.75 & Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup! $4
    (it was really really really good!)

    And, at 2:30pm, a midday dessert from Champagne:
    It's the dessert trio!
    Yogurt Panna Cotta w/ Orange Cake , Raspberries and Pomegranate
    Lemon-Custard Verrine w/ Blueberry Compote
    Dark Chocolate Mousse w/ Chilli and Salted Caramel
    Best upsell in the park: you decide to order 2 ($1.50 each), and they suggest all 3 for $3.75.

    I wasn't too keen on the Orange cake part of it, but all the rest were so good! :thumbsup2

    Note to self: try to make some version of the dark choc one w/ chili & salted caramel.... maybe involving cream cheese and/or phyllo pastry.... (a mini turnover? pain au chocolat w/ chili & coarse salt?

    Question: Why in the heck is it the Food and Wine Festival, but the Wine and Dine Half Marathon?
    I was wondering why I couldn't get the name straight, so looked at the brouchures I had, and realized that each has a separate name! uh?:confused3


    And 4:03pm there's my text! :yay: DVC BWV Standard Studio room is ready! :yay: (maybe it was ready before, maybe they just don't send out texts until 4pm??). Whew! I needed an event to separate my Lunch time from from Supper time! Eating is serious business!:lovestruc

    ************next up: Moving into BWV & I tackle the highways again!
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  3. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
  4. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    Is there anything sweeter than walking thru Epcot right to your resort????!!!!!
  5. teekathepony

    teekathepony DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2009
    YUM! Cheddar cheese soup! Why is it that I live in Canada and can not find this soup here?? hahaha

    Wow, I'm pretty jealous! :thumbsup2
  6. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008

    Lol, years ago, a sister was at a buffet somewhere here in Canada (Halifax comes to mind), and was going back for her 2nd bowl of cheddar soup....
    Her friends said, "What? Cheddar soup? We didn't see that...."
    She said, "It's over there. Right by the nachos......Oh." :blush:
  7. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    :yay: Let the Boardwalk Adventure begin! :yay: Countdown to the inaugural Tower of Terror 10 miler!!! :yay:

    Suppertime Thursday Sep 27 2012
    Got to room, 4073. Lovely! Checked out the view... hmm, right above the front entrance where people unload....hmm, can't be too bad.


    Time to get Groceries! And a couple key items (small electric skillet, cooler & campchair) meant to enhance stay at BWV, and needed for the next part of my adventure Camping at the Fort!

    Scoped out Google Earth for directions to SuperWalmart (lol, didn't realize it til last couple days in Florida, but each Disney Resort has their own version of a road map of Disney & surrounding area. IT GIVES driving directions to certain big malls,etc FROM THAT RESORT!
    Google Earth was actually great, because I got an idea of possible alt routes, etc.

    On the road there before 5pm, no problems following my directions from Google Earth.

    I figured I'd be in and out within 1.5 hours... ie before it got dusky.
    .....but in the store, I could hear this pitter patter, then a constant beating on the roof: Rain! And it poured AND POURED AND POURED! and there was thunder! (and apparently lightning, but I did not know that).
    I was willing to wait for the rain to stop, but not if it meant driving back in the dark!
    Thankfully, at 7:10 when I left, the sky was mostly blue again, getting a bit dusky, but the rain was done with.

    And, I got everything I needed, including cooler/chair/electric skillet for $50 total!

    I wear a Garmin watch for my runs... and sometimes for my drives and walks.....
    Here’s the route coming back from Walmart Superstore (except for ramps at turns, it is the same route down):


    Love my little DVC BWV Studio kitchenette! Counter is great! The cupboards were great, but I'm sure they're too high for many women of average height or less!


    And the fridge mostly filled (still had eggs, bread, juices, water to go in. lol, that looks like a lot of beer....But I was there for 2 weeks! And I didn't drink them alllllll!)


    Next Fall, I'm considering a split stay including a studio at BLT... their kitchenette is part of the same alcove as the vanity...that's weird. .. and the counter there is more like a hutch for a computer desk, :confused3... I like the BWV layout better.​

    8pm, headed to EPCOT for Fi & Chi (dang, left my roomcard, took my visa instead.... ) & fireworks. Found a nice family sitting down on the bridge, sat down behind them to eat my Fish & Chips. We chatted as we waited for the show
    (it was so annoying to hear every 2-5 mins : Ladies and just 30/25/20/18/15/13/10 etc mins........Illuminations.........!

    During the show, the very little boy asked what's that? And Daddy says, that's Planet Earth. The little boy says, it can't be.... we're on the planet earth!

    Back to room, unpacked my suitcase & got a cup of tea....... Ahhh!
    Disney! Fireworks, warm weather, and walking! Loves it!

    Next up: EXPO FRIDAY!!!!
  8. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    :)The Boardwalk Adventure Sep 28 :) Today’s main event: Tower of Terror 10miler Race Packet Pickup & Expo

    Slept well, but woke early... man it’s noisy out there, lots of rolling & banging noises!

    Today's park plan was to spend few hours at DHS, then ESPN for expo/race packet pickup, and to finish the day with Fantasmic at DHS.

    After breakfast in the room, I drove to DHS (started to walk, but the muscles are not warmed up in my leg yet:charac2:, so took the car instead).
    I got to DHS shortly after ropedrop, did Star Tours 2x in a row! :3dglasses:darth:
    Backlot studio tours was closed for rehab or some other reason. darn.
    But there was a great little area across from it, just a small grove of trees & umbrellas with 8 or so small tables w/ chairs. Sat and played w/ new iPhone for a while. Asked a cast member going by if wifi in the, think they rolled it out later that day or the next!

    Drove to ESPN for expo/packet pickup just before noon, planning on ESPN Grill lunch first.... prob won’t do that again: the ESPN grill is expensive for a mediocre lunch: $15 for the wings & fries!!!! :scared1:
    While not a lot of freebies or samples at the WDW expos, there were some good bargains, especially at the Grassroots Sports (60-80% off various brands, same thing last Sep!).:thumbsup2
    Picked up some sunglasses on OneMoreMile (love love love:grouphug: OMM running shirts! perfect for the climate here home! I've 3 long slvd, 2 short slvd, 1 tank top, and 1 set of sleeves (brought the sleeves w/ me and often put them on during AC chilled bus rides to parks/resorts).


    Also picked up an iphone pouch & 2 fuel bottles/cases for my iFitness belt- love my iFitness belt!

    Argued with myself about buying runDisney gear & a few more costly items... decided maybe I'd come back the next day, and if still available, it would mean I was meant to buy them!.

    4 hours after arriving at ESPN, I left the Expo area: . Oh oh!.. It's pouring out of the heavens ..
    (is there a "Rain" smilie? .......hmmm, isn't a frowning smilie an oxymoron? Sorry! I digress!
    It's pouring hard! May as well go back to the Expo now! I must be meant to buy those items I was waffling on. :thumbsup2
    I turn to go back in, but as I watched, the volunteer manning the door that led from EXPO area to lobby was denying re-entry to another lady who had come out behind me:
    The moment you leave the expo hall, they won't let you turn around and go back in the out door... No NO NO! If you wish to reenter., you must leave by the appropriate exit and walk around the building to the appropriate entrance..... Hello? Thru the heavy rain? Why? :confused3 There was no lineup at that entrance to enter the EXPO, due to the aforementioned pounding rain (!!!)
    It was a poor judgement call I felt. Yes, Volunteers have their instructions, but it was pouring rain.... Somebody should have put it together! :confused3 Runners shop at Expos!

    Pretty sure my sneakers would have gotten soaked thru:scared:, so I decided I was staying put until the rain stopped!
    I bought a frozen lemonade (not the beautiful slushy ones they sell at AK & other places, but those frozen hard Minute Maid ones that you have to scrape at!:crazy2:....& sat out on the covered balcony til the rain stopped. Certainly saved myself a couple hundred vacation dollors.

    Back to BWV, dropped my loot, made supper (Kraft Dinner in the hot pot :stir:, my trusted pre run carb load) and then headed to DHS for a bit of store browsing & Fantasmic!

    While walking to DHS (oh! I am so loving staying at an EPCOT resort!!! You can walk to EPCOT or DHS in the length of time you even wait for a bus! And then there’s the option of taking the boat :boat:

    ........While walking to DHS, the iPhone rings .... lol, not used to that ringing yet, and it’s Tina! Tina of Camping at the Fort! Calling to check in on me!

    If you’ve read the beginning of this trippie (starts w/ my pretrippie), you’ll know that this trip had 2 main purposes: the first was I was coming to Run Disney! And then, I was going to be able to fulfill my 1980's dream of camping at Fort Wilderness! :woohoo:

    My plan was to bring everything I needed in my baggage:
    Another Disser had mentioned the Camping at the Fort offered a Tenting Package, so I had checked out Tina’s site re the Tenting Package she offered for a family of four, but as I mentioned in earlier posts, while a fabulous deal for a family wanting to camp, it was way too much gear for me. But, out of the blue, pixiedust:Tina reached out to me offering to lend me just whatever items I couldn’t manage to bring! We agreed that when time drew close, I’d get in touch to let her know what I still needed. (I like to think she had read various posts of mine & felt a kindred spirit! Sure, good will creates good publicity, but that’s perfectly fair!)

    That offer was that little push I needed! I could do this! I can go camping at the Fort!

    Being stubborn, I was still going to try to do it completely on my own & bring all down, but there was that comfort zone! If I absolutely had to leave anything big but vital out, I’d get that from Tina.

    I knew that I’d be more comfortable in my tent/mattress/bedding: had set up all before, slept well in all before, outlasted heavy rains in all before.

    As the summer/fall progressed, from other posts on the Dis, it was evident Tina had been keeping a low profile & her site mentioned health issues. By then, I was almost 100% confident I was able to do it on my own, so I sent her an email & PM to let her know that there was no need to try to accommodate me, that I would manage to bring down all I needed, and to buy any thing else down there. I just wanted to be sure that, with whatever stressors she might be having, that I would not be one of them.

    Having done that, I added some more items from home, and decided that all I truly needed that I couldn’t/wouldn’t bring down, I could buy there: Cooler, Campchair, and small electric skillet. A bike would be great, but not essential. Same thing with a screen house. On yesterday’s trip to Target to get groceries, I picked up nice sized Cooler, great campchair & Electric Skillet for total $50. Gotta love end of season prices.;)

    And here she is checking in with me to be sure I’m going to manage! :) She tells me her husband is bringing down an RV the next day for a renter at The Fort, so we do a quick run thru of what I’ve bought & what I figured I’d do without & what she’ll get her husband to drop off to me the next day (eg a more powerful fan, and bigger thicker cooler, and another heavy duty extension cord). (Unfortunately, no bike!)
    We had a lovely conversation! I was so pleased to have spoken with Tina!:flower3:

    By the time the call is done, I’m at DHS, and it’s dark!

    Fantasmic! is great, never fails to please::yes::::yes::! And to know that I did not have to stand in a crowded line to get the bus back to my resort, or drive back on the roads!
    Man I am Loving the EPCOT Resorts!!!!:lovestruc
    So, I take my time strolling thru to stores & walking back
    A brief stop to check out the general store at BWV for a teatime snack (box of mini choc chip cookies, that lasted me a week), and back up to the room to check loot from the Expo!

    Excited for tomorrow!
    Next up tomorrow: Chilling at Blizzard Beach and then! 10pm! It's the Inaugural Running of the Disney Tower of Terror 10 Miler!! :cool1:
  9. jecskc

    jecskc DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2010
    Enjoying your TR !! One of my bucket list items is to do some tent camping at FW someday, too. Can't wait to read about your adventure !!
  10. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    Thanks jecskc! That adventure starts a bit further down the TR! Got a few more boardwalk days to talk about first!

    :cool1:The Boardwalk Adventure Sep 29
    Today’s main event: Tower of Terror 10miler Race

    Woo hoo! Today's the day for my FIRST REAL DISNEY RUN (Because last year’s 5k was just a teaser!):

    First order of the day: the breakfast of Champions!
    (I stayed at BWV, loved the convenience of a small kitchenette!)


    I went to Blizzard Beach around noon for 3 or 4 hrs, had lunch there,
    back to the resort, bit of a nap, and then strolled on over to DHS for the run

    The Run!

    Here's the route we took!


    And here's a close up of the DHS portion:


    This race was brutal, yet an amazing experience.
    Months before the run, my 10 miler goal was 100 minutes.
    But ultimately, given various aches & the fact that I had a half marathon for 2 wks later, I had decided to treat this nothing more than a long slow run, and to take it as slow as I wanted (I finished in just over 2 hrs).

    Despite arriving earlier in the week to hopefully become somewhat acclimated to the humidity, I gotta say, it was Brutal!!!
    Awesome, but Brutal! Even Floridians were saying the same thing!
    I so wanted a weigh scale right after! I'm sure I lost more than 7 lbs in dripping sweat! despite drinking every chance I had!
    Somewhere around the 5 mile mark it felt like my right arch collapsed (& the pain plagued me for 3-4 days until I got an arch support (at Walgreens)...I only needed to wear it 1-2 days)

    After the run, I was so exhausted (that humidity totally drained me!), I just wanted to find a spot to lie down in (figured not smart, as they might think I passed out!:faint:).
    It felt like we had to walk a mile to the bag check... it was from Tower of Terror to the Indiana Jones Stage (after running 10 miles, they made us walk that distance... line up... go DOWN stairs....over the stage to get our checked bags... and then UP the stairs :confused3

    All that being said, it was AWESOME!!!! :banana: Even running with pain, you still get the runners high! :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

    A funny thing about being a runner, is that, no matter how much pain you’re experiencing, before you even finish, you start planning for the next time!:thumbsup2
    Next Disney run:
    • do meet up w/ others in pace group before the run (I had intended to do so, but somehow didn’t have so much time for planning in the month before the trip nor in the 5 days once I arrived!)
    • don’t just bring Resort room/charge card, bring actual cash/credit card (would have like my medal engraved!)
    • really study the maps for the finish line & finish area! (Part of the thrill of finishing a run is seeing that Finish Line and just booting it! But for this TOT, there was no long straight approach to the Finish line... you came around the corner, and there it was... so that was a letdown. :confused3
    • don't bother w/ bag check next time....unless I don't stay at an BWV or I decide I need a pillow & blanket for a little nap right after, lol!
    • have a plastic shopping bag in waistpack to hold odds & ends I get between the finish line and wherever!

    Cool medal!!! Check it out!


    Here's the goodie box (next time, make it a bag please) they gave us at the finish line (and a bottle of water, and a banana)... my arms were full, I had to ask someone to open the water bottle for me:


    I didn’t stay for the after party, too drained to even think coherently!!
    After 20 mins or so of recovery & stretching, I found my way to the bag check area, sat for a while.
    I know at some point I ran into a couple ladies that I spent 20 mins chatting to before I got in my corral.
    I figured I'd better head back to the resort while I was able to navigate! I headed back to Boardwalk, but God love Disney:hug:, there was a bus marked Boardwalk.... managed to climb aboard, got to the resort in 10 mins or so, showered, in bed by 2 am, intending to sleep as long as I needed (figured 7 hrs, min, 9 hrs max)....

    Next up: CRASH BOOM BANG!)
  11. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    :cool1:The Boardwalk Adventure Sep 30
    Today’s schedule: let’s just sleep in, relax, and EPCOT for some good eats!

    6am-ish: Crash BOOM BANG... I was awakened about 6am! I put the cursed airplugs in and back to sleep for another few hours, got up, stretched, had breakfast (lunch at that point), had an Epson salt bath.

    By 1, I knew I had to go down to the Front Desk to tell them I needed a change of room! I could not deal with the noise nor the guys working down below staring whenever I went out to the balcony...... I never expected it to be quiet, but I didn't expected it to be like that either! No way would I last 4 more mornings at Boardwalk!

    (I know... I know... as soon as the CM said I've got a great room for you, not too far from the elevator, I should have said "not by the luggage area, is it?", but I was distracted.... temporarily insane, who knows.....).

    Anyhow, it turned out they had no room available to move me to until the next day. They would not state which room number, but showed vaguely which floor & range of rooms I'd be in, and I was fine with that.
    I was frustrated that it meant I had to pack everything up, send it down to baggage check and then wait for the new room to be ready...... but, that was better than staying in the current room!
    They "kindly" waived the normal fee for changing rooms $30.

    (Here’s the scoop on requesting a room change after checked in:
    • subject to room availability (that's a given)
    • expect a room change fee of $30
    • must be requested BEFORE! 11:00am. (they cite mousekeeping as the reason).
    • once they/you decide it's doable, you have to vacate the room by 11:00am (luggage to luggage services) and they will send you a text when new room available....which I suspect actually means they will send you a text AT/AFTER the normal checkin time
    • if requested AFTER! 11:00am, you can only do change for next day

    I headed on out to EPCOT around 3 or so, turned left at Canada (yes, ate there:
    Had the "Le Cellier" Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon w/ Truffle Butter Sauce for $6.50 & 6 oz Moosehead beer $3.50


    As I made my way around Future World, I could see the dark clouds, and was wondering how far could I get before the deluge, & where best to be during it... supper comes to mind! at Via Napoli....
    If you don't try, you'll never know! So I presented myself at the Via Napolie podium, somewhere around 7pm... any chance of a walk up ... at a table inside, not outside, party of one?
    Most certainly she said, but you might need to wait 5 or 10 mins, is that alright?
    lol, silly girl, of course it is!:goodvibes
    There were other people in line, but time passed quickly, as everyone was chatting with one another.

    I was pleased that I had a table in the room to the side, next to the folding patio doors/windows..... The Rain came down hard before I even placed my drink order! What timing!!!

    And what did I have there?
    Mmm..... $11 Arancini - Fried saffron risotto balls filled with mozzarella and meat ragu


    & $19 Pizza Funghi (mushrooms!)


    Dessert: $9 Tiramisu


    I know there are people who can’t bring themselves to dine at a restaurant alone for various reasons, but I’m not one of those. Why deny myself such a pleasure?
    It was delicious, and so worth it! :cloud9: The side room was great, not overly crowded & relatively quiet, the wait staff friendly, polite and attentive.

    It was about 8:45 when I left, so I managed to watch Illuminations again, just to the side of the American Adventure and Japan.
    It wasn't crowded at all, I guess a lot of people left with the heavy rains!

    After the fireworks, back to BWV for the night! Time to rest my aching foot! Barely noticed the other aches due to that!

    So, after another soak in the bath & stretch, bedtime again!
    Good night all!

    Next up: Epcot's 30th Anniversary! And a room change!
  12. pooh4me

    pooh4me DIS Veteran

    Jan 19, 2006
    Waiting for the rest of your trip report have loved it so far.
  13. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    Life just got in the way too much this winter:faint:! I'm embarassed that I let so much time go by, but there it is!

    But I'm ready to start planning a new DisTrip :thumbsup2 or 2 :thumbsup2, but have told myself this trip report has to get completed!

    So, my commitment to self & DisBoards is to update with at least 2-3 days worth each weekend (this weekend being a long weekend! so Tomorrow!)

    So, to all who've commented, to all you lurkers, and to anyone new who are clicking on link in my signature, stay tuned! :surfweb:
    :cheer2:The Camping Adventure begins after 3 more days of The Boardwalk Adventure!:cheer2:
  14. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    :cool1:The Boardwalk Adventure Oct 1 Monday.
    On tap for today: Change of rooms, Epcot's 30th + more Food & Wine for me! And a spur of the moment trip to MK

    Had my last balcony breakfast in this room: tea & leftover Funghi Pizza from Via Napoli! OMG, leftover pizza is always so good!:cloud9:

    Got my baggage together, called bag services to come stow it until next room avail, and went down to the pool to soak my legs for a while.... it was so nice, there was nobody at the pool at that point, 9am, 10am?

    Its the 30th Anniversary of Epcot, so thats where I head to! I had to pack up my gear this AM for room move, so did not get on go early. I walk over, & thru the International Gateway by 10:45. They are giving out 30th anniv badges at the gate. & Ive made Rope Drop! For the World Showcase!

    Standing at the rope with several others, the CM jokingly begs us all to promise him that not one of us will run, at least not until hes got the rope all the way down and gives the go ahead to enter World Showcase.
    We are all quite civilized, and noone runs, even after the go-ahead.... there are a few speed walkers tho!

    My 2nd favourite place at EPCOT is Japan (Morocco is 1st!)
    The gardens are beautiful, and generally empty! Strange but true!
    And the dept store is like a fortress, right down to the mounted guards at the gate. The small museum to the left is usually uncrowded. I always check to see what they have in blue dishes....

    I bought 4 beautiful blue & grey japanese plates at Pier 1 Imports in Toronto in the late 80s or so, and so wish I had more!.....(holy moley... the late 80s? Thats over 20 yrs ago... where did time go? :eek:
    So, I look everytime I'm in a store selling Oriental dishware.....

    Here's the plate:
    If you have em & dont want em, send them my way! Every so often I check ebay & search online:surfweb::surfweb::surfweb:, but had not found any .

    (This is tonight's supper!)
  15. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    Mmm! Grazing around the world!

    Japan: Karaage Hand Roll: Crispy Chicken Breast w/ Sushi Rice and Spicy Mayonnaise $4.25
    And! Sukiyaki Beef Pan: Marinated thinly sliced Rib Eye w/ Sauteed Onions and Teriyaki Sauce served in a bun $4.50

    Zapiekanki: Toasted Mushroom, Caramelized Onion and Cheese Bread w/ House-Made Ketchup $3.00
    .... Just okay! And not very attractive to warrant a picture!

    And from one of my favourite countries (the country of Cheese:cloud9:): Cheese Fondue w/ Sourdough Bread $3.25
    And from another favourite country (the country of The Brewer's Collection):

    At 2pm, I stop grazing, promising myself that will be it until suppertime! ......Lol, who am I trying to kid.... I was headed for a repeat of the Dessert Trio! Yum Yum!:lovestruc


    I sat on a shaded bench to enjoy it....
    There were 2 sets of people at the bench next to me, one lady had set her wine glass down on the bench..... a guy with the other party returns with their food, doesn’t notice it as he hands his parents (?) their food, and he turns to sit, and Smash! :scared: Glad the glasses are plastic not glass!

    It was an awkward situation... he offered to replace it, and rather than being gracious about it, she was kinda snarky.......I'm thinking, Lady! It's a park bench! Not a table! How could you not be aware there was someone starting to sit next to you! Anyway, after a lot of confusion, he managed to buy her a replacement glass of wine.

    I headed towards Future World, and hey! There’s the cranberry bog, and free craisins! Free samples! (No sugar reduced ones, but I did find sugar reduced Craisins at Super Target!
    Funny :confused3 how we think dried fruit is so healthy and great, but many are loaded in sugar! Not only do they become sweeter as they dry, but many are given a sugar bath as well!

    ~6 pm, I headed back to BW (via a quick stop at the Boardwalk Bakery for a Croissant :rolleyes1), get my new room: #2113 :thumbsup2
    Great room! And not a groundfloor! Location of this room is great for me! Midway along the corridor, closer to the DHS end,looking out towards the road/bridge/Epcot, (the bus stop is dead ahead, not that I can see it) but with trees in front, so it’s relatively quiet.... oh baby is it ever quieter than the first room right about the luggage area! This is going to be sublime! (On the map, it’s the light green section x097- x121)... an odd number so faces the road..................

    I'm just settling in the room, w/ the luggage & my perishables (bell services had a fridge to hold those in) delivered to room, andridge, and just start to pull a picnic supper together when I get a Skype call from oldest sister. Skype & wireless laptops are great! She got to see the room, the view up & down the hall, out the balcony, and then I sat on the balcony.

    Haven't quite finished supper before I get another! Skype call from another sister (oldest sister quite likely messaged her to say it was a good time to reach me!) Surprised I still have battery strength on the laptop!

    So, another tour of room, hallway, view, etc (it’s dark by now, but this is the sister that I want to sell on how great BWV is!! We hope to visit together next November*). Fireworks start, and except for the tree I can see them from my room! Whoa! This is the first evening I’ve been in the room during the fireworks, hadn’t even considered that view! And oh! It’s Epcot’s 30th anniv fireworks! They’re going to be special! I make my goodbyes to sister, and make a quick exit to the road to finish watching them. Awesome!!! If I were on 4th floor, I bet I could see the fireworks! Or a couple rooms to left or right!

    Hmm, I'm outside... the fireworks have ended, and there's the bus to Magic Kingdom! Gosh, I love having a park hopper! :woohoo:

    So, it's a spur of the moment trip to Magic Kingdom. The castle is so beautiful at night.... but you know, I realize I spend so much time going, I have never really just stopped and really took time looking at the castle!
    Next trip for sure.... writing it down now in "notes to self"


    What a nice end to the day!

    And, the people in the room next/above below apparently wore themselves out in the early evening! :rolleyes1 lol, as noisy as they were, I just glad the people in the room next to me made “their noise”:hug: in the early evening.... either they were worn out or I was too worn out to hear, but I think we all got a good nights sleep!
  16. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    :cool1:The Boardwalk Adventure Continues Oct 2 Tuesday.
    On tap for today: Puttering, Blizzard Beach in the rain, and a spur of the moment trip to Marshalls & Super Target (not to mention a few wrong turns!

    Got up, puttered about. Aww, :cloud9: so peaceful outside new room! Marking this in my book for next year! Ask for a room in this vicinity!:thumbsup2

    And one of the nicest things of having a studio is getting to make Breakfast! (They provided sm.fridge, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, dishes & sink. I brought the electric frypan (need it for camping portion of trip)
    My view of breakfast:


    My view at breakfast:


    After puttering for the morning, I drove -----(oh, I am loving having a rent-a-car! At $100/wk, it was cheap enough that I never felt I HAD to drive – so if I thought I’d have a drink or be tired before heading home, I just took the Disney bus!)-----ahem... I drove to Blizzard Beach.

    But first! Speaking of Blizzard Beach & icebergs, check out this amazing picture of an iceberg taken a sea-kayaker here in Newfoundland a couple of weeks ago!
    - No not photo-shopped, and yes, I think he was way too close!

    When there are icebergs nearby at this time of year (and for the next month or so), one tends to go for a lot more drives! And if you can snag a chunk of iceberg ice, bonus! It’s the coldest and freshest (and oldest) ice you’ll ever have!

    Have you ever seen the like?
  17. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    Still, gotta love the Disney version of icebergs!
    The day was overcast, and I knew at some point it would rain, so I found a lounger/chair under one of the roofframes (what are they called? A wall-less shelter?) to stash my gear where it would stay dry. Smart move!
    Because it did pour! It was hard & heavy, but it was short!
    But the paark cleared out! Unless it’s lightning & thundering, hang around!

    I enjoyed the lazy canal, but I can’t help but wonder:scratchin: any snakes slither in today? I’m sure that’s rare & dealt with promptly, but I think I’d walk on water in my haste to move away!:scared1:
    Sssssstay out, missssster Ssssnake!

    At this point, about 4pm, the sky got darker and darker.... big rain coming for sure!
    I went back to my lounge for my gear to pack up to leave: What timing! DOWN it came! POURED! I had an umbrella to shield my knacksack as I head to the showers/change room. By the time I was out, it was just overcast again.

    I needed a few items (was still wondering :scratchinif I’d pull together a halloween outfit for MNSSHP), so while daylight, I drove down to the SuperTarget that’s just past the Walmart...... the same parking lot has a Joannes, Marshalls, and Dollar General, so I did a quick run thru of those first (I think the addr is 4799 Irlo Bronson @ Target Blvd).

    Lol, I love the little motivational sayings you can get in frames or whatever... like HOPE..... FAITH.... even CHOCOLATE!... they are all words to live by.

    This one had me laughing out loud!:


    I spent way too much time browsing Marshalls & Dollar General (but did get some items that would have cost me more at Target, including a pair of arch supports & a hallowe’en shirt for my dog!), so allotted myself 25 mins there, as I did not fancy being on strange & fast roads in darkness!).

    And I was out in 25 mins, but already dusky. Thanks to a couple minor wrong turns, total darkness before I got got back. But I stopped in a Walgreens, and did a couple U-turns. U-turns are wild. Lol, we don’t get to do them here, and I nearly fell over in shock when I was here a couple years ago with cousin’s husband driving, and he just whips around in a U-turn! Didn’t know they were part of the drive! Lol!

    So, I get back to BWV w/ no mishaps or undue stress. Driving is really not too bad. Just a bit nerve wracking to see signs looking like you’re headed to “freeways” or “toll roads” when you don’t expect them! Next time I rent a car, I’ll bring a GPS!
  18. glennbo123

    glennbo123 DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2008
    Love that iceberg picture...amazing!

    Looks like you did really well getting use out of that studio kitchen. :thumbsup2

    Congrats on the 10K!
  19. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    Thanks Glennbo!:thumbsup2
    My trip report is not getting much readership (or least no comments!).:charac2:...I'm thinking about putting a few hidden Judys in! ;) But I'm committed to finishing it nonetheless!

    And, err... that was 16k, not 10k! (I worked the hardest I ever did to finish that 16k! the last 6k near killed me! :faint: lol!)
    So not used to that humidity!
  20. glennbo123

    glennbo123 DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2008
    Yay, I'm glad you're committed to finishing...I'm looking forward to the camping part! Regarding readership, I think it's key to hit the right tempo regarding updates. Slow enough that people can stay caught-up, but fast enough that between your updates and readers' comments you keep your thread bubbling to page 1 of the TR board. I think that about 2 updates a week is probably optimal. You may notice that my pace is 1+ weeks between updates, so definitely not optimal! But it's the best I can do at this point in time.

    You are so right to correct me! 16K is amazing!!! :worship:
  21. WalkingintheFog

    WalkingintheFog DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2008
    :cool1:The Boardwalk Adventure Continues Oct 3: Wednesday.
    On tap for today: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Today is for laundry and pool time.:laundy::beach:
    Started the day with another balcony breakfast (Sweet Potato (microwave-baked), yogurt & tea – oh, so so nice to be able to sit outside with breakfast!

    Then it’s down to the laundry facilities.
    BWV 1 & 2 Bdrm units apparently have their own washers/dryers, but the studios do not. Instead there are free W/D in a card-accessed room down by Muscles & Bustles, which is right by Luna Pool.

    Laundry: they are front loading High Efficiency Machines, and they do sell Bounce/Colorsafe Bleach/Wisk & All in a coin operated machine at $1 a pop.... it takes quarters, not loonies (?err, are there $1 coins in the States? I can’t remember!... Loonies are what we Canadians call our $1 coin (they feature a Loon)......... Twoonies are our $2 coins.

    And of course, it’s pool time between loads of laundry! Luna Pool and that clown with the gravity-defying hair/sideburns.:scared1:

    Maybe it was the time of year, but there weren’t many people at the pool. Even with the kids activities just a few metres away!

    And yes! Of course I went for a slide down the the spiral slide...
    lol, This little kid, came running up the steps to the slide behind me, he passes me and then! He turns and laughs at me: Ha! ...(So, what he was saying was “ ha! I’m skipping you because I’m faster!).
    “Little snot” I thought to myself! But aloud, I mildly said, “I would have stepped aside and let you go ahead anyway you know”
    “Little snot” I thought again to myself!

    But when I came back to the lounge, there was this youngish fellow, fully dressed, kinda sketchy looking, who had sat at a chair at the table right next to my lounger, he was videotaping nothing in particular it seemed.
    At first I figured maybe some of the kids in the pool were his, but they moved on & he didn’t. It was weird!
    But after a while he got up and left, and just a minute or 2 later, an official suit comes by, the life guard talks to him points discreetly in direction buddy went and the suit goes in that direction!

    There was another couple in the pool & it turned out they had snagged the lounges next to me, I had noticed them taking pictures of each other and the 2 kids with them, and it was so nice, because they were so obviously still so much in love with each other. :love::love:
    • The husband was on the lounger right next to me. The kids threw something to him from the pool, just barely missing me which then started a conversation between him and I. He was a sociable type! So we chatted for a bit. They were at SSR, DVC owners, so exercising their privelege to pool hop.
    • The thing the kids threw was the iPhone, in a “Lifeproof” case – waterproof, shockproof, etc! I bought one for myself! It looks way better than having the phone in 2 ziplocks!

    Laundry: check!
    Balcony Lunch: check! (Ham & Vache Qui Rit sandwich with lettuce/tomato, Apple & a beer (because after all, it was a like a hot summer afternoon- overcast, but still hot!).:thumbsup2

    After picking up a MNSSHP tkt for next day, I headed to DTD via bus for the rest of the day.
    Nothing in mind, just strolling around, then supper somewhere new..... at least that was the plan!

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